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Knitting For Profit Ebook

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Visit and scroll down to 'Competitions'. Fill in the entry form using the keyword SKVIEUX.

A place on a knitting holiday at Le Vieux Monastere in south-west France is up for grabs! The course takes place on 5-12 June 2010. The prize is worth £645, which includes a £50 supplement for a single room and in addition the winner will receive a £100 contribution towards travel expenses.

You will also have the chance to share your experience with other Simply Knitting readers through an interview with the magazine after the holiday.

(Travel is not included-the winner will be required to organise their own transport to the venue.)

The winner will be notified by 1 December 2009. If the winner is unable to take up the prize, a new winner will be chosen and notified. The winnerwill be required to do an interview with Simply Knitting magazine after the holiday. For term; and conditions see page 3.

Knitting/Beading Workshops Learn the an of knitting Knitting Workshops for beginners or the more advanced Kmller Leara how to make a bag, socks or even a Cardigan All ages wclcomc adults and children. Mums, Dadv Sons or daughters for a day of quality rime together Knitting Workshop - lO.UOam till 4pm Coat £35.00

Refreshments available Please bring a pack up with you C ontact De [lilt B 01535 63021« Voice Mail Or B 07790 375817 Skipton, North Yorkshire BD20 9BT

  • Texts are charged ai 50p per text Tum to page 3 for fuU cosnpejtion terms beods^touy *
  • 01535 630216

rita(5 www.heads2buy.coni

Carreg Yarns

The Icelandic Wool Specialists

UK agent for fSTEX ol Iceland

Extensive range of Alafoss Lopi, Lett Lopi, Bulky Lopi and Plotulopi

Also Brittany, Denise, Lantern Moon and Prym needles and accessories

Order online at

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 01547 510002


Online yarns and patterns by Bergere de France, Artesano Alpaca, Manos del Uruguay, Debbie Bliss, Sirdar, Rowan & Patons.

1 01856 761554

Everything you need to knit and crochet

A lovely friendly atmosphere where you can buy a tea or coffee while you knit and natter. Slocked brand* include: Bergere de Trance. Debbie Bliss. Noro, Artesano, Mango Moon made from recycled sari siSk. There is a wide selection of patterns for the branded stock above ... and many more besides. A collection of books also available to browse or borrow. ** Runner up of BexhiU Achievers Award for Business of the Year **

®J-J- f Everybody loves flowers M) Li) Q now you can knit your own!

bouquet Gorgeous patterns, yams and kits Create beautiful knitted dower bouquets and accessories T: 01452 855302

Sirdar, Wendy, Stylecrarft and IWilleys. Please take a look at our website tar more details and tar our New Yams.

Please log on to 0,^0™ 01460 67148

Also stocking a large range of Haberdashery, Dill Buttons, Ncecfies,

Oom-stitch, Craft» and mora.


  • Super soft pure Alpaca yam In natural, dyed and hand painted beautiful shades.
  • We offer a large variety of patterns and ready made kits to suit your desires
  • Soft luxury natural fibres, attention to detail and commitment to quality are the

Open Moadny-Saturday from IBara-Jpm

Address: 22 Parkhurst Road. BexhiU-on-sea TN40 IDF Telephone: (ft424 222488 Email: fran#wawaaswoolsxo,uk Web: Proprietor Fran Bardslcy

Racftaef Matthews

An unloved garment piece becomes part of a family of windmill arms.

hitecture inspired to finish this.

From everyday jumper to party bag!

Sonja finished Carolyn's special piece

Cast Off cAtck-ut?

Rachael and a team of volunteer knitters are working to rid Planet Earth of UFOs - Un-Finished Objects!

Racftaef Matthews

Hidden in cupboards around the world - perhaps in even in the hidey holes of Simply Knitters - are unexplained, unfinished knitted objects. We have all experienced a stalled project, for comic, tragic or complex reasons. Ideas come to us, fuelled with ambition and even passion. Our addiction to the buzz of finishing knits spurs us on, but sometimes we halt.

With a commission from Jerwood Contemporary Makers Exhibition in London, I was able to create the 'UFO Project Administration Service', inviting knitters around the world to send in their UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) along with the story of what went wrong. Pieces were displayed online at http://ufoadministration. and passed onto other knitters for finishing.

Over to you

I wish I had more words to talk about the skirt that became a lamp shade and the swimming trunks which emerged as a woolly mammoth tusk warmer and how Aunty Lillybets' cardigan grew sweetpeas and raspberries, but I've used up the page. Instead, here's what some talented knitters have done with UFOs. Email [email protected] to join In and help us complete Planet Earth's UFOs!®


We were unsure whether Melissa was engaged or ifthe proposed party was for a friend, but the striped shoulder and bust piece intended to match a lilac party suit was never completed. Louise loved the shape, but with no pattern she could not imagine how the garment should be. Louise decided to engage her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and repeatthe piece in various colours. The result was 'Windmill', where pieces joined arms in a masterly kaleidoscope.

An unloved garment piece becomes part of a family of windmill arms.

When I was aged 15,1 started a jumperfor myfather. Not understanding tension, or how big he actually wasn't, I ran out of wool. Dad is an architect, so I continued the garment as a building, I copied brickwork in Herdwick wool for the arms, with an Anglo-Saxon arch neckline, with crocheted roses growing in Shetland wool. The jumper has very long arms, because dads should always have long arms'

hitecture inspired to finish this.

Sonja finished Carolyn's special piece


Carolyn was a founder of Woolfest, She was knitting a shawl with a design reminiscent of a city skyline before, sadly, she died of cancer. The shawl stretched to 6ft wide in dextrous handspunintarsia. Talented Sonja creates stylish partywear, and had also lost her mother to cancer recently so we wanted her to inject magic into this special piece. It was an exciting moment to see Sonja in this dramatic halter neck dress, complete with a bustle at the back and dashing green trim.


Freda started a fluffy, blue, lace jumper, but hated the number sequences. Overnight, Gabrielle turned one struggling sleeve into an all singing, all dancing party bag, lined in silk with mult ¡-coloured highlights.

From everyday jumper to party bag!

Of stitch and Cream e er edge textile art.

In these dark days, women of Britain show their creativity and resourcefulness.

There's wore to stitching than Do and A lend!

Alexandra Palace, London | 8th to 11th October RDS, Dublin [ 29th October to 1st November Harrogate international Centre | 19th to 22nd November

* Ticket Hotline 01473 320407 or book &

their own Savings Book.

online at www

Early Bud bookers also receivt You can save the cost of the ticket you buy

Every woman needs her own clothes doctor their own Savings Book.


The Knitting and Stitching Shows are presented by (Creative Exhibitions Ltd, 8 Greenwich Quay, Clarencc Road, 1 otidmi SF.8 3EY Telephone. +44(0)208 692 2299 | www. misted thread, com


Technical Editor

Single ply yarns are typicaliy laceweight or bulkyyarns. We've been looking at thick, fluffy singles which trap air in the fibres, makingthem lightweight and warm - ideal for cosy blankets, cardigans and jumpers.



Ball weight 50g Ball length 60m Yarn content 50% wool, 50% acrylic Knits as chunky RRP £2.95

Rec needle size 6mm

With British weather changeable allyear round, a lightweight but warm extra layer is a must-have— and if it can be soft, stylish and handknitted, so much the better. Stylecraft s new Signature chunky yarn ticks all the boxes, making it our favourite single ply yarn and ideal for bulking upyour winter wardrobe with a stylish new knit.

Signature is available in eight autumnal coiourways including Thistle' and 'Bark', and is supported by a rangeof patterns for stylish jackets, sweaters and cardigans for women.

Single ply yarns work with colour in a different wayfrom yarns with multiple plies. Each colourway in the Signature range is made up of fibres dyed separately into two or more colours and mixed but not fully blended before beingspun into a single ply. We love the resulting yarn, which shows a subtle variegation which adds depth and richness to thefinished fabric, givingyour knits a natural elegance and glamour.

The com bin at ion of wool and acrylic gives the yarn a gorgeous lustre and a slight halo which will develop as the garment is worn and washed,

A clear stitch definition makes this a good choice for cableor aran patterns, and theyarn looks particularly effective when knitted up in garter stitch, so it is ideal for simple knits usingjust knit and purl patterns to add a bit of texture.

Hand wash only and dry flat to keepyour garment looking as good as new, __

Thick and thin, Colinette Point 5 isa fun single plyyarn. Buy at call 01938 810128 for stockist details.

  • DK weight but just a single ply, Fyberspates' hand-dyed Scrumptious yam lives upto its or askyour local yarn shop if they stock it
  • Lightweight and fluffy, Drops Design's Eskimo is a super cosy bulky yarn. Order online at or call 0118 9884226 during office hours.

Rico Design Creative Poems Aran

Ball weight 50g Ball length 100m Yarn content

100% new wool Knits as aran RRP £3.95

Rec needle size 4>i-5%mm

A sturdy seif-stripingyarn, Creative Poems Aran quickly transitions from one colourto another, making it an absorbing yarn to knit with.

It is available in six coiourways including a lovely blend of greys and a blue-green mix, both perfect for knits for conservative dressers, and brighter shades which include a rich autumnal blend and the spring-like colourway shown.

Made of 100% pure new wool, it's ideal forfeiting—deliberately or accidentally, so hand wash and don't tumble dry to keepyour knits looking their best.

Technical Editor

Super-quick to knit upon 10mm needles, Big Softie lives up to its name, being one of the biggest yarns around and soft, too!

Machine washable on a cool setting, this yarn is ideal for bulky knits, being suitablefor knitting e ve ry th i n g f ro m j a ckets to fashionable scarves.

Supported by a range of simple patterns, it is ideal for new knitters to work with. Available in a growing range of colours which currently includes 13 shadesfrom dark brown 'Teddy* through vivid 'Cherry Pie'to pale pink 'Marsh ma I low', this isafun and practical good value yarn.

Aclear, crisp stitch definition makes statement pieces like thick cables or textured stitches really stand out.

Although only made of one ply, Patons Shadow Tweed contains several different colours of fibre, giving it both a graduated 'shadow' effect and built-in lovely tweedy flecks.

The main core of theyarn is a blend of fibre in two or three distinct colours (herewhiteand dark blue) which are used in various proportions tocreate a

Patons Shadow Tweed Ball weight lOOg Ball length 133m Yarn content 56% wool, 40% acrylic, 4% viscose Knits as chunky RRP £5.10

Rec needle size m m yarn which subtly shifts from one shade to another, creating broad stripes which emerge as you knit. In addition, theyarn has bright spots of colour, which adds interest and makes plain stocking or garter stitch really pop. Ideal for makingjumpersor cardigans, there are somegreat shades in the range to suit men and boys. Hand wash only and dry flat.

Sirdar Big Softie

Ball weight 50g Ball length 45 m Yarn content 51%

wool, 49% acrylic Knits as super chunky RRP £2 73

Rec needle size 10mm

Debbie Bliss Como

Ball weight 50g Ball length 42m Yarn content 90% merino wool, 10% cashmere Knits as super chunky RRP £4 95

Rec needle size 10mm

Available in 24 solid colours,from sizzling orange to pale pink, deep blue to delicate green, Debbie Bliss Como is a versatile chunky yarn, which will work just as well for bold, statement knits as it will for e ve ryd ay essen tia I s.

Soft enough to wear against the skin, this bulky but light yarn traps a lot of air. It knits up into a cosy very warm fabric, ideal for

cold weather garments. It has a clear stitch definition that makes cables and traditional aran patterns stand out, and the bulk of the yarn givesthem an unusual and striking effect.

Chunkycablesareall over the catwalk this season so you'll be right on trend. Hand wash and do nottumbledry-unless you want theyarn to felt!

Rowan Cocoon Ball weight lOOg Ball length 115m Yarn content 80% merino wool, 20% kid mohair Knits as chunky RRP £7.50

Rec needle size 7mm

Deliciously soft, with a gentle halo, Cocoon is a great choice for luxurious, cosy knits.

Available in 20 subtle shades, it's satisfying to knit with and soft enough to snuggle up in knitted up as a scarf mittens or cute hat. This makes it a great choice for a new knitter; a simple garter stitch scarf will look amazing in this

:: t i yarn. Quick to knit on 7mm needles, it's Ideal for last-minute gifts which will certainly outshine those available in the shops.

The halo will continueto develop with handling, so you'll find theyarn may shed at first and during knitting. Try putting it in thefreezer (well-wrapped) to minimise this. Hand wash or dry clean. Dry flat and cool iron.

Sock Innovation

Cookie A

Publisher; Interweave Press, £15.99*

One of the most hotly-anticipated knitting books of2009, Cookie As first book is an excellent introduction to both knitting and designing socks, as well as being packed with her typically intricate designs.

Sock Innovation is a book oftwo halves, and unlike most pattern books not only encourages you to branch out-to make changes, to create your own designs, to innovate-but teaches you howtogoaboutit.

The first 50 pages delve into the elements of sock design. Cookie keeps the pages clutter-free and informative, packing them with details which will interest sock knitters of all stripes:

forbuddingdesigners,the glimpse into her process and technical information is invaluable, while for knitters keen to develop their skills the technical information about different socktoes and heels or reading charts is clear and well-presented.

While the book is worth a look forthe technical information alone, the 15 patterns are both varied and interesting, using a wide range of skills and stitches. As Cookie comments in the introduction, "Any technique that can be used in a sweater can be done on a smaller scale in a sock.They provide the perfect learning ground for knittingdesign," Knitting

EHSESi socks is the ideal way to learn new techniques, and we hopethat her beautiful, elegant designs will encourage knitters todive in, try a chart, try a cable, and produce a pair of lovely and unique socks. Save £2 To order your copy for £13.99 (free p&p, UK only) call Search Press on 01S92 510850 quoting Simply Knitting.

Knit Edgings and Trims SP Crochet Edgings and Trims edited by Kate Maxell

Publisher: Collins & Brown, £12.99

Edgings are an easy way to brighten up a well-loved knit, personalise a pattern or add flair to a design.

With 150 stitch patterns in each book you're sure to find onethat's suitable, whatever the design. Crochet edgings are particularly easy as they can often be worked straight onto the knitted or crocheted item, and are a fun way todevelopyour skills.

Both books are stitch dictionaries first and foremost, so while there is some basic 'how to' information included,you may want to have a technical guide on hand for reference if you are new to the techniques used. Save £6 You can order oneor both books for just £10 each (free p&p, UKonly). To order, cail 08707871613 and quote reference CH1213 (Crochet Edgings 8i Trims) or CH1214 (Knit Edgings & Trims).

Amigurumi Knits Hans! Singh

Publisher: Creative Publishing International, £12.99*


If you've been longing to knit a cute, Japanese-inspired toy but don't crochet, then fret no more because Hansi Singh's book, Amigurumi Knits, is just what you've been waitingfor.

This quirky book includes patterns for sea creatures, garden critters and vegetables, plus three mythical beasts, giving knitters the opportunity to join in the fun and decorate their environment with unusual characters or perhaps give them as gifts.

The book is well thought-out and as well as dea r written instructions it includes photos of the more complex stages of critter creation. Save £2 To order you r co py for ju st £10.99 (free p&p, UK only) call Grantham Book Services on 01206 255777, quote Amigurumi Knits and be ready to pay by card or cheque. Offer ends 8 October 2009.

  • knitting and tea
  • knitting and tea

Knitting and Tea Jane Gottellier

Publisher: Potter Craft, £22.99*

Passionate about knittingandtea, Jane Cotteiier has created a set of patterns inspired byherfavourite sorts of tea.

Each chapter focuses on a different kind of tea,from Ceylon to Builder's, and includes a recipe as well as information about the tea, making both interesting and informative.

There are 26 patterns in the collection, including designs for men, women - bust sizes range from 30>i-S3in(77.5-134.5cm)-and children, as well as patterns for the home and thetea table. The designs are innovative and interesting and well worth a look, although British readers will want to note thatthe book was published in North America so yarns may be harder to come by. Save £1 To orderyour copy for just £17.95 (free p&p, UK only) call the CMC Groupon 01273 488005 and quote offer code R1952. Offer ends 30 November 2009.

74 JWpLjKnitting October 2009

"Books marked with an asterisk are published overseas (usually in the USA), so you may find the terminology and yarns used unfamiliar


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