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tiny tank or professonally chic with a button-down blouse, this ribbed vest (left) by Man Lynn Patrick is all about the deep V neck. Close fitting with full-fashioned shaping, it self-finishes in Collnetto/ Unique Kolours' "Prism." Opposite Melissa Matt hay's retro design lias flair to spare. A stockinette belt cinches the long K2. P2 nbbing that roaches to the Fair Isle yoke. Knit in "Creative Focus Worsted" by Nashua Handknits/ Westminster Fibers.

J oaded with texture, this buttoned beauty (left, top) has a basket-weave bodice, a seed-stitched front plackot. and center and side cable panels in the deep ribbing at tho bottom. Deborah Newton worked it in "Sylvan Spirit" from Green Mountain Spinnery.

This page, bottom: Knit in a slip-stitch check pattern. Kathorlno Hunt's V-neck vest, in Gems/Louet Sales' "Topaz." will turn them green with envy. Opposite: Gaylo Bunn's fanciful take on the familiar checkerboard features Fair Isle and argyle patterned blocks and a deep U neck. Done in Patons' "Classic Merino Wool." it's an instant classic.

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Opposito: Stash your koys and »Pod in tho sot-in sido pockets of a xipperod hoodio. Saddle shoulders and deep ribbing that jumps off a stockinette background complete Mori Lynn Patncks design, knit in Classic Elite Yams" "Banc Wool." 77ms pago: Tho piping on Deborah Nowton's hoodod pullovor comes from chain-stitch stripes crochetod over purl bumps. Waist shaping and raglan slooves contribute to the sleek silhouette Tho hood is made separately, then attached. Work it in "Zara" by FHatura Dl Crosa/ TfthkhStocy Charles. Inc..

Opposite: A sleeveless racer top by Gabrielle Ham«. in Karabolla Yarns' "Aurora 8." sports wide nbbtng around the nocklino and armholos. A ribbed kangaroo pocket lends function and form.

This page: Vladimir Tonokhm's hoodod pullover gets body-conscious with side slits, a deep V neck and bands of K1.P1 nbbtng at the waist and bustline. Stitched with Schulana/Skacei Collection's "Alpaca Leggero." it also features set-in sleeves and a roomy hood.

This paga: Pump up a Opposite: Throw on lank lop with funky colorbtock turtlonoc ami or log warmers by by Vladimir Tenokhir

Linda Cyr. Knit in and you're ready for ultrabnght Talk Noon" tho juico bar. Crafte by Dalo of Norway. in various stitches a tho bands employ a juicy hues of Browr chevron-stnpe pattern Sheep Company's that's worked back "Nature Spun Worsl and forth in rows, then tho swoator is fin»shi soamod for a fast finish, with saddlo should-

Very Easy Very Vogue k

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A simple, sensational stockinette pattern quadruples its power with custom changes in edging, neck shaping, and body and sleeve length.

Below Laying tho groundwork is a classic-fit Buttoned cardigan with lull-fashioned raglan shaping, full-length sloovos and Kl, PI rib edgings. It's knit ontiroly in "Soliwist." as is tho main body of all the variations shown horo. Right and tar right: This funky hoodie hits mid-1 high. Tho bordors along the front, hood and slooves are worked in gartor stitch usin ono strand eacflof "Sottwist" and U<i»vay held

Very Easy Very Vogue

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Very Easy Very Vogue

Loft and for loft: A dramatic shawl collar and matching cuffs are stitched In stockinotte with one strand of "Softy." The ribbed lower edge on Ihe medium-length silhouette, echoed In the bolt, continues up the front edges to keep them flat Right: This shortor version buttons tidily on its front placket, trimmed In garter stitch with one strand of "Chinchilla" , (as are the collar and | sleeve cuffs). ■

All yarns from Borroco. Inc. ®

liullonod Hand Shirl ("olla \o\rll\ Trim

Shawl ( .oil; ,< )( >s< * In lulled \o\rll\ Kir tlnlium Lcniil

Very Easy Very Vogue

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