Take Time To Check Gauges


With CC. cast on 72 (80. 88. 'Mo sts. W ork in garter st for 8 rows. Cut CC. join MC and k next row on RS. inc 18 (20. 22. 24) sts evenly spaced across «8» (100. 110. 120) sts. Cont in St st with MC until piccc measure 4" I Ocm from beg. Dec row (RS) K3. ssk. work to last 5 sts. k2tog. k3 88 (98. 108. 118) sts. Cont in St st. rep dcc row every 8th row 4 times more 80 ('>0. UK). 110) sts Work even until piccc measures 10 110.



10'/.. 10' ;)" 25.5 (25.5. 26.5, 26.5)cm from beg Inc niH (RS) K3. Ml. work to last 3 »is. Ml. k3 X2 <92. 102. 112» sis. font in St st. rep inc row every 6th row 4 time;, more—90 (100. 110. 120» sis Work even until piece measures 15(15. 15*. 15*)"/.18 (38. 39.5. 39.5)cm from beg Raglan Armholo shaping Dec row (RS) K3. vsk. work to last 5 sis. k2tog, k3 XX (98. 108. 118). Rep dec row ever) otlver row 27 (32.36.40) times more, every 4th (0.0.0) row twice (0. 0. 0). Bind off rem 30 (34. 36. 38) sts for hack neck.


With CC. cast on 34 (38. 42. 46) Ms Work in garter m for 8 rows. Keeping 5 sts at front edge in garter si with CC. change lo MC for all other sts and k next row on RS. inc 7 (8. 9. 10) sts evenly spaced across Ml sts 41 (46. 51. 56» sts. Com in pal as established, keeping 5 sts at front edge in garter st w ith CC and rem sts hi St si with MC. and working decs and incs at side edge only (beg of RS rows) as for back Work even until piece measures same as back to annholc. Shape ami-hole ai side edge as for hack. AT SAME TIME, when there arc IX (20. 22. 22) sts. work as foil: Neck shaping

Next row (\\S) Bind off 5 sts (neck edge), woik to end. Cent annholc stuping, bind off 2 sts from neck edge 2 (3, 3. 3» times, dec I st every other row 2 (2. 3.4» times.

Place markers on front band for 7 buttons, the first one I" 2.5cm from lower edge, the last one -■';"■' I 5cm just below first neck dec. and the others speed evenly between.


Work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping and placement of garter si band. Work buttonholes opposite markers as foil Buttonliolc row (RS) K2. vo, k2tog. work to end.


With CC. cast on 40 (42. 44. 46» Ms. Work in garter st for X rows. Change lo MC and k next row on RS. inc 9 (11. 11. II) sts evenly spaced across 49(53.55.57» Ms. Cont in Si st wilh MC. inc I st each side every 8th (4th. 2nd. 2nd) row X (10. 4. 10) times, then every 0 (6th. 4th. 4th) row 0(4.14. 11) times—65 (XI.91.99) »is. Work even until piece measures 12' :" 31.5cm from beg Raglan cap shaping Dee row (RS) K3. ssk. work to last 5 sts. k2tog. k3 63 (79. 89. 97) sts. Rep dec row every other row 17 (32. 36. 40» times more, every 4th row 7 (0. 0.0) limes Bind off rem 15 (15. 17. 17) Ms.


With MC and WS facing, pick up and k 74 (7X. X4. XX) Ms evenly around neck edge. P I row. K next row. inc 25 (27. 29. 31) Ms evenly across 99 (105. 113. 119) sts Work in kl. pi rib until collar measures 4" 10cm from beg. Bind off loosely in rib. With RS of collar facing, crochet hook and CC. work 1 row of sc evenly around outside edge of collar. •>



2V lb"

2V lb"












lb" 7' • (8b.9b, 10'.)" 13« 16'..18b, I9'.r lb"

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