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Stitched in luxurious fiber?, from Muench Yarns, these scarf, blanket and hat kits serve a higher purpose Purchase one and you'll help to fund gynecological cancer research. Find out how >t>u can lend a hand at

Judi & Co s Cocktail Chic knit kit contains all you need to stitch up the perfect little black bag for your favorite little Wardress: tweed soutache, paillettes, handles and grosgram ribbon. To ordct call (631) 499-8480 or visit


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August is a tough month for postal workers: It's when fashion magazines, touting fall's hottest trends, are at their heaviest. Vogue Knitting is no exception. We've crammed this issue with more projects than ever before. Styles range from romantic to masculine, in saturated colors and bold black and white, suiting tastes both eclectic and traditional. Cast on!

Gypsy Hoses

The Bohemian influence continues with romantic pieces inspired by central and eastern Etjrope Take a magic carpot nde m a sweator pattorned alter a Turkish carpet. Got crafty with embellishments and go with the now

Color Theory

This year 'the now black* spans the color spectrum: plum, burnt crange. brick red. Moroccan biuo. mustard, moss green Wear them tone on tone tor maximum mpoct.

Designer Optics

Jom the Mod Squad! Designers look back to tho Sorties' bold, graphe stylos.

Chapter & Vest

This wear-everywhere staple is the perfect layering piece. Express your inner Vctor/Victona by pairing ono with tweed trousers. Or jo«n the Urban Gentry by wearing one over a collared shirt and with equestrian accessories

Lrtt dumbbeis (or sip cocktarfs) m our sportswear-inspired sepnratos Brighton up in comfy hood«s. sleek turtlenecks and more color lhror\

Page 70

Page 94

This page: A winsome oyolot pullover by Rmta Miknoviciene calls lor the I provisional cast on meffxxffl which creates open stitches at the lower odgen these stitches are picked I up and worked downward in a continuation of the bodice's lace pattern. Kmti 'Andean Alpaca Regal' by Reynolds/JCA, Inc. Opposite: The body of Arm! Modesittls cardigan is kntr, a circle from tho center fiaofl outward. The 'stained-effect - alternate garter-st&n\ stripes and two-stitch cotocl changes with floats on the right s>de-is achieved witn I Lorna's Laces' 'Shepherd Worstod' and piped with j mohair-blend 'Grace' also from Loma's Laces. Tho sweater moonlights as t shrug when worn with the shorter side on the bottom. I the longer side folds into a dramatic shawl collar.

This page: A devil-may-care lie. stitched separately and sown to tho neckline, is the defining detail ot this cropped stockinette-stitch jacket by Fayla Reiss. It's easily knit in 'Montage ' The edges are crocheted m 'Sunshine." while tho paillettes add flair to . cuffs and side seams. All materials are from Trendsetter Yarns. Opposite: Debbie Bliss's cardigan is marked by a soft touch on its cuffs and shawl collar, worked in a K2. P2 rib m Debtee Bhss/KFl's 'Cashmerino Aran." Tho stockinette body, m Debbie Bhss/ KFl's nubby 'Cashmerino Astrakhan.' boasts srie-seam sltapmg and set-in sleoves. A wide suedo ribbon closes tho front.

Very Easy Very Vogue

This pago: A hand i in one of Nicky Epstein's I Stunning gloves der to bo kissod. The main field, knit in stockinette with picot trim at the cuffs, is the canvas lot flowers embroidered wrtft I French knots and long, short, stem ar>d fishbone stitches. All yarn is Lana Grossa/Unicorn Books, Crafts • mCool Wool 2000. Opposite: Drama ,>*ompMact I Mate Landra's spectacular I ankle-brushing skirt is assemblod by surrounding 1 rows of individually made 1 hexagons with garter stitching. Saturated hues come courtosy of hand-dyed I "Koigu Premium Merino' by Koigu Wool Designs.

Opposite: A free-spirited bed-sleeve pullover by Louisa Harding, worked m Rowan Yarns' 'Foltod JmxxT and "Wool Cotton,' includes intarsia circles embellished with sequins and embroidery, dropped shoulders, a deep V neck and a striped gartor-stitch scallop at the hem and cuffs. This page : Done <n Simply Shetland's "DK.mSasha Kagan's top and hat sport a motif inspired by Turkish design. Tho cropped cardigan ts fastened rtif/i twisted cord attached to large two-toned pompoms. The samo pompoms hang from the matching hat's ties.

Ui P //e

I S'tftsi

Fall '05- It's all about luxury-cashmere, angora, extra fine merino-a fabulous blend / of fibers. We've developed this yarn in two weights-to combine and compliment-

to layer and wrap. Princess. 5 sts/inch, perfect for layering with itself and with Duchess, 3« sts/inch. Both yarns available in the same 21 luxurious colors. If

Visit our website,, to view all garments in each of our Booklets. ^^^^^^^^Yarns and Booklets are available at America's finest yarn shops. Handknit instructions for these garments are found in the ^^^ ^HBfl 'First Edition' Bookletjo^^^^ f ^m mail-order thi|£ookJet. send ^ft ' - M I a large SASL and $12.95 to:

  • Tkes/r V Dept VS05 j
  • 122 WcL,t<?r£AvenuaW^
  • Lowell. Ma5i851J0

Opposite: The color of royalty, purple

Is associated with wisdom, creativity.

dignity and magic. Micholo Rose's plum-perfect cropped pullovor foaturos seed stitch, oyelet cables and a drawstring neckline that lets you decide how much skin to show. Knit in "Extra" by Filtos King/

Needful Yarns. This pago: Orango ovokes enthusiasm, attraction and success. Designed by Mari Lynn

Patrick, this sunshine-bright

V-nock cardigan with allover cables flatters myriad body types. Work it In Fiesta Yarns' "Kokopelll."

season is m<

crimson essenc(

Opposite: The color of royalty, purple

Is associated with wisdom, creativity.

dignity and magic. Micholo Rose's plum-perfect cropped pullovor foaturos seed stitch, oyelet cables and a drawstring neckline that lets you decide how much skin to show. Knit in "Extra" by Filtos King/

Needful Yarns. This pago: Orango ovokes enthusiasm, attraction and success. Designed by Mari Lynn

Patrick, this sunshine-bright

V-nock cardigan with allover cables flatters myriad body types. Work it In Fiesta Yarns' "Kokopelll."

This page: Red signifies energy and strength, danger and desire. A combination of yarns producos Louisa

Harding's soft yet fiery center-cable V neck: One strand each of Rowan Yarn's

Big Wool" and "Kidsilk

Haze" held togother

Haze" alone is used for the ruffled hem and cuffs.

Opposite: As ubiquitous as the ocean and the sky.

blue represents loyalty.

Intelligence and truth.

A spiral cable provides tho foundation for the eyelet lace pattern that surrounds

Rima Miknevlclene's cobalt mock turtleneck. Knit in "Via

Mala" by GGH/Muench Yarns.

At its sunniest, yellow a sonso of cnorgy and

When burnished, it repr*

sents caution and woi

Decreases in the reverse-

stockinette panels créait tho shaping in Jennie

Atkinson's form-flattoi cardigan with crocheted buttons. Knit it In Cai

Yarns' golden "Cascade

Contrasting colore double in brightne when placed side b\ side.

Omnipresent in nature, green symbolizes harmony and fertility.

Vladimir Terlokhin's loaf-colored cropped cardigan works up quickly in Lion Brand Yarn's

Wool-Ease Chunky"—an

•dtal project for knittors now to cables. Raglan armholos, s de-seam docroasos and togglo closures pull the look togothor.

l)cl>orah Newton

\s different as ihe designers ihemselves, I liese shawls share some common trails: di\ ine fibers and superior craftsmanship.

l)cl>orah Newton

-My perfect shawl? It's knit in lush 100 percent cashmere, guaranteed to bo drape-y and luxurious when worn. For fun, I chose a dramatic zigzag lace pattern I'd never tried before. To finish it off. I bordered either end with a bold lace pattern—my favorite The result: pure satisfaction!"

As sensuous as can bo. this mantlo is knit in 100 percent "Royal Cashmere" from Plymouth Yarns. The border on each end of tho wavy-lace main soction is picked up, worked downward in a more goometric scheme and edged with garter stitch.

Man Lmim Patrick

"The color combinations on my cape reflect tho exquisite Hereke carpet that sits by the couch where t do my knitting. The pattern bands themselves are from traditional Turkish sock designs: the half-moon shape of tho finished piece is an homage to the crescent-and-moon symbol on the Turkish flag, in memory of my years spent living in Turkey."

Vibrant bands of Turkish-inspired motifs define this dosign, tho curves of which are gontly shaped with short rows. Worked in "Alpaca Sport Woighf by Bluo Sky Alpacas, It buttons at tho front.



For almost a decade. Barbara Venishnick's innovative styles nave graced these pages. Trained as a textile and fabric designer, she brought a bold sense of color and unique sensibility to each and every design. Says Cheryl Potter of Cherry Tree Hill: 'Barbara could look at a yam's color and texture and visualize a garment in her head She was so Intuitive, a brilliant designer" Barbara passod away suddenly earlier this year. She will bo missed by the staff of Vogue Knitting and all who knew her.

Created as a rectangle, this wrap—featuring corner decreases at tho confer to guarantoo a fluid shoulder drape—is a powerful accent piece. It's stitchcd in an oyolot/diamond pattern with Cherry Tree Hill's "Super Glitz OK" and has a Knit picot ruffle that's attached separately.

"For knitters relatively new to tace, this design offers the excitement of doublo yam overs and. for the sideways borders, a lovely looped selvage made by working a yam over at tho beginning of every other row (an ancient lace technique called faggoting stitch in the old books). Working with traditional lace-weight wool imported from Iceland provides a gratifying connection to the centuries of laco knitters who have preceded us."

This airy shawl juxtaposos tone and technique. Tho body, Knit in a simple lace pattern, is started with a provisional cast on that allows tho pointed border to be knitted on and worked horizontally (see -Stitch Workshop," page 82, (or moro details). "Icelandic Laceweight Wool" from Schoolhouso Pross is used throughout

Muslim Women Hijab

Shirlc\ IVuJen

•/ took my inspiration from delicate 19th-century lace shawls from the Shetland

Islands, highly prized for their exquisite craftsmanship. The Dictionary of Needlework

(1882) says: •No knitting exceeds in beauty of texture that made in Shetland. The warm shawls...are so light and fine they are easily passed through a wedding ring."

This "spiderweb-and-diamond" pattern mimics naturo at Its most dclicato. Spun with "Baby Kid Extra" by Filatura Di Crosa/ Tahki*Stacy Charlos. Inc.. tho shawl is mode in four discrete parts. Two identical pieces are grafted together to form the confer section (loarn how on pago 83); the collar it stitchod separately, then seamed onto tho top center. The border, also knit on its own, is sown around tho ain body and collar.

Double yarn over

A double yarn over (called yo twice) i$ worked by wrapping the yarn two times around the needle. On the following row purl into the first wTap of the yarn over.

Bring the yarn to the back betwf the needles and knit into the second wrap of the yarn over. Tw. stitches have been made.

LESSONS IN LACE If you love puzzles, you'll love knitting lace. While it requires concentration, the end result is quite spectacular, and you'll feel a deep sense of satisfaction as the delicate patterns emerge beneath your fingers. Here are some tips to get you started, as well as invisible seaming techniques that guarantee a flawless finish.

This cast on. used on the sha»' left, will create open loops at tn edge where you can pick up sM and work in the opposite direct» Use a length of contrasting cols along with the main color and i the Long Tail method, with the trast yarn around the thumb an main yarn around the index finj

When removing the contrasting y slip the open stitches, one at a time, onto the needle. Be sure tt the stitches are placed correctly the needle.

In the lace pattern shown left, the Instructions call for a yam over at the end of the row. After working the last stitch, bring the yarn over the needle as shown

Turn the work, holding the yam in place with your finger if necessary: knit through the back loop of the yam over as shown.

Grafting i

Rafting is used to seam the center tactions ot the shawl shown right, irsert the yarn needle purlwise into first stitch on the tront piece, then purlwse into the first stitch on the _4Ck piece. Draw the yarn through.

iert the yarn needle kmtwise into s first stitch on the front piece .»in. Draw the yarn through.

-sett the yarn needle purlwise into next stitch on the front piece, 'aw the yarn through.

ivert the yarn needle kmtwise into ^ •e first stitch on the back piece igain. Draw the yarn through. M, «

Insert the yarn needle purlwise into tie next stitch on the back piece Draw the yarn through. Repeat Heps 2 through 5.


This edge-to-edge seaming method is used in the lace shawl at right to join the center section to the collar. With this technique, the seam on the reverse side will be barely visible. Weave the sewing thread tw>ce through each stitch at the side edge as shown here.


This edgy, elegant suit owes its tweedy texture to a seed-stitch design worked with one strand each of black and ecru "Sensation" by Naturally/S.R. Kertzer The buttoned jacket and side-zip skirt both have round patch pockets at the front.

All black-and-yellow tnm and ties are worked m single crochet with one strand of Naturally's "Menno Fine 10 Pty.'

This cardigan's mesmerizing stripe pattern—comprising black rows of stockinette an white rows that aiternato garter stitch with a cluster-stitch pattern accented with knit-In beads—ts a bona fide eye-catcher Crafted using RYC/flowan

Yarns" 'Cashsoft 4 Ply," tho button-down has doep ribbing at its tower edges and slight side-seam shaping.

Kors supersizes a traditional Fair Isle pattern, scaling it tor a masculine physique. Ribbed at the cuffs, waist and turtleneck. the pullover pops with graphic bands of black and white. Knit it in "Aspen" from GGH/Muench Yams.

michael kors

The drama of tins cosmopolitan coat with extra-wide sleeves belies the oase with which it's constructed. Worked speedily on size U.S. 11/8mm needles m an allover seed stitch. Pierrot's maximum-impact design is knit in Lion Brand Yarn's super-chunky "Wool Ease Thick & Qu»ck" and requires minimal finishing.

Very Vogue

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