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■ (21 Mar-20 Apr) Banish grey moods with bright colours, whether it's literally knitting with sunshine yellow and swimming pool turquoise or simply diving into your favourite funny film.


QP (21 Apr-21 May) -fffMlUi independence can be 1 - frightening, but it's well worth it. Try a class, a knitting group or a complex pattern on your own and reap the benefits of being able to say "I did it my waif!"


(22 May-22 June) Quick responses via emails and texts can escalate drama, so think before you send. Save touchy subjects like the man-made vs natural fibres debate for face-to-face chats!


(23 June-23 July) The changing season brings a change of heart. If you said you'd never knit a sock, and are now on your third pair, go with the flow - your passions change with the wind!

(24 july-23 Aug) Lively Leoslovethe summer's cafe culture and park life. As days draw in, why not join (or start) a knitting night to keep things simmering?

-y;, ~ If you feel a friend, colleague or family member isn't pulling their weight, talk to them sooner rather than later. If you're knitting agroup project and someone's hit a snag, best to know as soon as possible.


(24 Sept-23 OctJ L.™ A chance encounter leads to a brilliant bargain. Follow your instincts, have a rummage and you might find the yarn for the garment of your dreams!


(24 Oct-22 Nov) Repetitive tasks drive you to distraction this month. If even the in-out-round of knitting is getting to you, it's time to take a complete break, whether it's a spa day or a five-minute walk.


(23 Nov-22 Dec) Attention to detail saves you from a nasty slip. Double-check the 'obvious' to make sure you don't waste valuable knitting time ripping back.

Qypjk"^ Capricorn jjfijf (23 Dec-19 Jan)

Delegation isn't just for bosses: more hands make light work, whether it's moderating a forum or running a knitting club.


(20 Jan-19 Feb) Your extravagant side can land you in the red so if you know you're heading off to a tempting show in the near future, start saving now so you can splash out on your favourite yarns when the time comes!

i Pisces

Measure your progress and take breaks. If you're knitting a big, dull project, why not have another on the side for when you finish the day's quota of rows?

by Malcolm Bird

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