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When there are no seams to be sewn, cradle your needles in high style in stunning handmade wooden cases fa&ofe.Mrom Manetto Hill Yarnery. Featured here is the delicately etched and handpainted collection of exotic flowers and butterflies; also on offer are textured, laminated tropical leaf and tree prints. Each case is 21476.5cm by a slender W1.5cm. Find a retailer near you at

  1. Harvest Tweed 63% wool. 17% acrylic. 14% mohair, 6% nylon; 50g/approx. 93 yds. (Reynolds/JCA)
  2. Palace 48% wool, 45% acrylic. 7% nylon; 50g/approx. 27 yds. (Artful Yarns/JCA)
  3. Barcelona 53% wool, 29% nylon, 18% angora; 50g/126 yds. (Lana Gatto/Needful Yarns)
  4. Ragtime 55% alpaca. 24% acrylic, 21%

wool; 50g/130 yds. (America's Alpaca/White Lightning Farm)

  1. Inca Alpaca 100% alpaca; 50g/109 yds. (Classic Elite Yarns)
  2. Kabir 50% wool. 50% acrylic; 50g/70 yds. (Filtes King/Heedful Yarns)
  3. Baby Tweed 100% merino wool; 100g/60 yds. (Tahhi Yarns/Tahki¬ęStacy

Charles. Inc.)

  1. Travertino 87% wool. 13% nylon; 50g/approx. 98 yds. (GGH/Muench Yarns)
  2. Equinox Stripe 73% wool. 27% acrylic; 100g/66 yds. (Nashua Handknits/ Westminster Fibers)
  3. Harris Aran 100% wool; 100g/186 yds. (Rowan Yarns)

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