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Knitting For Profit Ebook

Knitting For Profit Ebook

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A caravan of flowing skirts, dazdwg shrugs, embroidered gloves, embellished tops and more.

Cabled sweaters you love to knit, in colors you can't wait to wear.


Five top knitwear artists found the flat surface of the shawl the perfect canvas on which to express themselves

Severa years ago, on a sunny Sunday morning, I was sitting in the town square In Donegal. Ireland, with several women who had joined Wion one of our annual knitting tours. Conventional wtsdom tells us that Ireland is a liotbed of knitting activity, but with the exception of a few amazing designers and those who work for them. we found tliat quite the opposite is true.

Ireland rs filled with people, women primarily, who at one time knit but no longer indulge. (Five years ago. the same would lave been true here in the U.S.). What I found extraordinary, though, was the number of people who approached us whenever we knit m pubic. (One cheeky person even informed me that I was holding a skan of yarn incorrectly for a fellow traveler who was rolling a ball!) As a group of knitters, we caused quite a buu.

Over the past few years we've witnessed the power of taking knitting public. We've been so successful in putting forth our message- that the more non-knitters see the craft portrayed as a part of everyday life, the more they'll want to participate themselves—that knitting is now con sidered mainstream: We see it on the news, on sitcoms, in movies— even on reality TV. (Last season, a contestant on the dating show The Bachelor, identified as Sarah W., knitted a scarf to woo her potential mate.) Who knows' Maybe someday there'll be Survivor Knitting and Extreme Knitting Makeover to entertain us

We traveled to Los Angeles not long ago to photograph fashion for this issue; when we were there, several episodes of the HBO show Six Feet Under were being filmed in a yarn shop where the Mrs Fisher character was taking lessons. We personally had the pleasure of meeting Joy Durham, the cute blonde model in *VK Sport" (page 94); turn to page 16 to see how she is putting her knitting skills to use to promote a cause very close to her heart.

When we shoot, we create quite a spectacle—people constantly come up to us and ask what we are doing. Often, the comment is "!" Our staff arc always taking knitting to the streets; we invite you to join us by stitching on the subways, in restaurants, at Knit-Outs—any public place you can. Don't be afraid to grab your needles and show the world your true colors!

VOGUEknrtting the men $ issue

If you've always wondered what happens at one of our photo shoots, take a look at The Art of Knitting 2 DVD for a behind-the-scenes look at how VK fashion director Adina Klein and I pulled together the looks on these pages.

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on sale Nov. 9

DESIGNER proiile celebrity INTERVIEW

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sweaters he'll love and she'll want to


Knit with New Patons Pooch from book Crafa. # 500824, "Poochie".


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