Chain selvedge

Good for some seams such as backstitch, and excellent for picking up stitches and crochet edgings. (Fig 4). (See also Chain-garter and Double-chain selvedges, below.) Some people like it on free edges, but I feel that it often looks unfinished.

Chain Selvedge Knitting

There are several ways of obtaining the same result:

  • Right-side rows: si 1 st st kwise, k last stitch.
  • Wrong-side rows: si 1 st st pwise, p last st.
  • Last stitch: si kwise on all rows.
  • First stitch: k-b on right-side rows, p on wrong-side rows.
  • Right-side rows: si kwise 1 st and last sts.
  • Wrong-side rows: p 1st and last sts. Slipping knitwise rather than purlwise, and vice versa, gives a twisted chain. For a variation in garter stitch:
  • All rows: si 1 st st pwise, wyif; yb and k to end.

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