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Sock Museum

Sock Museum

How long have knitters been makingsocks?Canyou still buy a pattern for 17th century hose? VisittheSock Museum and scroll back through time to find out.

Socks are huge in the knitting world, and a big part of our collective history, so it's fitting that a museum has sprung up to let us obsess about them just a little more.

The museum is run bythe people organisingSock Summit, an American knitting conference focusing on socks. They have asked knitters to recreate historical socks which will

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Sot h Huuirn Fimrhno

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be displayed at the event and online, The museum is quite new and still growing, so drop back to see if new exhibits have arrived.

Knitted socks throughout the ages.




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Craft Blips

Catch up with the latest news, reviews and techniques from across the internet, all ¡none place. The Blips sites collect the news that everyone's talkingabout by tracking thousands of blogs (online journals) and news sites. Craft Blips is a new addition to the Blips collection, and is updated several times a day with newcrafty chat, techniques and projects collectedfrom around the web.

Categories including'knitting and crochet', 'quilting' and 'paper arts' make it easy to get updatesonthecraftsyou'reespecially interested in. Log in to submit your own suggestions, vote stories up and down and leave comments.

Craft Blips is run bythe US branch of our parent company, making it perhaps a second-cousin to Simply Knitting - we don't visit often, but we wish them well! Craft news and gossip from across the web.

Knitting Scholar

A keen knitter and rapid reader. Deb Boyken has created a blog to unite her passions. At Knitting Scholar she reviews new knitting books as she buys them and also dives into her library to talk about an old favourite.

Like the Oprah book club, this is a personal collection, not an exhaustive database, so although you won't necessarily find all the latest releases on Deb's shelves these are all books she's chosen for her own use, and are reviewed accordingly.

As Deb is based in New Jersey, it's also a great chance to find out more about books that haven't crossed the Atlantic before you pay for overseas postage. Book reviews from an American knitter.


The special baby care charity, Bliss, always need hand knits. As part of their goal of supporting babies born 'too soon, too small, too sick' and their families, they help knitters find patterns to knit and hospitals to knit for.

Their website isthecentreofthis campaign, with information about the sort of knitwear required, patterns and details of their latestfundraising knitting campaign: creatinga world record blanket

To visit the knittingsection of thesite, click on 'support us' in the left column then 'Knit for us' in the main text Ifyou can't get online, you can still help -call Jodi McNess on 020 73781122 for more information. How to knit for a premature baby charity.


Krtglobal's knitting kits are a luxurious way to enjoy yourfavourite hobby. Aseach kit includes everythingyou need to start knitting, including the pure alpaca yarn and bamboo needles, they make great gifts, too, knitted up or not. "Hie kits come in cotton project bags, so they're lovely treats to take on holiday as well.

The rangeof kits available is growing and currently consists of accessories for men and women, from simple rib patterns to pretty lace. The kitsfor men stand out as both irrterestingto knit and practical to wear and would be a good way to encourage a new male knitter to get clicking. Luxurious kits include all you need to knit.

y,m in knots?Tl<nitting in a tangle? Each rnonth our experts solve your problems.

Debora Bradley


Prefers bamboo needles as they're light and warm.

Kirstie McLeod

Technical Editor

Choose s her needles to su/t whichever yarn she's using.

Elizabeth Bagwell

Reviews Editor interchangeables of course-you might need to swap sizes!

Miriam McDonald

Production Editor

Isn'tkeenon plastic, but likes most other sorts of needle.

A great way to dry your socks - and no risk of felting!

___ 1NX. Catalogues cost £2, which gadget WELOVE1

The clever folks at Lakeland caff assass*


015394 881 nn , or cal


Qlused to get these buttons but they are unavailable.! makea lot of picture jumpers forthe local children's hospital and the tiny buttons are used for eyes, bubbles from fishes' mouthsand smoke from train engines. J Lill Liverpool

Forunusual buttons, we recommend a specialist, like Pauline Walker, 'The Button Lady', who stocks buttons of all kinds, including the 6mm doll buttons you're lookingforin 14 colours -and they're not even the smallest buttons she stocks!

You may have seen herstand at a local knitting orcraft show, and Pauline also does mail order. Order a catalogue online at, by phoningorfaxing0121329 3234 (shop hours only, please: Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm) orwritingto The Button Lady, 16 Hollyf leld Road South, Sutton Coldfield B76

  • v
  • S
  • lt; ■■ -V '

Adda label fora personal touch.

A great way to dry your socks - and no risk of felting!

Forunusual buttons, it's best to buy from a specialist.

is redeemable against your first order of £6 or more. You can order by phone with a credit card for orders over £5.


.I'vestarted my Christmas knittting I think it would makea nice touch ifthe knitted items had a label that says something like 'Made tor you'. Where can I get some? Louise Scollay Shetland

Adda label fora personal touch.

  • v
  • S
  • lt; ■■ -V '

Personalised nametapes are ideal; usually machine washable,you can havethem printed with any message, and choose the colour and style of the label too, JJ Cash have a wide range of styles and colours to choosefrom. Visit their website to explore their range, and you can also order by calling 024 7646 6466. (Debora says: we'll also be giving a few away with our issue 62, on sale 3 December!)


Q I would love to try embroidery on knitting. How can I mark the garment beforehand with my chosen design? Lesley Bailey via email

Markingyour knitting is not advised as it can be hard to get even tailor's chalk out of knitwear. Instead, as knitted fabric is regular and even, you can treat it as a grid. Draw your embroidery onto regular or knitter's graph pa per and you'll have a clear guideto follow, stitch by stitch. If possible, use knitter's graph pa per, as knit stitches are rectangular and the blocks on graph paper are ordinarily square. You can create pa per to match your own tension at www.knitonthenet. com/designchart


QYears ago I had what was known as a cro-pin, a thin knitting needle with a crochet hook at one end. Can you still buy onetoday?

Sandra Rennie via email

It sounds like a cro-pin is a variation on a Tunisian crochet hook. Prym do a range of traditional Tunisian crochet

^Puvts wisdom



As our Top Tip points out, this stitch is useful for more than socks.

Cuttheyarn,leavinga long tail. Using a sewing needle, thread it pwise through the first st at the front and kwise through the first st at the back.

Co back to the front. Pass through the first st kwise, then slip the st from the needle. Sew Into the next front st pwise, pulling the yarn through both stitches. Don't pull the yarn too tight.

  • Take the sewing needle to the back needle and 'purl' it, then slip that stitch from the needle.
  • Take the sewing needle to the back needle and 'purl' it, then slip that stitch from the needle.
  • Knit' into the next stitch on the back needle. Repeat steps 2-4 across until all the stitches have been grafted.
  • Knit' into the next stitch on the back needle. Repeat steps 2-4 across until all the stitches have been grafted.
Check that you're not pulling the tension too tight as you work across the rows. The grafting will blend in with the knitting once you have finished.


When I knit a bag on a circular needle, I always close the back with Kitchener Stitch. This ensures that there is no ridge atthe bottom. I always use a single ength of lining fabric to avoid the bottom of the lining coming apart.

Shaw-Brookman, London hooks and Knitprodoarangeof innovative pieces as part oft heir interchangeable range. We love the crochet hook and cable, shown here-you can change the cable length and attach a second crochet hook to the other end,givingyou lots of options. Turn to page 92 to find out stockistinformation,


QMy daughter recently bought me some 8ply yarn while she was on holiday in Australia. This translates toourDK. in Australia the yarn is made into various plies such as 2, 3,5,8 and 10. I knowthat the Sply is DK equivalent

Cut out and keep and that 10p!y is aran, but have no clue on the others. Pat Cooper via email

Yarn shopping abroad can be both intriguing and frustrating, particularly when you're doing it by proxy. Not all yarns conform to the standard U K system, so while you ca n compare them to aran or DK, the tension may not be the same.

It's a good rough guide, however, and the simplest way to estimate the weight of an unfamiliar yam is to look atthe recommended needle size, wh ich will a I most certain ly be in either millimetres, old UK sizes or US sizes (turn to page 83 for a conversion chart).

You can also look atthe tension, which will usually be listed on the ball band either as 4in (10cm) square or as 'stitches per inch'. Cut out ourtable of typicaitensionsto make shopping easy-and if you use any non-standard yarns a lot, or have a pattern with a different tension, add them to the list, too.

Cut out and keep

Yarn Weight

4în (10cm) squares

sts per inch (2.5cm)


28 sts x 36 rows



22 sts x 30 rows



18 sts x 24 rows


hbk Chunky

14 sts x 20 rows



Note: laceweight and novelty yarns vary intension so widely depending on the design that it's impossible to suggest a typical tension.

Note: laceweight and novelty yarns vary intension so widely depending on the design that it's impossible to suggest a typical tension.

Cuttheyarn,leavinga long tail. Using a sewing needle, thread it pwise through the first st at the front and kwise through the first st at the back.

KnitPro's interchangeable hook is really adaptable.

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^liR/\5DA»a 15 ye^rs of natural 4yeing expertise.,

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lytrtnwMrr 01470 592 297

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Simple increases and decreases produce stunning effects - add a bit of glamour to your knitting with this month's lacy stitches.


K knit k2tog knit the next two stitches together P puri pZtog puri 2 stitches together

  • 3. stitch decreased) p3tog purl 3 stitches together
  • 2 stitches decreased) psso pass slipped stitch over iep(s) repeals) ill stipne>rtst(NB:for these three stitehes. slipallstitchesas though to knit) rt(ij stitchjes) yo yarn over

Cast on a muitipleof 8 sts plus 1 (try 41 sts}. Row 1 (RS) Kl, *P1, Kl; repfrom * to end. Rep the last row 3 times more to form moss stitch. Row 5 Kl, *yo, si 1, Kl, psso, K3, k2tog.yo, Kl; rep from

Row 7 K2, *yo, si 1, Kl, psso, Kl, k2tog,yo, K3; repfrom

* to last 7 sts,yo, si 1, Kl, psso, Kl, k2tog,yo, K2. Row 8 Purl.

Row9K3, *yo, si 1, k2tog, psso.yo, K5; repfrom *to last 6 sts, yo, si 1, k2tog, psso, yo, K 3, Row 10 Purl.

Row 11 Kl, *P1, Kl; rep from * to end. Rep the last row 31 i mes more to form moss stitch. Row 15 K2,*k2tog,yo, Kl,yo, si 1, Kl, psso, K3; rep from* to last 7 sts, k2tog,yo, Kl,yo,sl 1, Kl, psso, K2. Row 16 Purl.

Row 17 iKl,k2tog,yo, K3,yo, si 1, Kl, psso; repfrom * to last st, Kl. Row 18 Purl.

Row 19 K2tog, *yo, K5,yo, si 1, k2tog, psso; repfrom * to last 7 sts,yo, K5,yo, si X kl, psso. Row 20 Purl.

These 20 rows form the pattern.


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