Mosaic knitting

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A type of geometrical multicolour slip stitch worked from charts in garter stitch, stockinette stitch, or a combination of knit and purl stitches.

Each line of the chart is worked in two rows. The second row repeats, in the same colour, the sequence of worked and slipped stitches. The two rows of the following line are worked with the second colour. The third line is worked with the first colour, and so on.

Each line of the chart must start with the working colour for that line. Fig 30 shows a characteristic pattern, out of the thousands possible. JiSjf 30

Slip-stitch patterns are excellent for oddyarn knitting. Another advantage is that the wrong side can sometimes be used in its own right, especially in patterns worked with double-pointed needles where rows can start at either end. The result is a reversible fabric. (See also Slipping away, pages 52-53.)

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Beads, sequins, and other gorgeous embellishments can be incorporated into a knitted fabric, often with stunning results. If the fabric shows between the beads, it is called beaded knitting. If the beads are so close together that the fabric is pushed behind the beads, it is close-bead knitting. The beads, in most cases, show only on the right side. The gauge should be tight enough to keep the beads on the side they are meant to be.

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