Style secrets

Knit two yarns in bands so that the fine yarn is so loose that it becomes quite lacy, whilst the thick yarn ensures that shape is retained with, say, slip stitches connecting the thick bands.

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By now you should have a good understanding of the essential skills that you need to create simply fabulous knitting. So what now? You've got piles of gorgeous knitted fabric, but nothing to wear. So the next step is putting everything together. Learning how to make perfect seams might appear a bit of a chore, but just think - you're only a short way from creating the divine designs you've been dreaming of ever since you picked up the needles.

Making up is the art of giving life to the assortment of knitted pieces you have created. When you start, these pieces may look shapeless and crumpled. It just takes a little making-up skill to turn these into smooth, stylish and wearable pieces that are a proper reflection of your craftsmanship. Great results can be obtained so long as you use the right techniques.

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