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We'd love to hear from you! Write to us at Dear Debora, Simply Knitting, Future, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BAI 2BW or email: [email protected]

Matthew loves the dinosaur jumper Linda knitted for him.


Every letter printed wins!

The writer of each letter we print here will receive a copy of Patons Woolcraft and a pair of 4mm bamboo needles, courtesy of our friends at Coats Crafts UK. Send us your snaps To make sure your pictures look good in print, follow these three simple rules:

  1. Lots of light -a sunny windowsill or outside is great.
  2. Take lots of snaps then choose your favourite.
  3. Don't edit or resize the photo before you send it to us. While we will endeavourto return any pictures or garments to you, this is not guaranteed. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.


I knitted the Knit-a-Saurus jumper by Bergère de France featured in issue 65 for my grandson Matthew, aged three. As you can see, he just loved it.

I hope you print some other patterns for children with different designs on the front as my granddaughter, aged two, would like one with a fairy. Linda Auld Dumfries

Debora says: I'm not surprised he loves it, Linda: it's beautifully knitted and fits him perfectly. That pattern has been popular-it seems that all little boys love dinosaurs! We've no plans for a fairyjumperatthe moment, but it's a good idea for a future issue.

If other readers would like that pattern, issue 65 is still available as a back issue. Turn to page 78 to f ind out how to get a copy

Team effort

I have managed to keep these two footballers long enough to taketheir photo. They have been very popular with my football fan friends large and small.

I discovered I could get two man-sized (no. 9 [3%mm] needles) and two boy-sized (no.

II [3mm] needles) footballers from one 100g ball of black wool. I have knitted up a whole 500g pack plus these two, so I have made 22 players-enough for two teams, but they haven't all gonetothe same people. Cynthia Frank Middlesbrough

Debora says: You have been very busy, Cynthia. I should think

In association with ith BJJgrB


I'm lland herearemyown Easter crochet designs and a knitted egg cosy. Except forthe snail they all had Easter eggs in on Easter morning. My mum taught me the basics of knitting, and I have taught myself otherthings from books and from Simply Knitting. I hope that my letter shows that it isn't just girls who knit and crochet. My brother and I both go to a knitting club after school and I am currently knitting King Kongfrom Carol Meldrum's Knitted Icons book.

Jamieson Marsh Cambridge

Wow, Jamieson.your designs are really excellent. Your family must have been thrilled with their special Easter gifts. You're right-knitting's not just for girls and I think it's brilliant that you and your brother goto a knitting club. Keep up the good work!

Wow, Jamieson.your designs are really excellent. Your family must have been thrilled with their special Easter gifts. You're right-knitting's not just for girls and I think it's brilliant that you and your brother goto a knitting club. Keep up the good work!

Darwin Frog
Jamieson's fabulous designs: knitted egg cosy and crochet rabbit, chick, red pot, a Darwin's frog, tortoise, flowery pot and snail (front).
Debora Bradley

Letter we love prize

Every month the writer of the Letter We Love will receive a £30 voucher to spend with The Little Knitting Company. y tlie ^

exclusive hand-dyed cashmere, merino wool, superfine kid mohair and linen blend yarns, take a look at their site at c ompany

Just two of Cynthia's 22

Knitting Patterns Footballers

Just two of Cynthia's 22

you've been able to memorise the pattern after knitting two whole teams of toys!

Thefootballers were in a supplement that came free with issue 66. If other readers would like to knit them, see page 78for how to get a copy.

Hook of horror

I am 61 and have been crocheting and tattingfor many years. I likeusingfinethreads,sol use a veryfine hook. The one I like to use is my grandmother's, and it's made of silver.

Last week I had to go to A&E with that same hook embedded between my first and second fingers. I wasjoiningtwo pieces oftattingtogetherandthe hook just flipped over and went into my hand. As luck would have it, my husband was in at the time and he drove me to hospital. I was there forwelloveran hour with different nurses trying to get it out. Luckily the hook eventually came out, and the only da mage was to my pride!

I wanted to tell you this as I think we forget at times that crochet hooks and knitting needles are tools, and they can be dangers we so easily forget. Joyce Belfield Bradnop

Debora says: That sounds extremely painful, Joyce. I hope your hand is recovered now. According to ROSPA, in 2002 (the last year for which we could get data), 205 people were victims in accidents involving knitting needles or crochet hooks. You are right, we all need to remember our tools need careful handling.

Scary Sackboy

I thought I would send you a photo of the Sackboy I knitted for my grandson from issue 49. The photo also shows the second one I have knitted from the

Ms different!

will last her for years.

Black and red and right all over game my grandson plays. We used fabric paintsfortheface. Mrs I Adams Portsmouth

Debora says That's a scary Sackboy, Mrs Adams! Still, as you can customise your Sackboy in the computer game, it makes sense for him to be customised in real life too.

If any other readers would like to knit a Sackboy, issue 49 is no longer available as a back issue but you can download the patternfor freefrom www. gizmo/artide2056598.ece

Cream of scarves

I am absolutely delighted with my Möbius scarf (from Simply Knitting issue 66). Thetechnique has proved to be quite a talking Sandra's had fun with the point with family and friends. I Möbius scarf technique.

Debora ¡ay I'm fascinated by howyou've added extra squares to your bag, Loredana-the original pattern used Patons Linen Touch, which is a strong yarn that's very good for making bags, and youradaptations will make the design even more hard wearing. You should be able to enjoy your bag for years.

We love to see how you personalise our patterns - or if you Ve made a mistake that's turned out great, let us know. And don't forget, every printed letter will win a mini knitter's kit.

Here's a photo of the bag that I made from issue 55. chosejust two colours to make mine, dark red and black. The handles came from an old bagthat I had long since thrown away. I made a slight variation tothe pattern. I made two extra squares at each side, folded into two for strength. I also made four extra squares to cover the ones holdingthe handlefrom the inside.

Loredana Galea via email

will last her for years.

Mrs Adams has made a regular Sackboy and a scary one!

This was Barbara's first entrelac project.

This was Barbara's first entrelac project.

o instructions very carefully and found she was right when she said it would get easierto manage asthe project progressed. Rowan Milk Cotton yarn was a pleasure to work with and lovelyand softtowear. Sandra Taylor Cumbernauld

Debora says: It's great to hear that you enjoyed knitting and wearing your scarf, Sandra. The Möbius cast on can be tricky, but nothing gives quite the same effect, and it's always fun to try out new knitting techniques.

Entrelac crazy!

Afriend asked meto make an entrelacjumper. I'd never made anything like it before, but I thought I would have a go at it. This is the result. Using the 'Home Essentials' booklet (free with issue 26) I made two cushion covers in the same pattern. I am very pleased with the result.

Barbara Crouch Heme Bay

This photo is of my very first attempt at entrelac. I have always wanted to try it but it looked too difficult. About two orthree years ago you gave away a booklet 'Knittingforthe Home' and this pattern was in it. I loved doing it, and it wasn't difficult at all. I would love to knit my grandchildren jumpers this way.

Now she's made a cushion, Linda wan try more entrelac d

Areyougoingtobe putting patterns like this in future issues? Linda England Port Huon, Tasmania

Debora says: Those cushions are really well made, both of you, and Barbara, yourjumperhas turned out brilliantly so I hope your friend enjoys wearing it. The red and green look very effective.

Linda, King Cole have entrelac patterns for children as part of their current range: pattern 2998 has a girl's jumper and jacket, and pattern 2997is for a baby's cardigan. Call King Cole on 01535 650230for stockist information.

Teatime treats

Here is a picture of my daughter Jenny and me infrontofYeOlde English Shoppe (a tea shop in Intercourse, Pennsylvania) on my birthday with our favourite magazine!

The tea shop is run by lovely ladies who are from England and it was the first time my husband had high tea. He loved it! What makes a more perfect birthday? Family,tea, and Simply Knittingl Dagny Heidlg Pennsylvania

Debora say: . Tea always goes down well, at any time of day! (We usually have to race our sister magazine, Cross Stitcher, to the kettle each afternoon.) High tea always makes methink of the Famous Five tucking into lots of ham and hard-boiled eggs and a nice fat fruit cake. No wonder your husband loved it! It sounds like an excellent birthday treat.

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