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Knitting For Profit Ebook

Knitting For Profit Ebook

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9 Pepper Street, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0BD

01822 617410

Postal service available

Stockists of: Sirdar, Style Craft, Rowan and Patons, EJte, Oollinette, Debbie Bliss, Wendy, King Cole and lots morel


Wells Knitting Centre Tel: 017*9 677548

Once seen you'll be back for morel

New Seasons Yams Now in Stock fabricX


7 Wicker Hill, TROWBRIDGE BAI4 BiS Uk 01225 768833

"Visit our NEW shop for larger range of yam»*

ROWAN, PATONS, EUI, SIRDAR ami ADRIAF1L yarns, patterns, magazines and books.

No* fayWng neeiei. bcacn. bog herd'« fab-ci «t I Open MonSaf 9am-5pm www fobrkmog^ co uk lafpfaakfrnt

Handicraft Shop

  • Rowan, /Mofo and Debtie Bliss
  • SittJai1/ Arcania and Wendy Knitting
  • Opal, Regia and /SJai*t> 5i>cl< Vom
  • jAppleton (Z-re.wel Wool,, OlfverTwistft, DMC and j\ncko*
  • Fantastic wnge of CcosstHck and Tapestry Kits
  • filing Beads, Buttons and Ribtwns
  • Wonderful selection of Patch wo Fabrics

5, Céntvoi StûHon, <2«een Street, exeter, devon, uk, 3sb Plumet (01392) 435115


ifr 01425 610461 ^

Sirdar, King Cole and

Haberdashery 36 Stopples Lane, Hordle, Hampshire, S041 0GL

Soft & Luxurious British Wool Bluefaeed Leicester Aran grown ami spun in the UK

£12 per 250g hank

IftSS of Penzance Chapel St. TR184AD 01736 366568


3 Oxford Rd. Calne,

Ro wa nS î rd a rStyt e t. aft Wendy-El I e - A rte s a no

* JUI MtAujn Imlmnti

24-26 fort Strict, Bcvcy Trocty,

Specialising in natural and hand dyed yarns from around the world.

Plus.. .Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Nora A Sirdar., and lots more warn. ^iM)Bnnhwn, ca. lit

Hi I Huh Jilrrrl, 1-jiM Ctlinlcwt.

WmSnwRHifAW 01342 JI06MK


Rowan • Colinette • Artesano • Debbie Bliss • Noro • Sirdar * Patons • Wendy

The Wool & Craft Shop

Also Cardmaking, Patchwork, Cross Stitch & Beading Supplies • 01929 422814 17 Station Road, Swanage, Dorset BH19 1AB MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE

Banbury Sewing Centre

57 Parsons Street, Banbury, Oxon 0X16 5NB

'For all your Knitting, Sewing, Beading, Cross stitch. Craft and Haberdashery supplies'

Wow including Sewing Machines, Sales & Repairs and Cake A Card department.

Telephone orders welcome

TEL: 01295 262344

Quality yams; Everything for the ejcperteneed fruitier and beginners too Haberdashery, Cross Stttcfi, Tapestry, embroidery, Bead's and Marc Patims • Siniisr • Debbie Bfiss • Rin-vwt Noro Wtmfy * Louisa Hardinq * Ettt * StyfecnA Stfkwood of Surrey * Mim*of • Woofcruft • Reqia Opai sodi Hwb 68 Biuu«u<( Rimtl CarthaUon Reecfies, Surrey SM5 3NL Open 9.30 to 5 "Tuesday to Siituniay

Ttefc 024} 8G61 5625

Hi I Huh Jilrrrl, 1-jiM Ctlinlcwt.

WmSnwRHifAW 01342 JI06MK

Knit tiny and Needle Craft Specialists

Ow iSOOsq fl devol to knitting and needlework. La ige range of hand knitting yam including:

  • Sirdar • Debbie Bliss •
  • Stylecrafl • Sublime ■ • Wendy ■ Patons •
  • Noro • Louisa Harding •

40 years in the trade with statt who are veiling to help and solve your queries

Suffolk IP1120H ULW4 274013

The Finest Wool Shop in West London fer all your Knitwear Needs


3 VkTurai Ruad. RlbhdttL Nujlhiuib, IS7*ilQ OAJI

Teb 01933 413133 Siorkisis of Sirdar with extensive choice of patterns. DMC Stockists with wide range of haberdashery and card*making products.

Seeing is believing


Sunty Wool at Daniel's 132 Uxbridge Rood, West Ealing, London W33 8QS

020 8567 8729

Closed lues and Sun

Gades hat moved 10/12 Clarence Street Southend-on Sea. Essex SSt 1BD

Tel: 01702 435730 Fax: 01702 435730

89 Station Road, Chin "ford London E4 7BU Tel: 020 8523 7172

Sirdar, Sublime, Rowan, RYC, Araucarria, Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding, Noro, Mira sol, DMC, Haberdashery... .ind much more V/sif our ebay fhofi


Wide range of Knitting Yarns including Sirdar, Debbie Bliss and Sublime

Also Cross-sMch • papercrafts • dolls notise Miniatures • beads qu iUng • patch-work • haberdashery and glttware * workshops available


-ItfeidnBedles -i

Needlecraft Haberdashery

Debbie IIIiwi, Pulons and Wendy Knitting Yams. Wonderful selection oi ribbons, hcuds and trimmings. Cross stitch and embroidery supplies,

Eeaut-i-ful Designer Yarns Dettie ¿Us L-0u,%i Harming

Si fillr Subti K.01CSH P SbfiiS Uater^asUery

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