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Dr. b. nsay. Howfabiimustbetohavea 'holiday grandma'. Have you learned many new skills from her? The Portuguese style of knitting is very distinctive, and I'm intrigued by Portuguese knitting needles, which are hooked, but find my straights much easier to knit with! I love the Made [ran hats, too, with their bobbles and earflaps.

Monika with her 'holiday grandma'and traditional Madeiran hats.

,t\ We'd love to see more pictures of you with Simply Knitting for even ;ust your knitting!) jn foreign lands. Don't forget, the sender of every letter will receive a brilliant mini knitting kit from Coats Crafts UK. J™*jinitting Ail Over The World, Simply Knitting, Future, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW Or you can email us at [email protected]

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Varn and toy patterns

Peruvian Highland Wool. 18 x SOg balls, cream. Jean Greenhowe Knitted Toys hardback book Jean Greenhowe Bazaar Knits pattern booklet. Debbie Bliss Tips for Knitters hardback book-new.

Metafile, 01487 711057 mely mon [email protected]

Various patterns

I have a number of new knitting books for sale at reasonable prices, some for babies and tod d lers designer knits and for women. Teresa Benton, Cley Cottage, The Walway Walcott, Norfolk NR1Z ONB 01691651133 [email protected]


Vogue pattern 8452

Has anyone got a copy of Vogue pattern 8452 In XS (unisex duffle coat pattern)? This pattern is now obsolete, and I would very much like to get hold of it. Also can anyone recommend a pattern for a retro narrow men's necktie (sewing preferably, but knitted/crochet would also be useful.)

Rosemary Bishop, [email protected]

Sirdar Wash'n'Wear Super Chunky

I am desperate to find lQOgof a Sirdar yarn which I last saw over 10 years ago. The yarn in question is Wash n Wear Super Chunky and the colour is Claret. I still have a band which quotes the number as 042253 056. Brenda, [email protected]

Paddington bear with suitcase pattern

Will pay whatever is needed plus post. Even if someone will let me borrow one. Please help. Wendy, 07917 096809 ne wanda [email protected] shoo.

Kerroit the Frog pattern lam lookingfora Kermitthe Frog Knitting Pattern. If anyone has one I would be willing to pay for it plus postage. Jose Shaw

[email protected] Knitters

Knitters to knit fun animal hats for kids and adults for a young hat designer based in Cornwall. Email examples ofyourworkto: Holly young, [email protected]

Little MissMichief

I'm lookingfora knitting pattern for Little Miss Mischief

Paula Cop pock, 3 Dean Street, Padtham, Burnley, Lancashire, BB12 8 PL


Cygnet Crousemoor DK, shade 3151

Asa volunteer knitterfor Wales Romanian Aid, lam running short of yarn, now discontinued. Can anyone help with Cygnet Grousemoor DK (75% acrylic, 25% wool), lOOg balls, shade 3151, dye lot 15631, pa le oatmeals/grey, with soft dark brown flecks throughout? Will take any amounts available. All costs reimbursed.

Mrs Christine Foley, 'Glyndedwydd', Login, Whit land, Carmarthenshire SA340TN 01994448414

My name is Toni, I'm 19 and a triplet.

We are a II students and we recently took up knitting and haven't stopped since. 1 enjoy painting, reading, films, music and socialising with friends. I like writing to people of all ages. I will answer all letters. Toni Cox, 30 Burcott Garth, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU4 7LG

Hi, my name is Glynis Jeysand I am 50

years old and married. I love knitting, crocheting, reading, travelling and communicating with people. I would love to hear from a nyone, any age from a ny part of theworld.

[email protected]



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JAN DEC 2008

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