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U Quick & ^ Easy Knits

  • Halloween makes* % Rib socks* Pumpkin hat
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Korsnas Knitting

The Rico Design Organic Collection beautiful yarns that don't cost the earth

Debora Bradley

Debora Bradley Editor

Debora Bradley Editor

'Knit 1 - Pass It On' is a new campaign from the UKHKA and the Crafts Council to get knitters to spread the joy of knitting. Turn to page 6 to find out more.

elcome to our bumper autumn issue! Not only have we lots of lovely

SS far

\ A/________________________ , patterns in the magazine for you / THIS * to get you r teet h i nto, we've a Free calendar, full of exclusive home and accessory treats, for yo u to keep you r f lyi ng fingers occupied next year, whether you knit, crochet, or both! All the most useful dates we could find are listed in it-we'll be using ours in the office and at home too. Your second gift is a fabulous winter coat pattern from Artesano. It's an easy knit that'll be just perfect to throwonto keep you cosy from autumn all the way through to spring.

Next month, ourfree gi will be two beautiful wooden shawl pins inspired by Celtic designs. (We'll even have patterns you can knit to wear with them.) So, keep a sharp look out for our iovember issue. It'll be in the shops from Thursday 8 October.





Each issue we'll be bringing you a selection of small goodies to make. They're perfect for last minute gifts and for little projects to ive on go when you need to take brei from a bigger design. See i ge 47.

Quick Easv Knits


Don't miss our amazing offer! This fabulous silk Mili knitting bag worth a massive £29.99 is your gift when you subscribe to Simply Knitting. You'll save 23% on the shop price of each issue, so it's great value for money and you'll receive this fantastic gift too!

B At entries must reach Stotpryflitfifttt^ by 8 October 20<>9 BytaMngpaitlnaCompetitionryou3greetobebound bytheCompeWon Rules rttikti are summarised below buton bevlenred in full atvwwfuturer^,iomAütureoniineA:om|»titionrules,asp.Lateor incomplete entries Will be disqualified. Proof of pciting (if fHeVaritl Shall not be deemed proof of delivery Entries must be SU hmitted by a n individual {hot Via any sgehcyor silnllarl and, unless otherwise Stated, are limited to are per household. The Corn parry resriws the right in its sole discretion to substitute nny priie wrth {nth or a priie of cam parahle value. lJnl«( otherrtiu* vtated, the C oniprtitirn k open to all C6 resident* of IB ynn and over except empkiyeef of Hjtunr Hn hliqhin g and any party imrolved in the competitian or their hou wholdt fty entering a Competition yon give pomniiiion to 11«1 your name likeness and personal information In connection with the Competition and for promotional purposes, AJtenWes will become the property crfthe Company upon recelptand will not be returned, 'tou tvarrsnttlist the Competition entry is entirely your otwoork and not copied or adapted from anyother sou nee, If you are a winner, you may have to provide additional information. Details of winners will be available on request within three months of the closing date. If you area winner, receipt by you of any priie is conditional upon you complying with lamongst other things) the Competition Rules. Vau acknowledge and agree that neitherthe parry nnr any a«niiat«l third partirc (hall haw any liability toynn in connection with ynur uv and/or pasters nn of your prim. fiy entering via 4W» text me* tagingyou are agreeingto rrceivedetak of future offersf ram Hrturr Publishing Limited and relatedthird parties. If yon do not want to recefctthls «formation please text the word STOP to 87474. (Teats for each competition will be charged at SOp plus standard network tariff rate.) Lines open on I September and closeoh ßOctcber 201».

vSiwpl^ inspiring ^impi^ good reads

Great ideas for October

Teach someone to knit, charities need knitted squares, and brilliant buttons and pins 6

Simply Events

Find workshops and shows nearyou ____ 12

Simply Yarn

This autumn's latest yarns wilt bring a whole new look to your knitting... . IS

Enter our innocent competition!

Get ready for this year's innocent Big Knit, and have fun while helping the elderly,,, 44

Club of the Month

The community-minded knitters of KTOC are helping to keep Baldock vibrant . 93

Cast Off Catch Up

Remember Rachael was collecting UnFinished Objects? Now visit her 'area 51' see what she and her knitters turned some of them into

Knit one, purl fun!

Knitting inspired by the life and work of Charles Darwin -you'll iove the iguana, but the tarantula is too life I ike for comfort I.. 98

Hoe Krijg Luis

Simply Events

Find workshops and shows nearyou ____ 12

A knitting holiday

98 A

Cover model: Sheri Staplehurst Photographer: Neil Godwin

Hair & make-up: Ami Penfold

October 2009


Cherry Twist

A classic cable jumper in; casual cotton/linen yarn.

Little Lady

Delightful matinée coat.

Silken Wisp

Clamorous lace for less .

Easy Life

Masculine cables in all-natural undyed wool 43

Quick & Easy Knits

11 simple projects, including winter motifs foryour blanket, Halloween finger puppets, a

Bumpkin baby nat, a diamond-lock scarf and ribbed socks .. .47

Going Batty

Alan Dart's fanged flapper.. 59

Modern Floral

A flowery crocheted scarf.. 65

We do the hard work so you don't have to! Here are the new books, patterns and yarns.

Single-ply yarns 72

Fab books (& reader offers) 74

New patterns 75

Great knitting websites 77

October library

Lace stitches for lighter looks .. 81

Essential Guide vjWpl^foryou

Your fetters Subscribe today Reader offers

Discounts on four of this issue's projects ____ 67

Back issues 76

Ask the Experts

^ Huntingfor buttons, locating labels and working out the weight of foreign yarns . 78


Details of the firms mentioned in this issue 92 SimpiyFun

Prize crossword, prize sudoku and your monthly knitting horoscope 94

The only guide ^ ^ , you'll need to ' ~*J * 4 the basics! ,

A knitting holiday

October 2009 vTiw^KnEtting 5

Miriam McDonald

Miriam McDonald brings you the latest in knitting news, gossip and products...

I ne Mum snaaesare tastefully variegated.

double the nation's knitters.

Sharing the talent yarn at the Knitting and Stitching Show.


King Cole Waves Chunky

Beautifully soft and with a fascinating slubby texture, Waves Chunky and Waves Chunky Multi were among King Cole's big successes last winter, and with new patterns and shades they're sure to be popular this year too. Win this giveaway and you'll receive a pack of King Cole Waves Chunky plus pattern, soyou can find out for yourself why it's been such a hit. To see all the col ours of Waves Chunky and all available patterns, visit or call 01535 650230for information.

I ne Mum snaaesare tastefully variegated.

TO ENTER: Text SKWAVE, then a space, (hen your name and address to 87474 or visit and scroll dawn to'Competitions', fill In the entry form using the keyword SKWAVE. For terms and conditions see page 3.


Silkworms needed to produce one kilo of silk.

Source: MSN Encarta double the nation's knitters.

Sharing the talent

Knitl-Pass It On isa new project from the UK Hand Knitting Association and the Crafts Council encouraging every knitter in the UK to teach at least one other person to knit. As the UKHKA estimates that there are already between four and seven million knitters in the UK, if our numbers double it wili be a tremendous achievement, and will help keep the craft vibrant.

For downloadable worksheets, details of what's going on in your area (including how to volunteer at local schools) and more, visit and or call the UKHKA press office on 0118 973 6796 for more Information.

Sew much fun

Help make Macmillan blankets at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

Last issue we mentioned that our sister magazine, The Knitter, has got together with Macmillan Cancer Support,

Rowan, and many big-name designers to make blankets to support the World's Biggest Coffee

Morning, and to highlight how many people affected by cancer may be living infuel poverty. At thisyear's

Knitting and Stitching Show, held at

Alexandra Palace on 8-11 October, there'll be a special area where you can relaxand sew any Sin (20cm) squares you've knitted onto a blanket. You'll be able to buy a cup of tea and chat to us and the lovely ladies from

The Knitter-just the thing after a hard tramp around the show.

To find out more about the Knitting and Stitching show, visit or call 020 8692 2299. Download square patterns designed by famous knitters such as Debbie Bliss at Write to or email us if you would like a fact sheet on The Knitter/ Rowan/Macmilian Cancer Support blanket campaign.

yarn at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

No need to change yarns to knit this.

One yarn, three textures - and brilliant results.

Charity stashbuster

One yarn, three textures - and brilliant results.

best. Each ball comes with a pattern on the band, and it's complex knit without hassle. For more information or to find a stockist, visit ww w.coatscra or call 01325 394237.

4cm 'Floral Nut' buttons and 3,1.7 and 1.5cm 'Kew' _ buttons from


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