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A full range of yam, all souiced from the UK, along with the beginnings of our pattern library are available from the sho www. BlackerDe^

"Chi* is the name for the Natural Fibre Company's own label products all of which are spun at our specialist mill in Cornwall.

Most yarnsare in natural colours and come in Double Knitting weight. Many are also In 4-Ply while some come In Light Aran, Aran Or Chunky. Please contact us with queries or if you want something from our specialist dye plant.

T: 01566 777635 F: 01566 779795

Sew-In of Marple, Didsbury & Buxton

The area's Ranaknitting specialists

' slocking ] 2 major brands ittjng patterni,"books and, accessories

Hundreds of kni Friendly, weekly kniltii

All major credit

Open Mon club Ot Marple & Didsbury up service ccrds accepted, postal service a pleasure iday-Saturday, 9am-5.30pm

A6 Market Street, Marple SK6 7AD Te!: 0161 427 2529 741 Wilrmlow Rd, Didsbury M20 6RN Tel: 0161 445 5861 1 Spring Gardens, Buxton SK17 6BJ Te!: 01298 26636

www, knihting-ond-needlework u m od

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Pupplelneäa Grafts

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Purplelinda Crochet Hooks:

JUST ARRIVED New Annie's Attic Crochet Books

  • Large selection of Crochet Patterns fit Books
  • Fantastic Range of Crochet Cottons & Yarns
  • ri al Gadgets! - Flower & Knitting looms
  • Amigunami Toy Eyes, Riling tk Felt
  • Funky Norib - Clover Softtbuch & Knit Pro Symfonie

Leafy Shrug *

designed by Sally McCollin 4

Leafy Shrug *

designed by Sally McCollin 4

To order, call +44 (0) 1595 693579 or i visit

Shetland Islands Wool

Jamieson& Smith

100% Shetland Wool from the Shetland Islands



Ball weight 50g

Ball length 95m

Yarn content 80% bamboo sourced viscose, 20% wool

Knits as DK

Rec needle size 4m m

A lovely, soft summer yarn, Flirt is ideal for T-shirts and shell tops-anything that's going to be worn against the skin! Both viscose and wool are fibres that allow your skin to breathe, helping to prevent you becoming hot and sweaty.

Flirt knits up with a beautiful drape, making it ideal for patterns involving softlyfoldingdetails like cowl necks and angel sleeves, ft will also slinkclosely to your body: you can knit a boxyjumperin it, but it won't look square when you put ¡ton, it will mould itself to you.

Due to the multi-strand construction of the yarn, you may find itsplittyto knit with. If you do split a stitch, it's best to unpick it asthe knitted fabric is very smooth and has a slight gleam, so any messy stitches in your work will be clearly visible.

Flirt has exactly the samefibre content and knits to the same tension as Sirdar Baby Bamboo, so if you're a fan ofthatyarn but have been hoping for some more sophisticated shades, you're in luck. There are ten sma rt solid colours tochoosefrom including vibrant pink and pillarbox red, as wellasfunctional black and party-perfect silver, bronze and champagne. The range givesyou a great palette tocreate your own smart knits which will easily take you from the office to the school gates and out "far the evening.

Machine wash items knitted from Flirt at 40°C and dry them flat. If you've never washed viscose before, it can feel 'hard' when wet, but it will soften up again as itdries.

B Klrstie McLeod Technical Editor

Elizabeth Bagwell Reviews Editor k I

Elizabeth Bagwell Reviews Editor

Viscose is a processed fibre made from plant materials such as wood or bamboo. It's really versatile, particularly when you blend it with otherfibresand makes a lovely lightweight yarn.


% Coiinette isis is a shiny 100% viscose chenille, which is available in various bright colours, for full-on glamour. Visit to check out the complete colour range.

4s Great for big sweaters, the popular Irland from Bergere de France is an a ran weight yam with a slight tweed effect running through it See for stockists.

Lang Yarns Mikonos isa blend of linen and viscose spun togethertoform a textured yarn. Visit see the full range.

Debbie Bliss Amalfi

Ball weight 50g Ball length 100m Yarn content 70%

cotton, 15% viscose, 10% linen and 5%si!k Knits as DK

Rec needle size 4-4%mm

This new yarn from Debbie Bliss is perfect for cool knits, it's made up of two tightly twisted, smooth strands and two of softer, loosely twisted threads. Togetherthey give a gentle tweed effect.

The high cotton content means it knits up with great stitch definition, so it's great for cables and other stitch patterns, and perfect for summer knits.

It comes in 12 shades, including soft sorbets and citrus brights. Amalfi is machine washable on a low temperature, and you'll need todry it flat and ensure it's pressed on a cool setting.

Gedifra Videra

Ball weight 50g Ball length 60m Yarn content 49%

new wool, 30% acrylic, 21% bamboo viscose Knits as chunky RRP £4.95

Rec needle size 7mm

Most variegated yarns are spun then dyed -Videra stands out from the crowd as the yarn is madefrom different coloured fibres which have been spun together, preserving their different hues. Thecolours shift quickly as you knitwhich means you won't get the pooling effect

you can see with some variegated yarns and this gives the finished fabrica lovely mottled look with flecks of brighter colours.

There are eight colourways to choosefrom and theyarn is quick to knit on 7mm needles- ideal for a cosyjumper. Handwash only.

Louisa Harding Merletto Ball weight 50g Ball length 90m Yarn content 46% viscose, 34% polyamide, 20% linen Knits as 4ply RRP £4.50

Rec needle size 3%mm if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your knitting, Louisa Harding's yarns are afun choice. Merletto is made up of fine matte and shiny strands spun together. This gives theyarn a plump, round finish and means that the knitted fabric is a mix of dull and gleaming stitches. This gives it a subtle shimmer


which really brings outthecolour but won't hide stitch patterns.

This construction means that it's quiteeasy to split theyarn with your needle and wisps of linen will be visible on the surface of your knitting. Hand wash only anddryflat.

Rowan Purelife Revive Ball weight 50g Ball length 125m Yarn content 36% recycled silk, 36% recycled cotton, 28% recycled viscose Knits as DK RRP £5.50

Rec needle size 4mm

This new addition to the Purelife range takes ecoyarnstoa new level. Revive is made of recycled fibres: clothes and other materials have been sorted by fibre content, shredded and respun to create a fab newyarn.

It's lovely to think that the fib re can go 'round the loop' again to be

turned into another gorgeous garment. Revive has a cotton-like texture and is lightweight, making it a great choicefor summer.

Thanks to the different fibres used, the eight colourways are slightly variegated with lovely bright flecks of colour popping through. Handwash only.

The Knitting Academy Cemstone

Ball weight 50g Yarn content 76%

viscose, 22% superkid mohair, 2% wool Knits as DK RRP £13.99

Rec needle size 414m m

Aptlynamed.thisyamisas opulent as a real precious stone. Therearejustthreecoloursinthe range; Amethyst (shown here), Jubilee and RedJasper.butallare gorgeous. Gemstone has a smooth, soft handle and vivid intensity of colour. The mohair content results in a great halo

when this yarn is knitted upand the viscose also gives a sheen that sits under the mohair on the main core of theyarn. Given the dramatic look and the price of this yarn, we'd save it for special occasion knits: it would make a stunningstole. Hand wash, dry flat and press with a cool iron.

Ou p

vliwplu) the best


The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet

Margaret Hubert

Publisher: Creative Publishing International, £16.99*

This stunning book is not only a complete photo guide, It's definitely in the runningfor the title of'ultimate guide tocrochet' too. Coming In at a hefty 272 pages, it's packed with hundreds of crochet stitches from the most basicto ultra-specialist ones from around the globe.

More than just a stitch guide, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet is also a pattern book with 25 projectsfrorn experts in their own particular stitch field. And there's even a history

Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards & Fairies Annette Hefford

Publisher: Search Press, £12.99

Whetheryou're a parent or a grandparent, or simply love knittingdolisand toys, this book has something for you. The book contains five main doll patterns, most with a fantasy theme, but cleverly usesjust one basic body shape for all of them. Annette Hefford also shows how a simplechange of yarn shades and accessories can vary the choice of designs even further, and she gives advice on adding sparkling finishing touches using metallic thread, crystals and beads. The attention to detail in the dolls' outfits is truly delightful and anyofthese projects would make a rewarding challenge for intermediate to more experienced knitters.

Save ElToorderyour copy forjust £11.99, call Search Press on 01892 510850 and quote Simply Knitting.

of crochet,a mini-feature abouta Californiantextile museum and a super-clear chapter on crochet basics thrown in. All that, plus an incredibly detailed and helpful alphabetical index at the end, makes this book every c rochet-1 ove r's d rea m.

The stitches aredivided into sections such as 'Shell Stitches'and 'Colour Combinations', Each stitch gets the same treatment: step-by-step instructions, a chart and a clear, close-up colour photo. The stitches a re thoughtfully ranked by level of difficulty from beginner to experienced, with the majority coming into either the easy or intermediate categories.

Thefinal section of the book will bea boon for crocheters who already have plenty of experience at their craft and want something new. it shows speciality methods such as delicate Bruges lace and colourful, anarchicfreeform crochet, and includes more text and lots of photos so you can learn more a bout each method and see some great examples of how it's used. It'll certainly give you somethingtoworkonl Like the rest of this book, it letsyou know you're in expert hands.

The Yarn Girls' Guide to

Simple Knits

Juiie Carles and Jordana Jacobs

Publisher: Potter Craft £14.99*

If you liked the friendly tone of the original Stitch n' Bitch books, you'll lovethis collection of designs, perfect for beginners or knitters who are a little rusty. From simple sweaters to accessories and throws, all of the patterns have been created with nervous knitters, or those who want quick results, in mind. As a nice touch, each project is introduced with a particular knitter's experience of making it. The book also includes plenty of handholding, with essential stitches and finishing techniques explained using clear diagrams. Save £4.49 To order your copy for just £10.50 plus p&p, call CMC on 01273 488005 or visit and quote offer code R2184. Offer ends 31 August 2010. P&P is £2.95 for the first item, £1.95 for additional items.

One More Skein

One More Skein Leigh Radford

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, £11.99*

Have you got a bagfullofodd balls ofyarn or smaller lengths I eft over from past projects? Thisbookwill helpyou make thevery best use of them. It features a wide range of small knitsfrom baby clothes to treats for yourself, plus all kinds of stylish ideas foryour home. It deserves to be as big a seller for author Leigh Radford as her previous book, One Skein.

The photography is inspirational, and as a step onfrom One Skein this new book includes several projects that inciudefelting such as a cuff, a bag and dressingtable bowls. All the projects are, by nature, quick to make and arealso mostly small and highly portable, perfect for knitting on the go. You'll work through your 'leftovers' bag in no time! Save £2 Toorderyour copy forjust £9.99 (includingfree p&p, UK only), call 01206 255777 and quote reference 50201.

"Books marked with an asterisk are published overseas (usually in the USA), so you may find the terminology and yarns used unfamiliar.

111'ill IMI IK

Rowan Various

Sweet styles for little ones

Pattern book name:

Rowan Miniature Classics

Bursting with beautiful knits for young children and babies, this sweet collection designed by Martin Storey will have you itching to pick up your needles.

Knitted up in a range of soft colour ways, coupled with some key bright shades, there are 20 classic designs to choose from, rangingfrom garter stitch hoodies to cabled cardies. There's something herefor every knitter, regardless of their experience, with a few projects, such as the cotton tank top, suitablefor beginners looking for their first 'proper' garment to knit.

At the other end ofthe scale, there are some pretty tops for girls, plus a tank top for boys, which use the Fair Isle technique togreat effect and which will makeenjoyableand absorbing projects for experienced knitters. Most ofthe patterns are suitablefor Q-3years, with afew


Lang Yarns Various 33 knits for men and women Pattern book name: Denim 170

If you liketheidea of adding a little 'European chic'to your life, then knit yourself oryour significant other a few garments from this bumper set of designsfrom Lang Yarns. The booklet includes 33 patterns and is packed with casual separates knitted up in chunky cables and interesting textures. Featured yarns include Merino S160, a superfine merino yarn in Igfashion shades, and Piora, a fluffy mix of alpaca and new wool, in 10 shades suitablefor both sexes. For sheer volumeof patterns and for variety, this pattern book is great value. Get knitting some of these designs now, andyou'll have a fabulous new wardrobe ready for autumn. Original designs for both men and women.


forl2/18months-3years,soyou'reguaranteed to get plenty of use out of this book.

The recommended yarns include somecool cottons and Rowan's CashsoftDK-which adds a luxury finish and comes in a range of beautiful sorbet shades. Adorable knits forthe little people in your life.

King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK

Cable designs for men and boys Pattern code: 3195

This handy pattern contains sizes for both men and boys, which isgreatvalue if you have a whole family of males to knit for! Ideal for confident beginners onwards, there are three designs to choose from- a crew neck and V-neck sweater and a slipover, Withclassiccableddetaillng,theyarevery versatile and suitablefor both casual or smart occasions. Knitted up in KingCole Bamboo Cotton DK, these tops will be a useful addition to the wardrobe whatever the weather this summer, with the slipover an absolute must-knit for holidays away. Pattern to fit chest sizes 26-48 in (66-122cm). Family trio of classic cable designs.

Debbie Bliss Amalfi 13 patterns for summer Pattern book name: Amalfi

New from Debbie Bliss, Amalfi yarn is a mix of cotton, viscose, silk and linen, resulting in a very subtle summertweed. Debbie lovesthe great way that Amalfi drapes, and so has based her collection on casual, smock-style tops, as well as classic 'retro' garments (think 1950s Riviera) with cable details.

Whatever your body shape, there's a design to suit you, as Debbie has included a variety of lengths in her collection, from fitted cardigans to flowing tunics.lnspired by chintz fabric and vintage wallpaper, Debbie showcases her range in a colour palette that includes both soft sorbets and bright citrus shades.These patterns exude style and sophistication and aregreat if you love a vintage look. The sizes on the patterns do vary, but most patterns fit bust 32-44in (81412cm} or 32-46ln (81-U7cm). Feminine designs in an exciting new yarn.

Artesano 4ply Alpaca Summer sleeveless tunic Pattern book name: Juliet

Marita Rolin has created an elegant tunictopwhich can be worn a multitude of ways. Use on its own to keep cool on hot summer days or keep snug on cooler evenings by teaming with a wrap or light cardigan.Thetunic includes some subtle details to add Interest, with the neckline featuring a panel of delicate rib and the waist defined using drawstring cording. Intermediate knitters shouldfind this pattern easy going and relish the challenge of knitting this up on 2.75mm needles—which results in a beautifully lightweight garment. You have the choice to knit with Artesano 4ply Alpaca or Hummingbird 4ply Alpaca. Pattern fits bust size 32-38in (81-97cm). Stylish, lightweight tunic, perfect for summer.

cet your missed Jssuesfrom


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Alan Dart Fotos

Issue 62


* Trendy jumper dress & Alan Dart's Snow Oueen *Shaun the Sheep DS case * Teen accessories

Silk haitertop* Felted tree decorations * Man's ribjumper* fancy table mats*12 Quick & Easy Knits including beanie hat and legwarmers

Issue 63


* Audrey Hepburn-style jacket * Elegant silver tunic* Textured cream jumper * Alan Dart's Pierrot & Pierrette * Slouchy socks # Fair Isle hot water bottle cover * 12 Quick S< Easy Knits including loveheart socks and cosy blanket PLUS! Tape measure

Issue 64


* Warm thigh-length jacket * Alan Dart's Sox the Cat * Girl's cable & bobble hoodie*Teen boy's tweed jumper * Rowan alpaca tunic *Trlo of bags * Hat & wrist warmer set * 12 Quick & Easy Knits including floral tea cosy PLUS! Bag handles«

Issue 6S


* Leaf-patterned pink gilet ^ Child's dinosaur jumper* Longline blue & white tunic* Alan Dart's Easter ducklings * Vintage-style bag # Man's chunky jacket* 12 Quick & Easy Knits, including lace scarf, boy's stripy socks Si bootees. PLUS! 3-in-l tool1

Issue 66


  • Stunning floral Intarsia jacket £ Alan Dart's chimps'tea party (part l) * Smock-style top* Möbius scarf* Child's tank top * Lady's Fair Isle tank top & skirt
  • Jane Asher's tea cosy
  • Quick & Easy Knits including soft slippers PLUS! Two toy booklets'

Issue 67


  • Elegant cable-waisted cardigan* Alan Dart's chi mps' tea pa rty (pa rt 2) * Batwing sweater
  • Man's striped cotton jumper* Child's jacket
  • Crochet breakfast set
  • Easy desk set* Quick Si Easy Knits including Father's Day gifts PLUS! Row counter4

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Yarn Bombing

If you live in the city, it's no longer unusual tocome across exam pies of'yarn bombing' (knitting graffiti) in your neighbourhood.

From road signs to lampposts and trees to buses, if it can be covered in knitting, it'sfairgame foryarn bombers. Find out more on the wonderful Yarn Bombing blog, run by Canadians Mandy Moore and LeannePrain,twoof the first knitters to indulge in the craze. The blog features a selection of latest yarn bombing' creations from around the globe and all the latest news from the knitting graffiti

Daniela Forconi Book

movement. You can also find information on Mandy and Leanne's brand-new Yarn Bombing book. Inspiring, amazingand lots of fun!

Kim Hargreaves

Stylish and sophisticated, Kim Hargreaves' website is well-suited to showcasing this renowned UK knitting designer's latest collections cf patterns.

Having worked at Rowan for many years, Kim's experience as a designer guarantees an eclectic mix of classic, fashion-led and individual patterns, many of which will be absolute 'must-knits'for those who want the garments they wear to make a statement. Each featured pattern has been beautifully photographed and gives information onthe yarn, sizes and knitting experience required. The site also includes details of Kim's latest pattern collection books and all the designs on the site are available to purchase online. Whether you buy or not, there's plenty of original designs and ideas here for budding knitting designers to be inspired by. Stylish fashion knits from a top UKdesigner.


Knit Rennie

Lovers of designer handknits will enjoy this site for its wonderful array of Rennieyarns, which are well-respected in many important fashion houses worldwide.

JC Rennie has been producing woollen yarn in Scotland since 1798, Here you can find out more about, and order online, all the various types on offer- a task made simple with the comprehensive 'gallery' ofyarnson the site. From Supersoft Cashmere to Chunky Lambswool, there are plenty of high-quality shades to browse through, each made using traditional methods. And ifyou're serious about the finish ofyour knits, you even have theoption to buy your yarn 'on the cone'. Quality yarn with an unbeatable pedigree.

Knitting needle addicts, beware! The rangeof unique handmade needles on offer here, ranging from s pa rkly to trans lucent, are sure to prove ha rd to resist.

PennyDog specialise in handmade costume jewellery made from resin, and their accompanyinglineofknlttingneedlescome in several original styles In tempting : candy-coloured shades, and sporting tantalising names such as Enchanted Forest and Peppermint Starburst. You can also add some glitz and glamour to your latest projects with thefabulous choice of sparkling buttons availableto buy. Treat yourself orfind inspiration for gift ideas for fellow knitters. : Luxury resin needles, great for gifts.

Wild Fire Fibres

The owner of Wild Fire Fibres, Vikki, is a talented dyer whose rich rangeofyarn shades have been inspired by nature.

Her Etsy shopallows knitters to buy direct from Vikki herself, with afocus on laceweight, sock (4ply) and handspunyarns. There's a real kaleidoscope of colour combinations on offer, and Vikki's individual comments on each product are friendly and informative. Choose from handpainted yarns such as the brightly multicoloured 'Tempo in TwinkleToes'and the limited edition 'Botany Lace in Brown', and Vikki also welcomes custom requests. You can find out more about Vikki's work by visiting Award-winning hand-dyed yams.

Yarn in knots?| Knitting in a tangle? Each month our experts solve your problems.

Debora Bradley


Ideal holiday? New York! Top fas hi on and top yam shops.

Kirstie McLeod

Technical Editor

Dreaming of sandy beaches-and lots of knitting time.

Elizabeth Bagwell

Reviews Editor

Keeping it local exploring Britain's sheepiest areas.

Miriam McDonald

Production Editor

Hankering for a city break - fabforeign yarn shops to try!

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