Knitted Measurements

• Appro* 13'." 33 5cm w ide \ 13 " 34.5" high x 2Vj76.5cm deep


  • 4 3WI00g halls (each approx 218yd 199m) of Knit One Crochet Too Ibrfait Solid* (wool) in »1713 plum (MC)
  • I hall each in Pi460 yellow (A). «1364 salmon (B). "1244 red (C) and »1527 edery (D)
  • Size 11 (Xmm) circular needle, 32" XOcm long
  • Pine tip felt marker
  • Yam needle
  • Tapestry needle
  • Washing machine


12 sts 4"'IOcrn using size 11 (Xmm) needles TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE.


The knitting w ill shrink approx 30"» in width and 35% in length. This w ill vary according to water temperature and washing machine


Wuh MC, cast on 44 sts Work I row in garter st. Cont in garter st. inc I st al beg of next 12 tows 56 st*. Work even for 275cm more. Bind off I st at beg of next 12 rows 44 sts. Sides

Next row With circular needle and starting at top of tine side edge, pick up I st in "ditch" between garter ridges along side edge, pick up I st in cach st along cast-on edge, pick up

1 st in "ditch" between each garter ndges along next side edge Work in St st. work 2 mds MC. 4 mds A ami 4 rods It Cont in St st with MC for 20751cm more. Work 4 mds A. 4 mds B, 4 mds MC Hind olT firmly so that there is no give to the bound-off edge.

HANDLES (make 2) With MC. cast on Mi sts Work even in garter st until piece measures 36" 91.5cm. Hind off.

Fabric for flower appliques Note Flowers are cut from pieces of felted knitting.

With A. cast on 60 sts. Work in St st until all yam has been knitted. Hind off. In same way. make I piece cach in H. C and I). Felting

Weave in all vani end». Set washing machine at lowest water level (enough to just cover pieces), hottest temperature and highest agitation. Add pieces and small amount of liquid detergent. Itcgin washing. Cheek on pieces approx every 5 minutes until desired felting of fabric is achieved, the stitch definition should be almost unrecognizable. If you would like a smaller hag. wash again Remove pieces and nnsc by hand in lukewarm water Roll pieces in towels to remove excess water. Dry flat.


Sew one handle to each front and handle ends to front and buck of hag. uhout 275cm in from each side Flower appliques

Enlarge pattern pieces to actual size and cut out. Using a marker, draw outline of pattern pieces on felted fabric and cut out us foil: Cut I flower from C fabne. using lemplate I; I (lower from A. using template 2: 1 flower from H. using template 3; 2 leaves cach from 1). using templates 4. 5 and 6; I flower center from A and

2 flower centers from C from using template 7. Referring to photo, pin flowers, flower centers and leaves in place on bag, With MC, join appliques to bag with blankcl stitch worked


around outside edge of each piece. With < and yum needle, work a line of .VX" lem long running stitches along division between A and H stripes at lop and lower edge of bag •>

Zippcrcd fanny pack with side wings, nylon webbing belt and adjustable buckle. Show n on page 56

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