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With smaller needles, cast on 66 (70. 74) sts. How I (RS) K2. * p2. k2. rep from * to end Work in k2, p2 rib as established for 24«77cm. Change to larger needles and cont in St »t. inc I st each side every 20th row once—68 (72. 76) sts. Work even until piece measures 10 (10*. 10*)" 25.5 (26.5. 26 5) cm from beg Armhole shaping Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Nexl row (KS) SK2P. k to last 3 sis. k3log Next row (\VS) P2tog. p to List 2 sts. p2tog tbl. Rep I lie last 2 row s 4 limes more 32 (36.40) sts Next row (RS) SKP. k to last 2 sis. k2tog Next row Purl.

Rep tlie last 2 rows X (10. 12) times more 14 sts. Nut row (RS) SKP. k to last 2 sts. k2tog Work 3 rows even. Rep the last 4 rows 3 times more 6 sts. Work even, if necessary, until arm-hole measures 7* (X. 8*)7|9 <20.5. 21.5) cm. Bind off


Work rib as for back, ('lunge to larger needles. Work ribbed pocket

Next row (RS) K X < 10. 12). cont in rib as established across the center 50 sts. k to end. Cont in this way (with center 50 sts in k2. p2 rib and rem sis in St st) for 377.5 cm more. Pocket shaping

Next (dec) row (RS) K X (10. 12) and leave these sts on holder. SKP. rib to the last 2 sts in nb, k2tog, leave the rem 8 (10. 12) sts on holder. Cont on the nbbed pocket sts only, rep the dec row every other row X times more 32 nbbed pockct sts. Work even for 2 rows more. Leave the 32 ribbed pocket sts on hold.


Separately, cast on 50 sts K these 50 sts for 377.5 cm. Then, position the 50 lining sts in between the X (10. 12) sis at each side and work even in St st until inside lining measures same as the ribbed pockct. Join pockct and lining. Next row (RS) With the ribbed pockct sis at front, k 17 (19. 21) sts from the Si st side. 'kl si tog from the from (nbbed pockct) and the hack needle (lining): rep from • until all 32 pockct sts are joined, k to end Work even until piece measures same length as back to annholc. Armhole shaping

Note I he front armholc shaping ts different from the Kick Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 4 rows. 2 sts at beg of next 14 (16. IX) rows, dec I st each side every other row once. AT SAMIi TIME, when there arc 36 sts. work neck duping as foil: Oil next RS row, k to center 12 sts, join a 2nd hall of yam and bind oil center 12 sts. k to end Working both sides at once, ami cont to shape armholc as dcwTihcd. bind off 4 sts fnnn each neck edge once, 3 sts once.


Block pieces lightly lo measurements, avoiding ribbing. Sew side seams Sew' pockct lining in place to WS Armhole trim

With smaller needles, pick up and k 44 (46. 4X) sts from Kick armholc and 30 (32. 34) sts from front armhole -74 (78.82) sts. Work in k2. p2 rib for 2" 5cm. Bind off in rih.Work other armholc trim in same way. Front neck band

W ith smaller needles, cast on 14 sts, then pick up and k 34 sts across front annholc tnms and front neck, then cast on 14 sts at end of needle 62 sts. Work in k2. p2 rib for 2" 5cm. Hind off in rib. Back neck band

Wiih smaller needles, cast oil 16 sts. then pick up anil k 14 sts across back annholc trims and Kick neck, then cast on 16 sts at end of needle -16 sts. Work in k2. p2 rib for 2* 5cm. Bind off in rib. Sew sides of neckbands tog to form circle *>

hooded pl ll0yek

Standard fitting deep v-neck pullover with ribbed waistband Sized for Small. Medium. Large and shown in size Small on page 97

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