Taki Time To Check Gauges


3-st LPC

SI 2 sts to cn and hold to back. k2. k2 from cn

4-st LC

5-st RPC

SI 3 sts to cn and hold to front. K2. s| p st from cn and p I. k2 from cn. MB (make bobble)

(KI. pl) twice into st. turn. p4. turn, si 2. k2tog. pass 2 slipped sis over k2tog.


When working body chart pat. if there are not enough sts to work a complete cablc at the edge ol the row. then work these sts in rev St st or seed st to cont background pat


With larger needles, cast on 107 (122) sts. K 2 rows. Beg body chart

Row I (RS) PI (0). beg with st I (3). work to end of rep. work 21-st rep 4 (5) times more, ending last rep with st 21 (I'M. pl (0). Cont in pat as established until piece measures II (I2)" 2X (30 5Km from beg. end with a chart row 20 (2ft) Armhole shaping

Bind off 4 (ft) sts at beg of next 4 rows. 4 (7) sts at beg of next 2 row s X3 (84 > sts. Work cv cn for 22 (2ft) rows. Place sts on a holder.


Work as for back


With larger needles, cast «hi 53 (57) sts K 2 rows. Bog sleeve chart

Noto Work row* 1-18 of sleeve chart once, then cont to rep rows 19-24 to end of sleeve. Rim I (RS) PI5 (17). work 23 sts of sleeve chart, pl5 (17). Cont in pats as established, dec I st each talc every 10th row 4 times 45 (49) sts. Work even until piccc measures 9" 23cm from beg. Inc I st each side on next row, then every |0th (6th) row 3 (5) times more—53 (61) sts. Work even until piece measures 16(16'. f 40.5 (42)cm from beg.

Cap shaping

Bind off 3 (4) sts at beg of next 6 rows. Work 14 rows even. Dcc I st each side every other row 3 (4) times. Place rem 29 sts on a holder.


Block pieces to measurements. Set in sleeves.

Sew side and sleeve scams


Split sts on back holder to two stitch holders—41

sts on right half and 42 sis on left. With circular needle, beg at center back neck, work in kl. pl rib from holders as foil: 42 sts from nght back holder. 29 sts from left sleeve holder, work 83 sts from front holder. 29 sts from right sleeve holder. 41 sts from right hack —224 sts Place marker for end of md. Join and work in kl. pl nb for 9 mds more K 2 mds. Next rnd *K2tog. yo; rep from * around. K 2 mds. Bind off body chart


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