Basic stitches

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Garter stitch Knit every row. Oraiar knitting: Knit one round, then purl one round. Stockinette stitch Knit right-side rows and purl wrong-side rows. Circular knitting: knit an rounds. (U.K.: stocking stitch) Reverse-stockinette stitch Purl right-side rows and knit wrong-side rows. Circular knitting: purl all rounds. (U.K.: reverse stocking stitch)

bind oil Used to finish an edge or segment. Lift tho first stitch over second, the second over the third, etc. (U.K.: cast off) bind olf in ribbing Work m nbbmg as you bind off. (Knit the krt! stitches, purl the purl stitches.) (U.K.: cast off in nbbng) 3-needle bind-oll With the nght side of tho two pieces faong and the noodles parallel, insert a third needle into tho first stitch; on each needlo and knit them together Knit the next two stilches the same way. Skp the first stitch on the third needlo over tho second stitch and off the needlo. Repeat for three-needle bend-off. cast on Piacmg a foundation row of stitches upon the neodte r order to begin knitting.

decrease Reduce tho stitches m a row (that is. kmt 2 together) increase Add stitches in a row (thai ts. kmt in front and back of stilcti) knitwise Insort the neecie into tho stitch as rf you were gorng to knrt it make one With the needlo tip. lift tho strand between the last stitch knit and the next stitch on the left-hand needle and knit into back of it. One knit stitch has been added.

make one p-st Wrth the needle tip. lift tho strand between the last stitch worked and tho next stitch on the left-hand needle and purl i One purl stitch has been added.

no stitch On some charts. T«o stitch" s ndcated with shaded spaoes where stitches have been decreased or not yet made. In such cases, work tho stitches of the chart, skipping over tho "no stitch* spaces, place markers Race or attach a loop of contrast yam or purchased stitch marker as indicated.

pick up and knit (purl) Knit (or purf) into tho loops along an edge, purlwise Insert the noode into the stflch as d you were going to purl it. selvage stitch Edge stitch that helps make seaming easier, slip. slip, knit S5p next two stilches knrtwise. ono at a time, to nght-hand needlo. Insort tip ol left-hand needle into fronts of these stitches, from left to nght. Knit them together. Ono stitch has boon decreased, slip, slip. slip, knit Sfep next three stitches knitwise. one at a time, to nght-hand needle. Insert tip of left-hand needle into fronts of these stitches, from left to right. Knit them together. Two stitches have been decreased.

slip stitch An unworkod stitch made by passing a slitch from the left-hand to the nght-hand needlo as rf to pud. work even Continue in pattern without increasing or decreasing. (U.K.: work straight)

yarn over \4akng a new stitch by wrappng the yam the nght-hand noodle. (U.K.: yfwd. yon. yrn)

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