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The same pattern looks very different in new colours.

Every letter printed wins!

The writer of each letter we print here will receive a copy of Patons Woolcraft and a pair of 4mm bamboo needles, courtesy of our friends at Coats Crafts UK. Send ut your snaps To make sure your pictures look good in print, follow these three simple rules:

  1. Lots of light- a sunny windowsill or outside is great.
  2. Take lots of snaps then choose your favourite.
  3. Don't edit or resize the photo before you send it to us. While we will endeavour to return any pictures or garments to you, this is not guaranteed. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt. j--^

Twin set

I thought you might like to see thestripedjumperand hat set featured in Simply Knitting issue 51 (March 2009) that I knitted for my two baby dolls.

I used the colours specified in the pattern for the 'girl version' and the same pale blue shade along with cream, turquoise and airforce blueforthe 'boy version', omittingthe flower trims. They were really easy to make and look so effective-any mixture of colours would look great.

Mrs J Head Nottingham

Debora says: Sirdar Baby Bamboo is a super yam, isn't it? (We'vefound it's interchangeable with their new yam, Flirt, which gives you even more colours to choose from.) Of course, the knits wouldn't look ha If as good without your knitting skills, because a yarn with a sheen will show up any split stitches. Yours are perfectly smooth I

Happy endings

Beinga keen knitter I often end up with leftover yarns. Inspired by a picture of a blanket on page 13 of Glorious Knitting by Kaffe Fassett, I tried to work out the design. I worked in garter stitch and increased by knitting into the front and back and front of the centre stitch on alternate rows. The result was a good-sized blanket and no spare wool! Marion Walsh Altrincham

Debora says: Kaffe is inspiring, isn't he? He's a keen qui Iter as well

In 3ssoci3t)on with


Sandra proved she Is a great knitter.

Never say never

I would like to show you a couple of pieces that I have designed and knitted. They are inspired bythe Harry Potter books.

I am 58years old, and I started knitting when I was eight My first project was a coat hanger cover in needlework classes at school. Bythe end oftheterm I had managed about two inches of very tight, very holey knitting which the teacher 'disposed' ofwith the comment, "You will never make a knitter, young lady!" Well, I hope I have proved her wrong.

Sandy Bramley via email

Sandra proved she Is a great knitter.

Debora sa You certainly have proved your teacher wrong, Sandy I Your wizards are very impressive, and I really like the way you've given them realistic hair and added details like braidwork and beads. It's good that she didn't put you off knittingfor life!

Letter we love prize

Every month the writer of the Letter We Love will receive a £30 voucherto spend with The Little Knitting Company.

To see their range, which includes exclusive hand-dyed cashmere, merino wool, superfine kid mohair and linen blend yams, take a look at their site at www.t he! ittlekn itti ngcom pa r the ^ little knitting company

Debora Bradley

An amazing mix of colours -and no spare yarn.

Colourful comfort

Yno etters iawts iffgggnsnra^^B

Colourful comfort as a knitter (he has his own line of cotton fabrics; see page 8) and you can see the influence of this in patterns like the one that inspired you. You've really put the colours together well for your blanket -perhapsyou'll inspire someone now, Marion.

Free-range haggis

Last year I entered a competition run by my local knitting group and the theme was 'Homecoming Scotland'. As Homecoming Scotland was celebrating Burns I decided to knit my very own haggis, neeps and tatties. Haggis is commonly mistaken to be a live animal so I decided I would play on this. I went one step further adding a hat, sporran and kilt (The neeps have already been mashed.) My entry won the 'Original' category. Having recently celebrated Burns' Night I thought I would send it in for others to see. Donna Neilson Via email

Debora says: Oh,your crocheted haggis and friends are cute,

An amazing mix of colours -and no spare yarn.

Donna. Homecoming Scotland (a whole year of celebration) seemed to inspire a lot of Scottish people and people who love Scotland to get knitting - there must be something addictive about the wonderful yams and traditional patterns the country produces!

Knit five-a-day?

I thought you might like to see my knitted fruit! I made it as a Christmas present for my son, who has just moved into his first flat, and I already have two orders for more from friends who saw it as I was making it.

The apples and oranges, plus satsumas, were made from patterns in Jean Creenhowe's Jiffyknits book (I adapted her pumpkin patternforthe satsumas) and also from Alan Dart's Advent calendar fruit patterns. The bananas I did by trial and error. The vital ingredient in them is a length of heavy fuse wire to get the curve; I'd have left that out if they had been for a child, of course, but it

I loved the Cosy Comfort hottie cover in issue 63, but thought it might be bestto use up some stash ratherthan buy yet more wool! I've made this one with oddments of Rowan Designer DK left over from a jacket I made years ago. I used two strands ofyarn which I kept changingto make thecolourchanges.l had to make a few adjustments to compensate forthe Change in tension, but I'm Very Subtle shading adds a new

pleased with the result!

Christine Perry Via email

That's beautiful colourwork, Christine. I love the colours you've chosen and howthey blend together-choosing colours that work well together can be really tricky. And you've reduced your stash into the bargain, which is a bonus.

We love to see how you personalise our patterns - or if you've made a mistake that's turned out great, let us know. And don't forget, every printed letter will win a mini knitter's kit.

Donna's haggis proudly flaunts his tartan.

does give them a lovely shape. Fen Crosbie Edinburgh

Fen's had orders for more of her woolly fruit.

Debora s ays: I love the different skin textures on your fruit, Fen. We have some mini bananas designed by Alan in part 2 of the chimp's tea party next issue (issue 67, May, on sale 22 April 2010) but I think they might be a bit small when sat next to yourotherfruit. Using wire in your bananas is a clever idea though!

Fab-berge egg

I loved the crocheted eggs in issue 65; they'll certainly be on my table at Easter or given as gifts to my dieting friends. Inthe meantime, perhaps you'd like to see last year's knitted make? I was inspired by some 3D knitting I'd seen and my admiration of theworkof Russian Imperial ©

Fen's had orders for more of her woolly fruit.


© jeweller, Faberge. While looking opulent, it was actually made from yarn and trimmings from my stash - some even coming from Christmas crackers! I hope it will inspire other knitters to try something different and 'eggstra-special'too. Mrs C Fletcher Basildon

Debora says: Knit one, pearl many, Mrs Fletcher! That is definitely the most opulent egg

I've seen. Will you be like Faberge and make a new, equally glitzy, one each Easter?

Dad's the word

I just had to write to you after readingyour comment in issue 64 about fathers not getting a look in. Myfathertaught meto knit when I was about six as my mother was such a good knitter she did it too quickly for meto take in. Years later my husband taught my children, both beys and girls, to knit as they found/did it tooquicklyforthemtotakein!

Overtheyears I have done lots of knittingfor myself, my children and husband and charity. The photo is of some of

Beautiful knits for some very lucky little girls.

the things I knitted for my great-nieces at Christmas. Mrs H Judd Sawley

You do have lucky great-nieces! That's a stunning array of jumpers and toys. It's great to hear about men teaching knitting, too-do any other readers have generations of male knitters in the family, I wonder?

Beautiful knits for some very lucky little girls.

Cool ways for hot days

Recently my friend and I took a short holiday to Cyprus. A mutual acquaintance suggested we pack our knitting needles and do something useful while 'chilling out'. This is what we achieved, a batch of jumpers for AIDS' babies in Africa. Joan Bradbury St Albans

I relaxing holiday for Joan and her friend, and a lifesaverfor vulnerable babies.

Debora says: You both managed a lot of knitting on a short holiday Joan. That's a lovely array of jumpers, and it must be great knowing that your enjoyable holiday will also help improve the lives of these poorly babies.

Ice, ice baby

Here is a photo of my wonderfti I granddaughter, Rebecca, visitingthe Elves Adventure Land in Lapland. Wherever I go I take my knitting, and a copy of Simply Knitting.

We had a greattime and met Santa in his secret hideaway. I bought some thermal yarn to make hats and scarves just in case we go again next year. I really hope we do.

Pat Jones Morriston

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