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Probably the most exciting shops devoted to hand knitters in the UK; knit 2 together, 63 & 97 High Street, Wolstanton, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire ST5 DEP. We're open Mon to Sat between 10am and 4pm; tel. 01782 862332,

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include* cosy wraps and ■ cowl-neched jumpers- If • you're a woman who likes to * look stunning while staying , wa rm, th is If far you! Visit * wwvu.arteiancjyjrns.couli *

ot tall 0118 950 33SO foi / mare information.

A b.nigiif. ¿Mzztj hato awHiind a sinotvg cotí.

O ARTESANO Silk Embrace

Ball weight 100g/225 m Even onthe ball, Silk Embrace will ■'rc?/7-e_

Needle size 6mm catch your eye, and knitted up the 'df >-;Te&Bl °

Tension 14 sts x 17 rows, over 4x4in combination of bright colours and &j*mr 1 ■ ■

(10x10cm) sumptuous te>rture will ensure all '.■■■^¡¡y^HSE^

Yarn content 53% silk, 47% suri eyes a re on the wearer. There a re alpaca seven patterns for this yarn), but --j't ■

Knits as DK you oould also use It to add dramatic <;.' " ' * ^ V

Care hand wash, dry flat and press details to other knits, or to make --.ll^V*

with 3 cool iron fabulous accessories

from ten -

it comes in finwin.íjíij brti^ht cokijue.


Debora Bradley

We'd love to hear from you! Write to us at Dear Debora, Simply Knitting, Future, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BAI 2BW or email: [email protected]

Knitted Rudolph

Wendy's cheeky


Resting Rudolph

I thought you may I ike to see a couple of photos of my Rudolph, which I knitted from Alan Dart's pattern in issue 60, He is a very cheeky reindeer. Wendy Williamson En don

Debora says: I love the quizzical lookyou'vegiven to Rudolph by tilting his head, Wendy. He really looks as though he's thinking about something!

If other readers would like to knit a Rudolph in time for next Christmas, issue 60 is still available - turn to page 76 to find out how to get a copy.

Sheeplechase I looked atthis Sportcount Lap counter (Ideas, issue 61). I run/jog and was hopeful you had found me a nice but cheap alternative to the lap counter that I use. It was a free gift from Simply Knitting...your stitch/row counter in the shape of a sheep I have itfastened around my waist, it works really well and! took part in the Great North Run this last October and raised £800 for leukaemia care. Madeline Mason via email

Debora says: There'sa use we'we never heard of anyone putting the sheep row counters to, Madeline. Well done on raising all that money for charity.

Seasonal trio

I thought you wouId like to see my Nutcracker and Snow Queen.

and the Christmas Tree I finally managed tofinish this year. My


Wendy's cheeky


Every letter printed winsl

The writer of each letter we print here will receive a copy of Patons Wpokraft and a pair of 4mm bamboo needles, courtesy of our friends at Coats Crafts UK.

Send in your inapt

To make sure your pictures look good in print, "follow these three simple rules: 1. Lots of light- a sunny i/virnfawsill or outside is great-J. Take lots of snaps thf?n choose your favourite, 3. Don't edit or resize the p hoto before you se nd it to us. While we will endeavour to return any pictures or ga merits to yo u, th is Is not guaranteed. Proof of posting is not proof of recei pt.

Serenity Knitting Q^fo in ¿ssooation with

Warm in the woods

I just had to share with you this photo of my daughter-in-law wearing her Pixie hat (issue41) and mittens (issue SO) on a holiday to Scotland. I've made loads ofthings since taking out my subscription to Simply Knitting, but! really needyoutofeaturea sweet unisex baby layette. My sixth sense tells me there could be agrandbabytoknit for soon!

knitted by Lesley,

Lesley Bambridge Bristol

How lovely! We've no layette this issue, Lesiey, although wc do have a couple of bib; in our'Quick & Easy Knits' section (see page 47) that might come in handy. We will also have knits for slightly oider babies and toddlers coming up over the next fewmonths- you could get sta rted for whe n y o ur gra ndcbi d is larger! This issue we do have another love ly hat that yo ur da ughte r-iri-law might like {see page 59). The pixie hat really suits her.

Letter we love prize

Every month the writer of the Letter We Love will receive a £30 voucher to spend with Serenity Knitting, plus 20% off all purchases with Serenity Knitting in the mont h following t heir use of t he vouche r. Sere nity K nitti ng foe u SeS on stock i n g luxury natural fibres. To see their range, vis it renityk nittin k

Youa letters

N utcracker defi nite ly comes fram th e south, as you ca n see from histan! I thought hewould look good in green and red with his golden beard. I knitted him for a friend as a Christmas gift.

I k n itte d the Sn ow Queen tor my neighbour, as she sawthe small photo in issue 61 and fell in love with it, Alan Dart is fabulou5; ! hope we will have loads more patterns from him. Dany Whittingham Market Draytan

Debora says: Given the snowy weather we've had, no-one could blame your Nutcracker/or heading south, Dany. Seriously, though, bothyourfriends are very lucky to receive such thoughtful Christmas presents.

Turn to page 55for this issue's Alan Dart pattern, Sox the Cat, and if you look on page 97 there's a taster of what he's done for next issue - a parade of ducklings in Easter bonnets!

Baaathday present

Mygranddaughter received a Nintendo DS for Christmas and

Fleecy Yarn

A fleecy birthday treat for Roxanne's granddaughter.

was happy to discover the Shaun the Sheep DS case in your January issue, I started the case late on New Year's Day and finished the following day, The case is so cute and I am sure Stella will love it. I am trying to find the actual game so I can give both to her on her eighth birthday on 7 January.

tdid make a couple of adaptationsforthefinishings. I used a smaller black button on to p of the w h ite butto n fo r the eyes, and 11 rimmed the front of the case with the same little black b uttons to cove r u p t he puckers made where the closure buttons had been sewn on the in side of the front. Roiidnnfl Hunt Chapel Hill

Debora ioyi I hopeyoufound the game in time, Roxanne, but even if you weren't able to, the case will make a super gift, The little black buttons on thefront look very nice, too, tf other readers would like to knit the Shaun DS case, it's from issue 62, which is still available from our back issues department -turn to

Par Four

I really love the design for Simply 5heepand have made several to sell for charity, and they have proved very popular. My son saw them and immediately said, "Wow, they look great! Can you make some that look like golfers?" He wanted them for a competition he and his friends were having Here's a photograph of the four cha ps complete with golf bags p I us clu bs and a golf ball in one hand and a club in the other. My son was really pleased.

Margaret Reader Friston

What brilliant adaptations, Margaret? The new outfits are great, I love the little covers on the golf dubs too-thst's the sort of detail t hat ma kes a toy real ly specia I.

We love to see how you personalise our patterns - or if you've made a mist ate thati turned out great, let us know. And don't forget, every printed letter will win a mini knitter's kit.

We love to see how you personalise our patterns - or if you've made a mist ate thati turned out great, let us know. And don't forget, every printed letter will win a mini knitter's kit.

Margaret turned a pattern for a k nitting lady sheep in to ma nly (or should that be tamly?) goffers!

A fleecy birthday treat for Roxanne's granddaughter.

page 76 to find out how to purchase a copy

Proof of the pudding

I thought you and the readers of Simply Knitting wou Id I i ke to see my completed Christmas pudding tea cosy as featured in your 'Quick & Easy Christmas Knits' in issue 61.

I experienced some difficulty with decreasingon a circular needle but after emailing yourtechnical editor, Kirstie McLeod I finished the tea cosy in no time at all by using double pointed needles, as suggested by Kirstie,

She also suggested a technique called the 'magic

Margaret turned a pattern for a k nitting lady sheep in to ma nly (or should that be tamly?) goffers!

Carole's completed tea cosy, full of Christmas cheer.
Margo's much-loved tree fairy got a new look.

© loop', which! hadn't heard of before and have sinee read up on,

Wei I don e, Simply Knitting] Carole Foo t Not ting ton

Debora says: Well done you, Carole. Your tea cosy looks great, and trying new techniques is always o good idea.

Fairy queen

For quite sometime now I have been looking to updatethe costumefor my Christmas tree fairy, which I have used since I bought myfirsttree in 1979. (This iswhy lamreluctanttobuya different fairy.)

When issue 62 of Simply Knitting a rrived, 1 thought how beautiful Alan Dart's Snow Queen looked, although I did n't real ly want to knrt ±Jiecompletedoll,l set about adjustingthe design to make an outfit to fit my own fa iry doll. Margo Wilkin} via email

Debora says: One of the best things about letters about Alan's designs is seeing all the ways people personalise them. Margo. I'm really impressed with how you've taken a pattern for a solid toy, stuffed and with a base, and used selected pieces to create a new look for your much-icved tree fairy, it must have taken quite a bit of planning.

Winter wonders

I thought I'd share with you a couple ofthe presents I made for myfarnily this year using some of

Alan Dart Free Toy Knitting Patterns

Louisa made these beautiful toys as gifts.

Alan Dart's patterns. I'm currently at university doing Textile Crafts and there's a big work load, so actually gettingany projects of my own done on the side is a mission.

I love Alan Dart's Jack Frost pattern from issue 49 and I've had the page marked with a post-it n ote for th e longest ti me but finally here he is. (I have made a slight adjustment to the colours.)

I alsomadethe Snow Oueen from issue 62. adding some sequins to the crown and bows

Knitting For Christmas

to her jacket. I love knitting at Christmas watching a good film! ioiriiiT Crampton via email

Debora says: The extra sparkle and bows have given your Snow Oueen real zing! She and Jack Frost must ha ve made beautiful gifts-1 hopeyou took time over Christmas to knit something nice to reward yourself for ai! that hard work.

Knitting Bonanza

We always drive on our holidays. My husband drives and I knit en route, in November we tra veil ed to Anda Iuti and I knitted the hot water bottle cover from the patterns in the Simply Knitting calendar.

Here is 3 photo of me taken in Bonanza; it's a must-visit for those who remembertheold cowboy seriesfrom the television.

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