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Here's our professional guide to adding buttons to your knitting.

Use matching yarn, and weave it in on the wrong side to secure it. Bring the needle out at the place you want to position the button, slip the button onto the needle and pull the yarn through.

Beg and ending rows as indicated, usingthe Fair Isle techniquefor chart rows 3 to 6 and the intarsia technique for all other rows, now work in pattfrom chart, which is worked entirely in st st beg with a K row, as foils: Work 42 (46:50) rows,ending with RSfacingfor next row.

holder, rejoin yarn to rem sts, pattto end. Complete to match first side, reversi ng sha pings.

Take the yarn back through the button, pulling the yarn firmly. Come out again at the front and and repeat this action.


Block out each piece of knitting and, following the instructions on the ball band, press the garment pieces, omitting the rib. Join both shoulder seams using backstitch, or mattress stitch if preferred.


Keeping patt correct, cast off 6 sts at beg of next

Dec 1 st at each end of next 3 rows, then on foil

3 (3:4) alt rows, then on foil 4th row. [59 (61:63) sts]

Cont straight until chart row 76 (82:90) has been completed, endingwith RS facing for next row.

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