Whenyou were a child, did you ever want to own a ray gun and go on cool missions in a rocket ship? Howie Woodid, so he made his own ray gun-out of crochet.

Howie uses amigurumi-inspired crochet techniques to create models and shoots them in carefully chosen locations, creating a fun set of pictures. As well as his adventures in space, he has also created a lovely Mother's Day gift- a yarn plane with a trailing banner.

In another post, Howie showcases his grandmother's work, a stunningglimpse into

classical handiwork which sits well alongside Howie's much more modern work, and shows where he gets his talent from. Artist creates quirky scenes using crochet.
Jean Mo« Hündknlts

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With over 20 years of experience and a unique style, Jean Moss is certainly one of the UK's top designers, and a visit to her website givesyou the chance to browse through collections of her patterns.

With manydesignsforwomen,men, children and the home available to buy online as patterns, kits or ready-made items, Jean's website is a great resource forfans of her work. It's also a great place to find out about her upcoming workshops and talks, including her popular 'Knittingand Gardens Tour'.

Like many knitters, Jean is interested In our hobby's history and representation in story and song, and includes a selection on her site. Patterns and more from a top UK designer.

Stitch 'n Bitch

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The official home of the Stitch 'n Bitch mo vementinspi red by Debbie Stoller'sbooks isa bright and funky website which matches the spirit of the books,

Primarilya place to find a knitting group or to registeryour group, the site hasover 600 groups listed, in locations all over the world— ideal if you're going on holiday and would love to find some knitters whileyou're there!

Theforum is also geared to helping people start new knitting groups as well as helping knitters through the perils of knitting, so if you're thinking of starting a group or need some help gettingyour club offtheground, then this is a good site to try. Helps you join or start a knitting group.

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Knitting for Charity

Packed with links to free patterns, listsof charities lookingfor knits and answers to questions about knitting for charity, this American site is a useful resource for anyone interested in knitting for others.

Regularly updated, the site includes general knitting tips and techniques, personal experiences and lots of great suggestions for howtoget involved in specific campaigns.

While most of the campaigns are based in or require donations to be sent to the US, this is still a really inspiring site, and knitters on this side of the pond will find plenty of useful posts to help them develop their knitting skills and move forward in the work they're doing for good causes. If you spot a charity you'd like to support which istoofar away, ask around in your area: they're sure to have a local counterpart which needs your helptoo. Tips, patterns and ideas for charity knitting.


Misi standsfor 'Make it, sell it' and handmade goods are what this site is all about. Like Etsy or Folksy, Misi provides the infrastructure that lets crafty individuals sell their products direct to people who love handmade things.

It's a great place to shopfor gifts and includes handspunyarn as well as knitted and crocheted items. Misi is also a super place to lookfor accessories such as knitting bags and needle rolls as the talented fingers of its artisans have created dozens of gorgeous and uniqueitems.readytohelpyou organise your knitting. As each item is handmade, the choice offabrics is very wide and some vendors even offer customised options. Handmade knitting bags, yam and more.

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