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No trick, this well-dressed vampire ■ bat will make a brilliant treat for any Halloween-loving child... or grown up!

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Hayfield, Bonus DK

l x I00g/280m ball of each: Purple (840), Black (965), Neon (884), Walnut (927) and White (961) Oddment of chocolate brown DK yarn

A pair of 3mm knitting needles 25g of washable toy stuffing 75gof PVCbeanbaggranules Sin (20cm) diameter circle of white muslin

White sewing thread

Four 12in (30cm) chenille stems

Red pencil

Long tweezers


For where to buy, see page 91


Yarn used knits as DK to this tension:

26stsand 36 rows to measure 4x4ln (10x10cm) over stocking stitch using 3mm needles


10ln (25cm) tall, when seated with legs bent

Ihisspook-tacular bat makes a brilliant Halloween decoration - sit him on a shelf or mantiepiece and he'll add plenty of atmosphere, suitably spooky but not likely to give tiny children any nightmares. We're willing to bet that plenty of teenagers will like him allyear round, too. "I imagine that although most people will knitthebatasa Hallowe'en decoration, witches will probably make him as a pet,fly-trap, or eye-catching corsage,"saysdeslgnerAlan Dart.

As always with Alan's patterns, 'incl' by knitting Into thefront and back of a stitch.

Start knitting here

NOTE Use 3mm needlesthroughout.caston by using the cable (two needle) method, and begin all pieces with a K row, unless otherwise stated.


Cast on 14stswith Purple for baseedgeandstst 2 rows.

1st inc row Inc into every st to end. [28 sts] Next row Purl.

2nd inc row (inc 1, Kl)to end. [42 sts] St st 3 rows.

3rd inc row (Kl, inc 1, Kl) to end. [56 sts] Stst 17 rows.

1st dec row {Kl, K2tog, Kl) to end. [42 sts] St st 3 rows.

2nd dec row (Kl, K2tog} to end, [28 sts] St st 9 rows,

3rd dec row (K4, SKPO, K3, K2tog, K2) twice, K2, [24 sts]

Next row Purl.

4th dec row (K4, SKPO, Kl, K2tog, K2)twice, K2. [20 sts]

5th dec row (P5, P2tog, P2) twice, P2. [18 sts] Cast off for neck edge.


Cast on 13 sts with Purple for back edge and st st

2 rows.

1st inc row Inc into every st to end, [26 sts] Next row Purl.

2nd inc row (Inc 1, Kl)to end, [39 sts] St st 9 rows.

Continue in Walnut and st st 2 rows.

Change to chocolate brown for nose and stst 3


Breakyarn, leaving a longend. Thread through sts on needle, draw up tightly and fasten off.


Cast on 7 sts with Walnut for base edge and st st 4 rows.

1st dec row SKPO, K3, K2tog. [5 sts] Next row Purl.

2nd dec row SKPO, Kl, K2tog. [3 sts] Next row Purl

Next row SI 1, k2tog, PSSO, breakyarn and draw through st.


Cast on 8 sts with Purpleforankle edge and K3 rows.

St st 33 rows, beg with a P row. Cast off for top edge.


Cast on 30 sts with Black for base edge and st st 1 row.

Dec 1 st at beg a nd end of next 4 rows. [22 sts] Change to White and P 3 rows, dec 1st at beg and end of each row. [16 sts]

Beg with a K row, st st 2 rows, dec 1 st at beg and end of each row, [12 sts]

Next row Purl

Cast off for ankie edge,


Cast on 7 sts with Black for back edge and stst 2 rows.


Row l Using a separate ball of yarn for each colour change, and twistingyarn where colours meet to avoid a hole forming, K12 Walnut, K15 Purple, K12 Walnut.

Row2 P15 Walnut, P9 Purple, P15 Walnut, Row 3 K17 Walnut, K5 Purple, K17 Walnut Row 4 P18 Walnut, P3 Purple, P18 Walnut, Row 5 K19 Walnut, Kl Purple, K19 Walnut, Row6 P19 Walnut, PI Purple, P19 Walnut,

If you have trouble doing French knots, use black seed bead;.

Make sure you twist the yarns together when changing colours for the widow's peak orBatty's face will be full of holes.

Using 3mm needles makes a dense knitted fabricwhich enables you to stuff toys

Inclstat beg and end of next row. [9 sts] St st 7 rows.

Dec 1 st at begand end of next row. Next row Purl,

Repeat the last 2 rows two more times, [3 sts] Next row SI 1, k2tog, PSSO, break yarn and draw through st.


Cast on 8 sts with Purple for top edge and stst20 rows.

Change to Walnut for hand and st st4 rows. Inc row (Inc 1, K2, inc 1) twice. [12 sts] St st 5 rows.

Dec row Kl, (SKPO, Kl, k2tog) twice, Kl. [8 sts] Next row Purl, Cast off.


Cast on 14 sts with White and st st 3 rows. Cast off knitwise,


Cast on S sts with White for neck edge and st st 12 rows.

Dec 1st at begand end of next row, [6 sts] Next row Purl,

Dec 1 st at begand end of next row, [4 sts] Cast off for base edge.


Cast on 3 sts with Black for centre back edge.

*Next row Purl.

Next row Purl.

2nd dec row Kl, k2tog, KL [3 sts]" Workfrom * to ** once more. Cast off for centre back ed ge.


Cast on 32 sts with Neon for centre back edge of liningand Plrow.

Row 2 and all following even-numbered rows

SI LPtoend,

Row9K27,YF,sl l,YB,turn.

K 2 rows across all 32 sts**

Insert the tip of the right-hand needle Into the front of the stitch to knit, as you would normally when knitting a stitch.


Alan increases by knitting into the front and back of a stitch.

Insert the tip of the right-hand needle Into the front of the stitch to knit, as you would normally when knitting a stitch.

Using 3mm needles makes a dense knitted fabricwhich enables you to stuff toys

Knit the stitch but don't drop it from the left-hand needle.
Take the right-hand needle to the back of the knitting and insert the tip of the needle through the loop of the stitch on the left-hand needle.
Knit this second stitch and keep it on the right-hand needle, dropping the stitch from the left-hand needle.

The cape is knitted all in one


Abbreviations beg beginning dec decrease (by working 2

stitches together) inc increase (by working into front and back of stitch) K knit

P purl

PSSO pass slipped stitch over si slip stst stocklngstitch st(s) stitch (es) SKPO slipone, knitone, pass slipped stitch over tog together YB yarn back YF yarnforward vf i vV.^J* • » ' V , piece, and uses short-row shaping. Use a row counter to help you keep track

Don t pull the French knots too tight asthey willgothroughto the back of the knitting.

To hide the ends of yarn when attaching the ears, sew them through Batty's head, pull a little and cut - that way, the end will not show.

from *to*~ once. Change to Black and K 2 rows across all 32 sts. Workfrom * to ** eight more times. Change to Neon and workfrom *to**four more times.

Cast off for centre back edge of lining.


Cast on 22 sts with Blackfor neck edge and st st 2 rows.

1st inc row (Inc 1, Kl} to end, [33 sts] St st 3 rows,


Change to Neon for lining and stst 3 rows, beg with a P row. 1st dec row (Kl, k2tog, Kl)toend. [33 sts] St st 3 rows, 2nd dec row (Kl, k2tog) to end. [22 sts] Next row Purl, Cast off for neck edge,


Un less otherwise specified, sew seams and join pieces using mattress stitch, working with right side of knitting uppermost, Aone-stitch knitted seam turning has been allowed on all pieces to accommodate this method.

First make beanbag by using thread to sew a line of large running stitches round edge of muslin circle. Draw up slightly and fill with granules, then gather tightly and fasten off securely. Should you prefer to omit the beanbag, simply fill entire body with toy stuffing. Work a gathering thread through every stitch along base edge of body, draw up tightly and fasten off, then join body seam, stopping at first decrease row. Fit beanbag Into base of body and join remaindered seam,then stuff top of body firmly.

Take head piece and darninendsofyarnon widow's peak section. Starting at gathered front edge of nose, join nose and head seam, stopping lin (2.5cm) away from back edge. Work a gathering thread through every stitch alongfirst knitted row of nose, use tweezers to stuff nose with a scrap of matchingyarn, then draw up gatheringyarn tightly, fasten off and darn ends into work. Stuff head firmly and join remainder of seam, then work a gathering thread through every stitch along back edge, draw up tightly and fasten off. Drawout a single strand from a length of Purple yarn and use the remaining 2 strands to embroider a line of chain stitch to outline widow's peak. Position and sew head to neck edge of body. Coat ears with hair spray, press between fingers to shape, and leave to dry. Position and sew ears to head, placing 6 knitted rows after last increase row at back of head, and spacing 6 knitted stitches apart, Mark eye positions with pins, spacing 'Ain (2cm) apart. Drawout a single strand from a length of Black yarn and use this to embroider a circle of 5 tiny chain stitches for each eye, together with a curved line of chain stitches for mouth.Take care when working with a single strand asthefibres can separate easily. With White yarn, embroider two straight stitches in a V

For best results, knit the bat while hanging upside-down at full moon!

Alan Dart, toy and knitwear designer shape below mouth, at each side, for fa rigs. Blush cheeks with red pencil, working in a circular motion to gradually build up colour. Join front seam on each shoe and spat piece, then sew shoe sole in place, matchingfront seam ofshoetotipofsoleand leaving a lin (2.5cm) space open in seam. Use tweezers to stuff firmly then join remainder of seam. Join each leg seam, then fold a chenille stem in ha If and, starting at top edge, push folded end through leg until Zin (12mm) is visible at ankle edge of leg. Insert a large knitting needle into ankle edge of spat and turn to make a hole in stuffing, then remove needle and insertchenillestematendof leg into this hole. Placing leg seam at centre back, sew ankle edges of leg and spat together. Locate centre front lineof body and mark with pins, then mark leg positions with pins, placing 10 knitted rows above last increase row and spacing 8 knitted stitches apart, 4 stitches each side of centre line. Use large knitting needleto make a hole at one ofthese positions, then twist together chenille stem ends visible at topof leg and insert into hole. Again placing leg seam at centre back, sew top edge of leg to body. Repeat with remaining leg, then fold each halfway up to form knees and remove pins. Fold cast-off edge of each hand in half and sew across, then join hand and arm seam. Fold a chenille stem in ha If and push folded end down arm to tip of hand. Trim remaining ends visible at top of arm to lin (2.5cm) and twist as for legs. Use large knitting needleto make a holethrough sideof body at arm position, then insert arm and sew top edge to body as for legs, placingarmand hand seam so it is running along underside. Wrap a shirt cuff round each wrist and oversew edges of cuff together where the ends extend pastthearm. Press shirt front, then position and sew neck edge in place on body.Join cast-on and cast-offedgesofbowtie together, then, placingthis seam at centre back, fold tie flat and hold together in centre with a few stitches. Sew to top of shirtfront, then work a few satin stitches of Black yarn round centre of bow to form knot. Draw out a single strand from a length of Black yarn and use the remaining 2 strands to embroider a French knot button on each sleeve cuff. Also embroider two buttons down the side of each spat, and three buttons down centre of shirt front.

Join cast-on and cast-off edges of cape together to form centre back seam of lining,then work a gatheringthread through end of every garter stitch row on shorter side, draw up tightly and fasten off. Following instructions on ball band, press cape lightly on wrong side. Fold cape in half alongfirst and last Black garter stitch rows, then join pointed edges of cape and lining together. Placing gathered centre point at centre back of neck, pin cape to arms, then use Blackyarntosewin place, working backstitch through every knitted stitch along garter stitch fold rows. Fold cape collar in halfa long garter stitch fold row, join side edges, then oversew neck edges together. Wrap round back of neck and sew neck edge of collar in place to body and cape.

Turn to page47 for more adorable Halloween knits, including a cute pumpkin baby hat and finger puppets (perfect for children's party gifts).

Use the garter stitch ribs of the wings to help you place the purple and black edges together correctly.

Toys containing chenille stems are not suitable for very young children as the stems have wire cores.


C/ yams and knitting specialists

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Destinations include: Panama Canal & Costa Rica, Japan. Bermuda, Germany, Austria, Canada, New England, Australia Northern Europe, Scotland, England, Faroe, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Alaska including the Qivlut cooperative.

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The Natural Dye Studio, Sock Yarn

Background colour Dazzle 5FL

lxl00g/400m skein

Colour 1 and Colour2 Mini Skein

Collection lx45-50g skein of each colour 2.5mm crochet hook if you have a loose tension

3 mm crochet hook if you have a tight tension

For where to buy, see page 92

Yarn used crochets as 4ply tothis tension:

One square to measure 2Jix2%in (7x7cm) over pattern using 2.5mm hook.

his beautiful scarf 'Nerissa', makes great use of hand-dyed sock yarns. While hand-dyed yarns are never going to fall into the category of budget yarns, you can get an awful lot of knittingor crochet out of a skein of sock yarn, making it more economical than you mightthink.

'Nerissa' is a simple design, based on a single motif, and the use of different shades of a limited palette keeps it lookingfresh and stylish. Of course,you could crochet it in another colour, but for the best effect sti ck to j u st a few sh a des.

The scarf in the pictures is 20 blocks long and two blocks wide, and measures 66x6 inches. "You can make it longer or shorter by increasing or decreasing the number of blocks," advises designer Amanda Perkins.


Foundation ring 12 ch,join to form a circle with a slip stitch.

Round 1 (Colour 1) 2 ch (counts as 1 htr), 4 htr, 5 ch, 5 htr intothe ring, 3 ch * 5 htr, 5 ch 5 htr, 3 ch; repeat from * twice more, join to 2nd stitch of original 2 ch with one si st. Break yarn.

Round 2 Join colour 2 into a 5 chsp, 2 ch (counts as 1 htr), 4 htr, 3 ch, 5 htr, 1 dc, into next 3 ch sp (1 dc, 3 ch, 1 dc) * into next 5 ch sp (1 dc, 4 htr, 3 ch, 5 htr, l dc), into next 3 ch sp {1 dc, 3 ch, l dc); repeat from 'twice more, into original 5 ch sp 1 dc, si st to2ndstoforiginal2ch. Break yarn.

Round 3 Join background colour into a 3 ch sp between 2dc, 2ch (countsas 1 htr), l htr, 3 ch, 2 htr, 1 ch, into next 3 ch sp (5 htr, 3 ch, 5 htr}, 1 ch * into next 3 ch sp (2 htr, 3 ch, 2 htr), 1 ch, into

next 3 chsp (5 htr, 3 ch, 5 htr), 1 ch; repeat from* twice more, si st to 2nd st of original 2 ch. Break yarn.

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