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Pumpkin placeholder

Rowan,Scott ishTweed Aran

Rust (009), lxl00g/170m ball A set of five 4mm double pointed needles Stitch marker

Hotlowfi b re toy stuffing Stro ng ora nge se win g thread and needle Green felt fa brie Sequinsand beads to embellish

Sin (20cm} length copper

Start knitting here

Cast on 16 sts and divide between the 4mm double pointed needles. Round l'Kl, PI; rep from * to end. Round 2 'Incl.Pl; rep from * to end. [24 sts]

Round 3 'K2, PI; repfrom * toend. Round 4 "Incl, Kl, PI; repfrom 'toend.

Round 5'K3,P1; repfrom'toend. Round 6 Incl, K2, PI; repfrom'toend. [40 sts]

Round 7 'K4, PI; repfrom "toend. Round 8 "Incl, K3, PI; repfrom 'toend. [48 sts]

Round 9'K5, PI; rep from* to end. Round 10 'Inc 1, K4, PI; repfrom 'toend. [56 sts]

Round 11 'K6. PI; repfrom 'toend. Round 12 "K6, incl purl wise; rep from 'to end.[64 sts]

Round 13 *K6, P2; repfrom'toend. Work round 13 eight times more


Round 2 *K6, Pi; repfrom "toend. Round 3*K4, k2tog, PI; repfrom'toend. [48 sts]

Round 5 'K3, k2tog, PI; repfrom'toend. [40 sts] Round 6 *K4, PI; rep from 'to end.

Round 7 *K2, k2tog, PI; rep from'toend. [32 sts] Round 8 *K3,P1; repfrom 'toend. Round 9 'Kl, k2tog, PI; rep from * to end. [24 sts]

Round 10'K2,P1; repfrom 'toend. Round 11 'K2tog, PI; repfrom 'toend. [16 sts]

Round 12 "Kl, PI; repfrom "toend. Round 13 'K2tog; rep from * to end. [8 sts]

Breakyarn and thread through rernSsts.


Felt the pumpkin by agitating in very hot soapy water until the fibres begin to fuse and matt.

Stuff the pumpkin very firmly using toy stuffing,

Usinga double length of Strang thread, darn up the small hole at the base of the pumpkin and then work several long stitches from base to top point of pumpkin, drawing up tight to create a dimple inthe pumpkin.

Cut a leaf from the green felt fabric and embellish with sequins (if desired) and stitch into place at the top of the pumpkin. Make card holder by wrapping the length of copper wire twice around the handle of a wooden spoon and then twistingthe two endstogether, work i n g from the middle point of the wire. Push the twisted endsofthe wire into the topofthe pumpkin and slot a name card between the two loops of wire that are left at the to p.

Loopy ghost

You will need... ^ Start knitting here

Ratons, Fairytale OK Baby

White {6 3 00), IxSOg/lSSm ball Set of five 3^mm double pointed needles A4mmshortcircular needle

Stitch marker Hollowfi bre toy stuffing Strong white and black sewing threads and needle Blackbuttons to embellish Sixteen small silver colouredjlnglebells


22 sts and 28 rows to measure 4x4in(10xl0cnn) over stocking stitch using 4 mm needles

Using2 double pointed needles cast 5 stsontoldpn, leavinga 20cm tail end, and work i-cordfor 8cm. (To make i-cord: knit one row, DO NOT TURN needles, slide sts to other end ofdpn. Pull yarn from left of knitting tightly across back ofwork, knit another row, repeat.)


On the last row of i-cord, work sts as follows:

Ind, Kl, incl, Kl, incl. [8 sts] Turn and purl all sts.


Round 1& every alt round Knit. Round 2 "incl; repfrom "toend. [16 sts] Round 4 As round 2. [32 sts] Round 6 As round 2. [64 sts] Round 7 Knit.

Work Round 7 27 times more. SKIRT

Round l'K2,yfwd; repfrom 'toend. [96 sts]

Rounds 2-5 Knit.

Round 6*K3,yfwd; repfrom 'toend. [128 sts]

Rounds 7-10 Knit. Round 11 "K4, yfwd; repfrom'toend. [160 sts]

Changeto4mmcircon next round. Rounds 12-1S Knit. Round 16 'K5,yfwd; repfrom+ toend. [192 sts] Rounds 17-20 Knit, Round 21 "K6, yfwd; repfrom'toend. [224 sts]

Rounds 22-25 Knit.

Round 26 "K7,yfwd; repfrom'toend.

Rounds 27-30 Knit.

Cast off round "Cast on 2 sts, cast off 6

sts, slipst rem on RH needle to LH

needle; repfrom'toend.

[64 picots made]

Breakyarn and fasten off.


Darn bottom end in and fold i-cord over to create a hanging loop at top, and stitch firmly into place using cast on tail. Using white sewing cotton and a needle, stitch a jingle bell onto every 4th picot around the hem of the skirt. Usinga double length of sewing thread.

Stitch a running stitch around the neckofthe ghost (where the head section ends and the skirt begins) on the inside of the ghost, stuff the head section quite firmly with hollowfibretoy stuffing and then draw up the running thread to gather the neck up a little. Stitch two large black buttons into place for eyes, and use a third, slightly smaller, button for a mouth, to create a surprised expression as below!



Stash Buster!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween finger puppets

4 ply yam as below

A set of five 2>imm double pointed needles Hoi lowfi b re toy stuff i n g Various colours of sewing threads and needle

Variety of buttons and beads to embellish 1 square of black felt


Dark green yarn Light green yarn Dark grey yarn Lime green mohair yarn (or a Ite rn ative for hair) Black felt Small black beads

Lucky black cat

Black yarn

Qreen sequins

Tiny pink button or bead

Black mohai r yarn for whiskers

Oatmeal yarn Light greyyarn Medium orange buttons

Black yarn Small yellow beads

Spooky ghost

White yarn Small black beads


20 sts and 44 rows to measure 4x4in (lOx 10cm} ow r stocki ng stitch using 2iimm needles

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