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Knitting For Profit Ebook

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12 Wayte Street, Cosham, Portsmouth, P06 36S

Family business very friendly helpful staff

We sell knitting yams patterns etc.

We offer knitting sen/ices to customers who purchase yam with us We also have craft demos on Monday and Saturday to show new papercraft products that have arrived.

Open six days a week 9am-5pm (we don't close for lunch).

Tel: 02392 379977

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01993 702772

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Sirdar - Elle - Opal -Wendy - Debbie Bliss -Adriafil - Subilme -Bergere de France -Cygnet - King Cole -Clover accessories

The largest In dependant Wool Shop In Milton Keynes & North Bucks

Alw Cro»» Stitch. Tapdatry, Embroidery. _ItHOoll Mono» jnd Huinnn


Debbie Bliss, Woolcraft yarns, Noro, Araucania, Mlrasol, Rowan, Louisa Harding, Peter Pan, Wendy, Robin, Twllleys, Creative Yarns and a huge range of sock yarns along with thousands of buttons, patterns and a wide range of haberdashery 15 Chattorton Road, Bromley Kent BR2 9QW Tel: 020 8460 0S1S

Liss Wools


10am-5pm Closed Wed and Sun

Artesano. Debbie Bliss, Lang Noro,

Opal, Regia, Patons, Rowan, Sublime, Sirdar, Twilleys, Wendy 2 Station Road, Liss, Hampshire

GU33 7DT-Q1730 893941 Shop online at our web-shop

The Pincushion

28(1 Uedwurtfa Kind Windsor SU4JR Tel/ho: 01753 »«1162

I Si Muts Crrscenl

  • ludeGbead IJtrksliirc SL6JUA Tel/Uu:G]i28mi6i iVOH IN STOCK BriUany Birchwood needles -New Yams including -Sirdar, Crofter Chunky, Escape Chunky, Nomad, Wendy Viva & Skye DK -Happy 4ply, Mode 4 Ply OK and Chunky Styiecraft - Life 4 Ply DK and Chunky -Debbie Bliss - Baby Cashmerino. Opal Sock yarns, plus others
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7a Church Street, Ripley Derbyshire DE5 36U

We stock a wide ran$e of (mining yarns and pattern by: Sirdar. Pa tons, Stylecraft, Koro and Sublime Celebrating 30 Years of Quality Knitting and Needleworkiny OMC Main Agent Coats Main Agent Wide ranse of Kits, Fabrics and Books

V Tel: 01773 745824 j

Dream Wools

17 the Boulevard, Tunstall. Stoke on Trent STS 6EC

Tel: 07904 &49565 Stockists of: Noio, Louis« Harding, Sublime, Debbie Bliss, Mirasol, King Cole, Stylecraft Jarol. Plassard, Schoelter and Stahl Large range of buttons and accessories HAND KNIT TO ORDER Open Man - Sat

County Yarns

Level 4, Leicester Indoor Market Market Place, Leicester LEI SHQ

We have everything available for Knitting and Crochet!

Our range includes Sirdar, Wendy, Stylecraft, Creative Yams and Rico, We also have ranges from James C Brett Plus 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply, Aran, chunky, double knit, fashion yarn, needles, crochet hooks, patterns and more!! Just a 5 minute walk from the Highcross centre Tel: 01162 516S79 Email: countyanis. thcwoolshop® nd world. com

Crafts & Quilts

Ik-art nf the Shires Shopping VflUgp, AS 1 mites Nr Ueedtri, Northanls NY" hPL

01327 349276

Stockisis for Wendy. Möns.

Cote ■ lanartus ■ Adrialfil - Elle - Anm llljtl • Boulon D'or Rouan - Jaeger - Gedifra llvmdù,


Thrwdi. 2c Main Street, Ktyworlh, Nottingham, Nottinghamihin MGU SAD Tel: QHS 917 6010



Soro, Louisa Harding and Rowan Pattern Books andaH


Probably the best Wool Shop m S'or/olk

.Vi ni» SiOGttlltQ liter* Vtirns

%n/nni< Birch Wood Knitting /"in* A Crochet Hooks JUzrj/c rotig* qf (oow pflHrrm and fcoo*j

Mtlt Silk Knitting Bagw

M fWH S lit eft and haberdasJiery range*

I tiJMMW fWrf, IWrhixi K,wf,M. NHtinMC

^ptor Kltf^

The Heath, St Ives Road Woodhurst, Cambs PE2B 3BT 01487-B40011 Simply the best Sird&r stockist in the £ ¡n(o9raptortiraft»

Siup Eienna , Church Strrct LbngïtnJ

|P r Slîppl ÙTÎ Of ( [oiHTrdoslierv • Wooi • raines

Siup Eienna , Church Strrct LbngïtnJ

YLP Babcrtiasfuz\ 6-9 Mirltcl Hull CwrnuitKi (lnvnedJLl.i) IRR Tel: £>l2Sfi 67K230

YLP Babcrtiasfuz\ 6-9 Mirltcl Hull CwrnuitKi (lnvnedJLl.i) IRR Tel: £>l2Sfi 67K230

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