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Ball weight 50g/70m Needle size SK-S'/mm Tension 14 sts x 17 rows, over 4x4in (10x10cm) Yarn content 70% acrylic, 25% mohair and 5% alpaca Knits as chunky Care Hand wash and dry flat. Don't iron.

Cocoon's chaînette construction makes it really light, ever though _ ¿T itisachunkyyarr.The mohair content helps bulkoutthe loops ' of the chain and gives theyarn a soft halo. It doesn't have super-clear stitch definition, so avoid dainty stitch patterns-thick ribs and chunky cables will look best.



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Baby Merino

Ball weight 50g/175m Needle size 21/i-3>imm Tension 24 sts x 32 rows, over4x4in(10x!0cm) Yarn content 100% merino extra fine wool Knits as 4ply Care Machine washable, dry flat and press with a cool iron

Pure wool isa healthy choice for babies, absorbing moisture and allowing air to circulate. With practicality in mind. Drops Baby Merino is a superwash wool, so it can go in the machine-a boon for busy mums. Supporting patterns will be available forth is yarn soon, and In the meantime most 4plydesigns will be suitable.

11R Ops

Pudsey Bear Alan Dart
Debora Bradley

We'd love to hear from you! Write to us at Dear Debora, Simply Knitting, Future, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW or email: [email protected]


Every letter printed wins!

The writer of each letter we print here will receive acopy ofPatons Wool craft and a pair of 4mm bamboo needles, courtesy of our friends at Coats Crafts UK, Send us your snaps To mate sure your pictures took good in print, follow these threesimple rules:

  1. Lots of light - a sunny windowsill or outside is great.
  2. Take lots of snaps then choose your favo u rite.
  3. Dont editor resi2e the photo before you send it to us. While we will endeavour to return any pictures or garments to you, this is not guaranteed. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt,

The perfect 'grassy' base for Jeanette'î gnomes and cottage.

Green grass of Gnome

I thought I would share Alan Dart's 'Gnomes at Home'which 1 havejust finished. Forthegreen grass I used Moda Vera Flurry yarn and knitted a coverfora pieceof stiff plastic—that sets them off nicely, I think, Jeanette Gilchrist Hamilton

Debora says: It does indeed, Jeanette. Textured yarns are often underrated as they can enhance a piece of knitting wonderfully. In this issue, both Alan Dart's Snow Oueen (page 39) and the Shaun the Sheep DS case (page 31) use textured yarns to great effect

Say that again

I just picked up and read the quotefrom Elizabeth Zimmermannonthe backof your 2010 Knitting Diary that came with the lastissueof5/v What a stroke of genius (I may have to find a place for that quote on my website.) Whoever thought of using itonthediary deserves a big pat on the back

The wholediary issocuteand cleverly sized that I am seriously contemplating not shellingout the 10 or more quid I've paid for the last couple of years on my Pa per blanks diaries. Linda de Ruiter via email

Debora ¡ays: Elizabeth Zimmermann really had a way with words, didn't she? I'm glad you like your diary. We have had problems with some of the diaries, so if any readers have a faulty one, please send

In association with

Some lucky person will win Louise's Pudsey.


Serenity Knitting

Sweet little bear

I just wanted to say thankyouforthe great Alan Dart Pudsey Bear pattern which you printed not so long ago. I knitted one and so many people requested one but I didn't have enough time to knit one for everyone. I thought, 'Why not give everyone a chance to get my'original' knit while atthe same time raising some moneyfor Children In Need?' So my fiancé and myself came up with the idea to do 'Guess Pudsey's Birthday' for a small fee per date in the diary. We will draw a date out nearer the time of the telethon. I also packaged up my bear with a small box of chocolates as an 'extra incentive'. I'm hoping to raise at least £20!

Louise Robertson Kirkcaldy

Debora says: What a brilliant idea, LouiseS Helookslikea bear well worth winning, with or without chocolate. By the time this issue goes on sale Children in Need 2010 will have been held, so do write to us and let us know how much your Pudsey raised.

The perfect 'grassy' base for Jeanette'î gnomes and cottage.

Letter we love prize

Every month the writer of the Letter We Love will receive a £30 voucher to spend with Serenity Knitting, plus 20% off all purchases with Serenity Knitting in the month following their use of the voucher. Serenity Knitting focuses on stocking luxury natural fibres. To see their range, I


Mary's bag looks great in the bright Hurghada sun.

Mary's bag looks great in the bright Hurghada sun.

us the flawed diary and your postal address and we will exchange it while our sm all stock of replacements lasts.

Stripes by the sea I thoughtyou might lite to see the first destination for my beach bag. We both had a wonderful two weeks sunning ourselves on the beach in Hurghada. Just wanted to say thankyou for printing this pattern -the bag looks stunning against the sand. Mary Lenthall via email

Debora says: It's great to see the bag on a beach, Mary. Youmust have been the most stylish sunbather in Hurghada! Here's hoping your bag sees you through lots more lovely holidays.

Basics and beyond

I'm a 24year old new knitter, I took up knitting last year after coming across your mag in a newsagent and haven't looked back. I nowhavea huge stash

Natalie only started knitting last year?

Ms XttiMAMjm and lam running out of space for new needles and wool!

Since startlngout I've knitted a felted bag, several hats, a dolphin pillow case, a shamrock intarsia square and most recently my first top-down raglan sweater {using chunky wool as, being a new knitter, I like fast results).

wanted tothankS/mp/y Knitting for doing such a fab job with the magazine and helping new knitters lite myselfto learn the basics! Natalie Walsh Cork

Debora says: You've learned an impressive number of skills in just ayear, Natalie-not just plain knitting, but coloun/vork and fettingtoo. Hopefully you'll find some more projects you like in this issue so you can use up some of your stash! Turn to page 47for this issue's Quick & Easy Knits -fast results guaranteed.

Fanged favourite

I wanted to show you a picture of Alan Dart's Bat, knitted by my mother-in-law. I've knitted the dollnexttoBat, Lola, It was

Cream 'cracker

Just thought i would send you a couple of photos of the Nutcracker by Alan Dart. I've knitted him In cream and gold, and I'm really pleased with how he has turned out! I'm really looking %

forward to the Snow Oueen.

Amanda Leggat via email

Debora says. isn't it amazing what a simple change of colour can do to a design, Amanda? The cream □ n d go! d wo rk s b ea utif u I ly -your Nutcracker is Sti)l Christmassy, but distinctly diffe rent. J a ne h as achieved a great new look for her Hula Hamsters too (see the next page) by changing their colours. By now you'll have your Snow Queen, and I bet you're doing something super with her!

IVe Jove to see how you personalise our patterns - or if you've made a mistake that's turned out great, let us know. And dont forget, every printed letter will win a mini knitter's kit.


Gold and cream give the Nutcracker a regal look.

Natalie only started knitting last year?

a pattern out of a book from LucindaCuy. As you can see, the garlic didn't help much to keep Bat away from Lola! Vanessa Vleeshouwers The Netherlands ijustwantedtosayAlan Dart's Batty bat pattern gave me real inspiration to start knittinga bat straight away. I was so impressed with how he turned out. I had so many comments about him and have had three orders to make some more, which I can't wait to start They onlytakeafewdays. Michelle Jenkins Reigate

Debora says: Michelle and Vanessa,your bats have turned out beautifully -no wonder knitted dolls and humans alike can't stay away from him. Halloween isn't usually a big ©

Gold and cream give the Nutcracker a regal look.

Vanessa Vleeshouwers
Lola had better watch out. Batty toofcs hungry;

Youa letters

Michelle's had requests for Battles from her friends.

© celebration in the UK, but Batty has proved to have lots of appeal and people really love him It's that Alan Dart magic!

If other readers want to knit a Batty, I'm afraid we've sold out of copies of issue 59, so your best bet is to place a free reader advert in our 'Exchange and Knit'section.

Tropical romance

I thought I would show you my adaptation of the Hula Hamsters. My cousin is getting married in October in Malta. She

Madeira, m'dear

I'm pictured here with my Simply Knitting magazine in Madeira in September 2009.

In the smaller photo I'm In front of a traditional home in thecityofSantana, in the north-east of Madeira, The other one shows me with my lovely'holiday grandma'. 1 met is having a tropical reception party when they get back, so I decided to make a bride and groom version of the hamsters, Jane Ho/gate Manchester

Debora says: Those hamsters should go down a storm at the tropical reception, Jane. I love the way you've kept the colours limited-the hamsters were originally designed in very bright colours, and this has given them a new, subtle look.

The Hula Hamsters have a new look for a tropical reception party.
Thank you to all the readers who helped Joan find this pattern.

Successful searching Afew months back I wrote to you asking if anybody had the pattern for thisjumper as I had lost mine. I sent you a photo and so me other readers kindly found the patternfor me so I could knit it for my great-grandson. After seachlng the internet for all the yarn I have at lastfinished it, so 1 thought I'd sendyouaphotoof Joshua wearing it. Joan Graham via email

Debora says: It 'sfan tastic to see the finished jumper, Joan, and it looks like Joshua really loves it I must admit, because the pattern was quite an old one none of us here were sure whether anyone would be able to help you, but Sim ply Knitting's readers have come up trumps again!

If other readers are looking for patterns,yams, afinal half-ball to complete a jumper or suchlike, placing a free reader advert in our 'Exchange & Knit'section (opposite) can get a really good response, even if the pattern or yarn is very old or obscure.

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