Designing A Jumper

J want to makea 'jumper from scratch '] am unsure how to calculate how to work the sleeves and the armholes. Do you have any advice? Yvonne Jones via email

Deslgnlngormodifylnga pattern to suit your own tasteor needs Isafun,If challenging, process.

The calculationsforthe shaping are a bit too complex to explain here, so we recommend you equip yourselfwrth a book which will wa Ik you through each stepDesign Your Own Knits by Debbie Abrahams Is an excellent choice. If you justwantto knlta sweater with theyarn you havethen The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweaters byAnnBudd has'recl pes'for knitting jumpers in a rangeof yarns and sizes. It Is ' American, though, so terms may

Design your own knits in 5 easy steps

Debbie Abrahams be unfamiliar and tensions vary from standard British ones.


I have some patterns 'that call for size 3mm needles but 1 am in the US and we don't have one to match it. Should ¡use 2%mm or 3>imm? Jeanne Suzor via email

The needle size listed in a pattern is a guideline only. You need to knit a tension square and find out which size gets you closest to the tension stated.

Try both ofthe needle sizes you mention, though you may have to try other sizes to get the tension spoton. If you can't, then It's up to you to decide if It's closeenough, which will depend on the pattern.

Fortoys It won't matter much, butforacardigan it might.


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