Pattern repeats

When the same action is repeated on every stitch of a row, the pattern can be worked on any number of stitches. Stockinette stitch is a good example. When the action keeps changing in a regular way, groups of stitches to be repeated will either appear in brackets () or have an asterisk (*) at the start, and possibly another one at the end.

Usually, the group of stitches forming a complete pattern repeat is pinpointed by asterisks. Smaller groups of stitches, within this large group, may appear in brackets if a working sequence is to be repeated two or three times. Example:

Row 1 (wrong side): p1;*ssk, (yo, slip 1) twice, k2 tog, pi *; repeat from * to * to last 2 sts; k2.

Classy clickers...

  • Place a fabric maker on right side, or make a note of whether the cast-on tail is on the right or the left edge when working a right-side row.
  • Transcribe ¬°or chart) instructions when they are difficult to read or use unfamiliar abbreviations.
  • In lengthy instructions, use fabric markers every time you reach the last row.
  • Use a row counter.
  • Use c i line finder.
  • Develop a rhythm to sing - knit 1, slip 1, purl 2, would make a I-2-3 beat.

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