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1920s Flapper Dress Pattern

In 1924 a famous magazine at the time showed how you could make an amazing-quality dress in an hour or so. However, with improvements in modern clothing and technology you can learn how to make a dress in 34 minutes or less! That is all that it takes to make a 1920s-style flapper dress You will be the envy of everyone around you and have the best clothing of anyone that you know, because you were able to make it yourself, with all of the specifications that YOU want in your clothes. It really doesn't have to be hard to make clothes yourself All that it takes is a bit of extra effort! You will also get extra FREE ebooks that show you other articles about dressmaking the 1920s, the best fashion of the time, and the TWO hour dress of 1925. Learn how to make your own amazing clothing quickly, and have amazing quality! Continue reading...

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Handcrafting Your Own Kindle Pattern

The New Kindle e-reader Cover SEWING PATTERN! Ready for you to make and show to all your friends and family!Easy step by step instructions! Travel the Globe with your Kindle Cover! The ultimate travel companion! You no longer have to shop around for a cover to buy; you can make your own! Handcrafting your own design is the best way to create what you want, and what can be different from everyone else.

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Sewing And Fitting Course Ebooks

Discover A Remarkable Series Of Easy-to-follow Sewing Course Books Packed With Sewing And Fitting Techniques That Will Take Your Sewing To A Professional Level In No Time At All. Professional Sewing Educator and Expert Author, Marian Lewis, offers her plain language, common sense, sewing courses and brand new fitting method to help beginners and advanced sewing enthusiasts achieve greater sewing success. It just makes sense to download these simple ebooks and start sewing in minutes! Sewing Courses To Take Your 1st Step To Sewing Success Discover a remarkable series of easy-to-follow sewing and fitting courses packed with tips and how to sew techniques that will take your sewing to a professional level in no time. You can: print out a permanent copy of all the detailed step-by-step instructions for yourself. work in the peace and quiet of your own sewing space at home. sew whenever you want or feel like it. learn at your pace. reread the instructions again if you need to. keep the sewing course in your sewing

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Jacket with Knitted Sleeves

Cardigan Sewing Pattern Dowl

Photo page 64 Design and Instructions by Anne Deval and Mette Olsen. Pattern for the sleeves is from the Dalarna Museum. Size XS 12 years S 34-36 M 38-40 L 42 child 4-6 years 90 97 103 cm 333 4 35V2 38 40V4 in Width child's size 65 cm 251 5 in 59 61 64 cm 211 2 231 4 24 251 4 in Length child's size 37 cm 14VSin The jacket has sleeves knitted in the round which are sewn onto a lined cloth body. Sewing Instructions Begin by drawing the pattern to full scale on paper and cut it out. The neck...

Adjusting Sleeve Length

One way to lengthen a sleeve is to simply knit a longer cuff. By the same token, knitting a shorter cuff, or omitting the cuff altogether, is an easy way to shorten a sleeve. To add length to a sleeve above the cuff, you use your row gauge to determine how many additional rows are needed to reach the desired length and then work those additional rows, evenly spaced, between increase rows. To subtract length above the cuff, you use your row gauge to determine how many rows need to be eliminated...

Diagonal Scallop Stitch

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Here is a lovely, quick-knitting little texture pattern thai is ideal for converting that dull stockinette sweater, dress, or coat into an interesting garment. It makes a nice firm fabric with hardly any curl to it, and so is easy to block. Naturally, because the passed-over strands pull the stitches together, the fabric is tighter than stockinette stitch and will require more stitches for any given measurement. Check your gauge, adjust ihe number of stitches accordingly, and then knii...

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Antique Knitted Shawls

Imagine a giant cobweb and you are probably picturing nature's version of one of the beautiful, handspun Unst shawls. In this, the most northerly of Britain's isles, the women spun and knitted delicate lace and have become world famous for the quality of their work. Although as an industry this died out during the First World War, when knitters turned their hands to producing gravets and body belts for the troops, it is continued today as a craft on a small scale, more for interest than profit....

Cane Stitch or Grand Picot Eyelet

Eyelet Stitch Knitting

Having a 3-row pattern, this fabric looks the same on both sides. Thus it is particularly good for articles both sides of which will be seen, such as scarves and stoics. It has much vertical elasticity, and can take a good deal of stretching when blocked. Row 1 K2, si 1 k2 tog psso, yo twice rep from , end k2 Row 2 K2, pi, kl into the double yo, pi rep from , end k2 Row 3 Knit. Lace knitting is justly called the height of the knitter s art. No education in knitting is complete without it. There...

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