Bamboo Rib Socks

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October 2009 ^mplvjKnittlng 49

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Diamond scarf

Styiecraft, Life DK

lxl00g/29Sm bail of each

MC Copper (2312) A Brown (2304) B Fern (2311) A pair of 4m tn needles

Start knitting here


22 sts and 30 rows to measure 4x41 n (10x10 cm) ovc r stocking stitch using 4mm needles


Hat circumference: S16.Sin (42cm) MISin (45.5cm) L 20in (50.5cm)

Cast on 90 (100:110) sts using 4mm needles and MC. Starting with a knit row work 6 rows in stocking st to form roll edge.

Row 1 *P2, KS; repfrom * to end. Row 2 *P8, K2; repfrom * toend. Rep last 2 rows for A% (5:51/=)ln, 11.5 (12.5:14)cm.

Shape crown

Next row *P2, K2togtbl, K4, k2tog; repfrom' toend. [72 [80:88) sts] Work 3 rows straight.

Next raw *R2, k2togtbl, K2, k2tog; repfrom'toend. [54 (60:66) sts] Work 3 rows stra ight.

Next raw *P2, k2togtbl, k2tog; repfrom 'toend. [36(40:44) sts]

Change to Aand work 3 rows straight In stocking st. Next row 'K2tog; repfrom "toend. [18 (20:22}sts] Work 1 row straight.

Next row*K2tog; repfrom 'toend. [9 (10:11) sts] Work Biin (4cm) in st st on rem sts for Stalk. Cast off.

TENDRILS (make 3)

Cast ori 18sts using 4mm needles and B. Next row K into every st 4 times. [72 sts] Cast off.


Press, omitting roll edge. Join back and stalk seam, catching down roll edge. Sew tendrils around stalk.

Twiileys, Freedom Spirit lxS0g/120m bait of each

Yarn A Bliss (508) Yarn B Destiny (515) YarnCHeaven(SlO) A pair of 4mm needles


18 sts and 39 rows to measure 4x4 in (10x10c m) over ga rte r stitch using 4mm needles

^ Start knitting here

Cast on 48 sts using 4mm needles and yarn A. Foundation row (Done only art cast on) K24, place ma rker,K24.

Row 1K to 2 sts before marker, ssk, k2tog, K to end.

Row 2 (and every alt row) Knit.

Repeat rows land 2 ten more times. [26 sts] Repeat row 1 once more. [24 sts]

Next row loin new colour, cast on 12 sts at start of row—you will have 36 sts. Knit to end of row, cast on 12 sts at end of row. [48 sts]

This has set up the new diamond. Repeat instructions from Row Itocomplete this diamond and add the next one.

On the last diamond, do not join new colour or cast on additional sts, but continue to repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have 2 sts left and cast off.

Note When casting on mid-project,you may find it more comfortable to turn your work, and it makes no difference whether you think of it as casting on at the end of one row or the beginning ofthe next.

Bamboo rib socks

You will need... ^ Start knitting here

Wendy, Happy

Pisces (2503). Ixl00g/420m ball A set of 2>£mm double pointed needles Two stitch markers


36 stsand 48 rows to measure 4x4in (10x 10cm) over stocking stitch using 4mm needles


S To fit upto5iiin

  • 15cm) ankle M To fit up to 7Jiin
  • 19.5cm) ankle I lb fit up to 91/jin (24cm) ankle

Cast on 40 (52:64) sts with Wendy Happy and 2Kmm needles. Use long-tail cast on for elasticity.

Round 1K2, P2; repeat toend. Repeat round 146 (50:54) more times. Round 48(52:56)Repeat round 1 once more, but stop before purling final st.


Row IS! 1 pwise, K19 (25:31),turn. [The first styou slip is theone left overfrom round 56.) [20 (26:32) sts] Row2 SI 1 pwise, P19 (25:31), turn. [20 (26:32) Sts]

Continue workingthese 20 (26:32) sts in stst, slipping the first st on every row pwise, untiiyou have 20 (26:32) rows in stocking stitch in total, arid ending with RSfacing you.

Next row K12 (IS: 18), ssk, Kl, turn. Next row SI 1, PS, p2tog, PI turn. Next row Si 1, K6, ssk, Kl, turn. Next row SI 1, P7. p2tog, pi, turn. Continue in this way until ail the sts have been used up, and the RSfacingyou. [12 (15:18) sts]

Resume working in rounds. Next row K12 (15:18), pick up 10(13:16) sts down left side of flap, place marker (Ml), work across top of foot in patt, place marker (M2). pick up 10 (13:16) sts upright side of flap. Dec round K to 3 sts before Ml, k2tog, Kl, work across top of foot in patt, Kl, ssk, K toend.

Straight round Kto

Ml, work across to M2 in patt. Kto end. Re peat these two rounds until 40 (52:64) sts remain.


Next round Kto Ml, work across to M2in patt, Kto end. Repeatthis round until li'iin (3.5cm) before required foot length.

Decrease for toe

Kto Ml. FROM NOWON, ROUND BEGINS IMMEDIATELY AFTER MARKER 1. Dec round Kl, ssk, Kto 3 sts before M2. k2tog, K2 (1 st either side of M21, ssk. K to 3 st before Ml, k2tog Kl. Next round Knit m ■ ■ i

Repeattheserounds until 12 (18:24) StS remain, then graft toe using Kitchener stitch.

Repeattheserounds until 12 (18:24) StS remain, then graft toe using Kitchener stitch.

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