Taki Time To Check Gauge


With H. cast on 57 (61)-is. Divide sts evenly onto 3 needle—19 (20) sts on 2 ncexDes. 19 (21) sts on I needle Join, taking ore is* lo tw*4 sts iwi ncvxOci Mark end of

Long & ^shwytitcb


(8) sts front palm of hand, cast on 2 sts at end— 16(IK) «s. Completeas for index finger, working until finger measures 3 . " 9cm. Ring finger

Work as for middle finger, working until finger measures 3'i"/8.5cm. Little finger

SI 6 sis from bock of hand to dpn, k these sts then pick up and k 2 sts at base of nng finger, k rem 6 sts 14

«s. Work until finger measures 2'6.5cm.

Dec rnd [K2log] 7 times K I md

Dec rnd [K2tog] 3 times, kI—4 sts. Cut yam and draw through rem sts to close.


Place 15 sts of thumb onto 2 needles. Rnd I KI5. with 3rd needle, pick up and k 3 sts at base of thumb—IS sts. Con! in mds until thumb measures 2'»" 7cm Complete as for larger si/e of index finger Left glove

Work as for nght glove to thumb gore. Rnd I KI9 (22). kl. Ml. kl. Ml. pi. k to end. C'ont as for right glove to index finger. Index finger

K2I <221 and si to contrast yam strand. k 16. cast on 2 sis for inner edge of finger, si rem 15 (IS) sts to other end of some yum strand. Complete as for right glove.


»lock gloves lightly. Fold picot hem to WS and sew in place Embroider motifs on front of hand foil diagram. •>

modi UKSklltT

Full-length skin is tnulti colored hexagon shapes ili.it arc worked in ihc modular knitting method Sized in one si/c and shown on page 67.

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