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Knitting For Profit Ebook

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% Gedifra yarns and patterns, including those for Videra, are distributed in the UK by Rowan, so call 01484 681881 for more details, including stockist information.

For extra interest and a fee! of the country^ try knitting with one of the latest multi-toned yarn

Chunky and in mainlyearthy ffk colours, Videra is hew for this :l season and the perfect choice for a casual autumn knit, whether it's an oversized scarf or a slouchy, comfy jacket. Some colourways, such as the blue and orange 'Orchidee', knit up with a more variegated look than subtly shaded ones like 'Yellow'.

G Et Videra

Ball weight 50g/60m Needle size 7mm Tension 12 sts x 18 rows, over 4x4 in (10x10cm) Yarn content 49% wool, 30% acrylic, 21% viscose Knits as chunky Care Machine washable on a low setting, dry flat & press with a cool iron

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VJe slot* famous brands from Knit ?ro to Rowan plu6 handpainted, lununj and unusual vjarns from all over the globe.

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Q; jpfKjf on-line available www. wools. CO.uk fcnitlnuj AuppiJieAi

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fcnitlnuj AuppiJieAi


Exquisite yams * Haberdashery Pa Herns • Books • Quirky knit homsware. accessories and gifts

41 Cross Streat, Islington. London N1 2BB 020 7288 1160

v Skye is supported by eight patterns, including designs for simple jumpers. To find your nearest Wendy stockist, visit www. tbramsden .co.uk/ html/links.html or call 01943 872264.

Ball weight 50g/120m Needle size 4mm Tension 22 sts x 29 rows, over 4x4 in (10x10cm) Yarn content 53% acrylic, 33/2% polyester, 11 %% mohair Knits as DK

Care Machine washable with a short spin, cool tumble dry and no ironing

Skye has a soft, loose base ply, madeupof two colours combed together, and then another, tightly — me puuerm are twisted, ply which is '"| all timeless, classic styles.

slubbyand has very short Skye knits up repeats of bright colours. with a rustic look. When knitted up, these all combine to create a knit that's interesting up close yet also has a unified tone overall.

Carol knitted this beautiful top in just three days!

We'd love to hear from you! Write to us at Dear Debora, Simply Knitting, Future, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BAT 2BW or email: [email protected]

Carol knitted this beautiful top in just three days!

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The writer of each letter we print here will receive a copy of Patons Woolcraft and a pair of 4mm bamboo needles, courtesy of our friends at Coats Crafts UK.

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1, Lots of light — a sunny windowsill or outside is great.

2, Take lots of snaps then choose you r favou rite.

3, Don't edit or resize the photo before you send it to us. While we will endeavour to returnany pictures or garments to you. this is not guaranteed. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

Three-day wonder

Each month I wait for the slap of the letter box and the new edition of Simply Knitting. The only problem I haveistryingto find the time to knit all I want When September's edition arrived I knew all I wanted to do was knit the Celtic band tank top. (Down wentthe man's jumperfrom last month's magazinethat my husband wants!) Ittook methreedays to complete using wool that I've inherited from my grand mother who, like all keen knitters, had a mountain of wool. Unfortunately she is now in a nursing home, but at least thanks to your magazine I'm starting to make a dent In the wool and carry on those skills she taught me when I younger, Carol Hoey Carrickfergus

Debora say A top in three days? That's speedy knitting! It looks great, and it's wonderful that your grandmother's wool and the skills she passed on to you are both proving so useful.

If other readers would like to knit the top, it's in issue 58—turn to page 76 to order a back issue.

Tiers without tears

Following Alan Dart'swedding cake pattern, I knitted thetoptier of my actual wedding cake and my Aunty made the bottom tiers to match. Along with the cake we used knitted hearts on the invitations and yarn hearts on the place settings.

Thank you for the inspiration! All of our guests loved our very

En association with

Serenity Knitting

Marvellous mascot

I work in a secondary school and a colleague is the mum of Ben Sneesby, an up-and-coming disabled alpine skier. Ben isalsoa memberofThe Aces wheelchair basketball dub, along with another pupil at our school.

Janet asked me if I could design a mascot for the team. Of course I said 'yes', I used a JeanCreenhowe pattern for the head and body of the hedgehog,then added legs similar to the legs on Alan Dart's Simply the Sheep, with the unstuffed knee joint.

I then had to design the wheelchair and again used inspiration from other Jean Greenhowe patterns. I used wire and straws to strengthen the wheels and lots of i-cord pieces. My husband helped me out with the rear wheels as he made up some plastic shapes because the wire and straws were just not strong enough. After a lot of making, redesigning, remaking and frustrations, when the project was finished I was really happy with the result and so were the team. Louise Goodridge Amersham

Deb v say. I'm really impressed with your mascot, Louise. You've been very creative. Putting together flat knitted sides as you have on the wheelchair is a real challenge -no wonderthe team love it!

Letter we love prize

Every month the writer of the Letter we Love will receive a £30 voucher to spend with Serenity Knitting, plus 20% off all purchases with Serenity Knitting in the \ \

month following their use of the voucher. Serenity Knitting focuses on stocking luxury natural fibres. To see their range, visit www.serenityknitting.co.uk.

Serenilx Km I ling

^ouvietters ft if ferent!

faced with a snuggty bean bag.

At first glance, the whole cakelooks edible...

Kimberlie's first toy came outperfect.

personal theme and, despite having thought i was mad when I said I was knitting my wedding cake, they all thought it was wonderful.

Suzanne 'The new Mrs Davison-Allott' via email

Debora says: Congratulations on your marriage, and on having an aunt who's such a whizz with the icing bag. Did she make the roses on all three tiers of the cake from icing? It was clever of you to use knitted hearts as part of your wedding stationery-I hopeyou kept a couple as souvenirs.

free beads and ribbon that came with that issue. Knitting toys is a great way to use up scraps of yarn, and it can be really addictive.

Cat treat

This is Edgar Allan hoggingthe bean bag knitted fromthe bnlWant Pet Heaven book by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. It was meant to be shared but Ed spends most of histimeon it sol am workingon another one to keep the

Kimberlie's first toy came outperfect.

Sweet little knit

I have only been a subscriber to Simply Knitting for a cou pie of months, but it has inspired meto try different things. The cupcake from issue 57 is the first 'toy' I have ever tried knitting, I adjusted the pattern a bit to use supplies that! already had, but rt was actually a LOT of fun, My daughter is crazy about anything with cupcakes, andthis may be the first of many Kimberlie Pettit via email

Debora says: Your cupcake has turned out brilliantly, Kimberlie; and you've made great use of the peace, I thought it would befun buttediousas theyarnsused have to becutto varying lengthsand then knotted together but it was quite relaxing, except when Ed, Henry and Morris decided to help. Now Ed is snoozing he is spending less time bullyingthe others, breaking intothefridge and openinghis biscuit box,

I foste r a n d f u n d ra ise for a cat rescuecharity.Any chance you could persuade a designer to come up with some small cat toys that we could fill with catnip and sell for fund raising? Jane Baker Earl Shilton

Debora says: What a pampered puss! That really has to be pet heaven. I love the idea for knitting catnip toys -Kirs tie's cat carries his knitted playthings about in his mouth -and I'm sure we can ©

faced with a snuggty bean bag.

At first glance, the whole cakelooks edible...

Money for knitting, andyouryarn for free?

Rockin' rodent

Having made the Hula Hamster with the grass skirt, I thought I'd try my hand at the guitarist for my husband, who is Mark Knopfler's number one fan. I wanted to dress the little critter in suitable Dire Straits attire, sojeansanda black T-shirt replaced thefurcolourand a trademark headband had to appear. The Fender Stratocaster would be the guitar of choice for little hamster Mark, sol changed the original, adding the white front. It went down a storm; now they can both be 'twisting by the pool'this summer! Sam Tonks via email

Money for knitting, andyouryarn for free?

Debora says He's an adorable little rock star, and your husband must be really happy with him. I love the converted guitar.

We love to see how you personalise our patterns - or if you've made a mistake that's turned out great, let us know. And don't forget, every printed letter will win a mini knitter's kit.

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Keffy's already exploring the possibilities of recycling plastic.

® fit some that you can use for charity fundraising in a future issue.


I was interested to read the article in issue 58 about your visit tothe Bath Spa University degreeshowand in particular the 3D crochet piece by Charlotte Dodd.! was wondering if the material she had used was recycled supermarket carrier bags, because the fabric looks incredibly similar to the shopper bag I madeoutofall my used carrier bags.

I have attached a picture so you can see the similarities. Kelly Chadwick via email

Debora says: I've checked with Sue Bradley, who teaches the Creative Arts course at Bath Spa

University, and she's confirmed that Charlotte has recycled plastic carrier bags in her show pieces.

If other readers are wondering how to do this, you simply cut the plastic bags into strips, and the resulting crochet is very strong.

Slip i at first slip i recently took up knitting after a gap of over 20 years and don't know why I ever gave it up! I absolutely love it and knrt whenever and wherever I can. I recently had several months off work while poorly but my rediscovered hobby gavemea realfocus during myillness.

As well as knitting, lam passionateabout cricket. I started knittingoneofthe bags in issue 54 and took my knitting along to an important quarter-final match.

My brothertookthis photoof me combining my two passions, complete with Simply Knittingl Alison Spurrell Bristol

Debora says: I think one of the Simply Knitting team was also knitting at the same match (before she discovered the rum stall, that is). I suppose it helps to while the time away in the event of rain, plus there's enough time during a five-day game to finish most of a jumper!

Alison, making the mostofaday in the sunshine at Bristol.

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