Divide For Neck

PI, inc twice in next st, turn.

Next row Kl, (PB, K2) twice, PB, work to end. Next row (Dec row) Pto last 11 sts, p2tog, PI, KB, (P2, KB) twice, Pl.

*** Cont in this way dec 1 st inside neck edge on every foil RS row until 49 (52: 55: 58:61:64) sts rem, then on every foil 4th row until 35 (37:40:42:44:47) StS rem,

Cont straight for a few rows until front meas 22 (22V:22V: 23V:23ii:24)in, 56 (57:58:59:60:61) cm from beg, ending at side edge,


Cast off 9 (9:10:10:11:12) sts at beg of next and 2 foil alt rows. Work 1 row.

Cast on one st to empty 4mm needle. Using this needle and with RS of rem sts facing, KB, (P2, KB) twice, then work to end, [53 (56:59:62:65:68) sts]

Linen Touch is a multistranded yarn, so .check to make sure it's \ not splitting as -ii. you knit.

Make sure the yarn is heM tightly for purlin g the stitch after the cable-It will avoid unsightly 'laddering'.

Next row Work to last 8 sts, (PB, K2) twice, PB, Kl. Next row (Dec row) PI, KB, (P2, KB)twice, PI, p2togtbl,Ptoend.

Complete asfirst balfworkingfrom*** to end,


Contin patt until back measures same asfront to shoulder shaping, ending after a WS row,

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