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Bow tie baby bootees

Sird ar, S n jggly Ti ny Tots Tender (928) lx50g/137m ball Sirdaf,Snijggly4ply

White (2S1) Ix 50g/226m ball A pair of 4mm needles A 3mm crochet hook Spare needle


22 sts and 28 rows to measure 4x4in (10x10cm) over stocking stitch using 4mm needles

Start knitting here


Cast on 5 sts using 4mm needles. Next row Knit

Rep the last 2 rows until you have 11 sts.

Cont in garter st until measures 3in (7.5cm) from the cast on row.

Next row K2tog, knitto last 2 sts, k2tog. [9 sts] Next row Knit

Rep the last 2 rows until you have 5 sts. UPPER

Next row Purl.

Next row Inc intoevery st. [10 sts]

Rep these 2 rows once more, [20 sts]

Cont in st st for 10 rows.

Working on these 5 sts, St st 20 rows, leave the sts on a spare needle. Rejoin yarn, rep for the other side.

Cast off using the 3 needle cast off method. Sew soleto upper.


Start at back of bootee. Use 3mm hook to work a round of double crochet into topedge. Round 2 Ch 2, tr into the next 20 dc, then dc across thefront lOdcandtr into the remainingdc, slip st into the 2nd ch.

Ch SO sts, into each ch st. Work 2 tr into back of the bootee. Make another tie, slip St into next tr. Fasten off.

Flower flip-flops

You will need... Start crocheting here

4plyyam ircream, SMALL FLOWER (make 2}

green and pink Foundation loop Using a 3rnrn hook, make 5

A 3mm crochet hook chain sts in the cream yarn, then si st intothe Apair of flip-flops first ch to make a Ioop.

ight small buttons Rou nd 1 * 2 cha i n sts, 3 tre ble s, 2 cha i n sts, s I ip

Strong dear glue st into tile foundation loop; rep from "four more times. Fasten off.

URGE FLOWER (make 2) Foundation loop Using a 3mm hook, make 7 chain sts in the pink yarn, slip st into the first chain to make a loop

Round 1* 3chain sts, 3 double trebles. 3 chain sts, slip st into the foundation loop; rep from1 four more times. Fasten off.


Sewthecreamflowerontop ofthe pinkflower and attach a button to the centre. Wrap some green yarn round the straps of the flip-flop and gluethe ends to secure, g Sew the flower to the toe bar and gluethe

| remaining buttons to thestraps.

Diamond lace socks

Laughing Vaffle, Sock yarn

Camomile Lawn, lxlOOg skein Apairof2>imm needles Stitch markers A pair of 4mm needles


34stsand45rowsto measure4x4in (10x10cm) over stocking stitch using 2Vimm needles


Can be adjusted to fit foot—see pattern. A nk I e ci rcumfere nee: approx22-28cm For smaller ankle sizes try usingsmaller needles

Start knitting here

Cast on 72 sts using 2!imm DPNs and join in the round.

Repeat round 1 nine more times (10 rounds total).

Next round Kl, place markerfor start of round.


Round 1 *K4, k2tog, yo twice, si 1, Kl, psso, K4. Rep from * to end of round. Round 2 *K5, Pi, K6; repfrom * toend of round.

Round3*K2, k2tog,yo twice, sll, Kl, psso, k2tog,yo twice, si 1, psso, K2. Round 4 *K 3, PI, K3, PI, K4; repfrom * to end of round.

Round 5*K2tog,yo twice, si 1, Kl, psso;rep from * to end of round.

Round 7 As round 3.


Rep these 8 rounds until work meas Sin, ending on a round 8. You will no longer need the marker for start of round.


Repeat these two rows 17 moretimes


RowlK22, ssk, Kl.turn.

Row 3 Si 1, Kto last st worked ori previous row, ssk, Kl.turn.

Row4Stl.Pto last st worked on previous row, p2tog, PI, turn.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until all sts have been used up.


Pickup 18 sts down side of heel flap, place marker (Ml). Work in pattern across top of foot. Place marker (M2). Pick up 18 sts up othersideofheelflap.Placemarkerfor start of round.

Round 1 Kto last 3 sts before Ml, k2tog, Kl. Work in pattern across top offootto M2. Kl, ssk, Kto end of round. Round 2 Kto Ml, work in pattern across top offootto M2,K toend of round. Repeat these two rounds until 72 sts left on needles.

Round 2 sets pattern for foot. Rep row 2 until foot meas 2in less than the length of yourfoot, ending with a round 2 ofthe lace pattern. Stop knitting the two side diamonds, but continue the central diamond for one more pattern repeat as you decrease for the toe.


Let marker Ml indicate start of round. Round 1 Kl, k2tog, K to 3 sts before M2, k2tog, Kl,slip marker, Kl, ssk,Kto 3 sts before Ml, k2tog. Kl. Round 2 Knit.

Repeat rounds land 2 until you have40 sts left, ending oh a round 2. Repeat round luritilyou have 24sts left Craft the remainingsts. Weave in all ends.




Easy tab washcloth feting here

Debbie Bliss, Eco Cotton Ifyou are teaching a friend, we recommend doing

Teal (615) the cast-on for them. Itlseasytolearntocaston lx50g/90m ball once you can knit, so make that the skill they pick up

A pair of 5mm needles on their next project! The k2tog In thecentre of each

Stitch marker orshort of the rows adds some interest: the delight of a length of spare yarn square appearing from sticks and String!


17 sts and 28 row's to measure 4x4in (lOx 10c m) over ga rtc r stitch using 5mm needles

Cast on 76 sts us! ng 5mm needles. Rowl K38, place stitch marker, K38. Row 2 K 36, K2tog, slip marker, K38.[75 sts] Row3 k'36, K2tog, slip marker, K37, [74sts] Rows4to75Kto2sts before marker, K2tog, slip marker.Ktoend.

Row69 K3, K2tog, slip marker, K4. [8 sts] Rows 70 - 80 Knit. Castoffall stitches.

Fold tab over and sew neatly to make a hook for hangingthewashcloth.

Two-row lace scarf

Artesario, Hummingbird

Lovebird (ESSS) IxlOQg/lSOm skein A pair of 4mm needles


37 sts and rows to measure 4x4in (lOx 10cm) ove r stoc kin g stitch using 4mm needles

Note You can easily make this scarfwider or narrower, for example Ifyou're using a different yarn. Just cast on a multiple of 3 stitches plus one (for example, 37).

Cast on i7 sts on 4mm needles Rowl Purl.

Row 2 "511, K2, pass slipped stitch over both stitches just knit,yo. Rep from ito last st, Kl.

Repeat until scarf isabout as longasthe person you're making it for is tall or you run out of yarn. Cast off. Weave in any loose ends.


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Weekend hat

Sirdar, Escape

Vibe [IS2) lx50g/110m ball A pair of 4mm needles


22 sts and 28 rows to measure4x4ln (lOx 10cm) twer stockl ng stitch using 4mm needles

TIL Purl the 2 nefst on the needle, bring the needle be h I n d th e first st, th en knit the first st, slipping both sts off the needle at the same time

Start knitting here

Cast on 122 sts using4min needles. Knit 3 rows.

Starting with a purl st.cont in ststfor 3 rows. Pattern

Rows 1 and 15 Purl.

Rows 2,13 and 14 Knit.

Rows 4,6,8,10and 12 Work each st in the manner that it presents.

Rows 5 and 11 Kl,' P1,T2L; rep to last st, Kl. Row7T2L*Pl,T2L; rep from* to last 3 sts, Pl,T2L Row9Ki,T2L, PI; rep from 'to lastst.Kl. Starting with a purl st.cont in st stfor 3 rows. Next row Purl. Next row Knit.

The rest of the hat Is worked In stst as follows:


Next row Purl

1st dec row Kl,*k2tog, K20, si 1,K1, psso: repfrom * to last st, Kl. Next row Pur!.

2nd dec row Kl,"k2tog, K18, si 1,K1, psso; repfrom * to last st, Kl. Next row Purl

Continue to dec as set in the last 2 rows, until 12 sts remain.

Next row Kl, * k2tog; repfrom * to last st, Kl. Cut yarn and thread through these 7 sts. Pull tight and secure the yarn.

With right sides facing sew up the seam of the hat.

Style craft, Life Chunky

Cream (2305] 3 x 100g/150m balls A pair of 6mm needles A cable needle 17xl7in (43x43cm) cushion pad

Clever cable cushion

Start knitting here

Cast on 111 sts using 6mm needles.


Repeat these four rows until the work is square.


Touse as a cushion cover, place facedown and fold all four corners to the middle. Sew two seams, slip the cushion pad in, and sew up the final seams, making sure the cables match up.

Touse as a baby blanket, simply wash and block in the usual way. Curling attheedges is expected-to reduce it, add a crochet edging which can easily be removed should you later decide to turn it into a cushion cover.


15 sts and 20 rows to measure 4x4in (10x10cm) over reverse stocking stitch using 6mm needfes

Cr4R slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hofd at back of work. Knit I st from left-hand needle, then 3from cable needle

Cr4L slip next st onto cable needle and hold at front of work. Knit 3 sts from left-hand needle then knit st from cable needle

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