With yarn doubled, CO 76 sts onto 1 needle. Divide sts as evenly as possible on 3 dpn. Join for working the rnd, being careful not to twist sts, and place marker (pm) after first st to denote beg of rnd. Cut off extra strand of yarn; cont with single strand. Cuff: Work kl, pi ribbing for 30 rnds— piece should measure 3" (7.5 cm) from beg. Leg: Knit to end of rnd, Ml (Glossary, page 115)—77 sts. The new st is the "seam" st at the back of the leg, and will be purled ever)' rnd throughout the leg. Work 10 rnds even, purling the seam st and knitting the rem sts. Dec rnd: SI 1, kl, psso, knit to 2 sts before seam st, l<2tog, pi (seam st)— 75 sts rem. Work 8 rnds even. Rep dec rnd—73 sts rem. Work 10 rnds even— piece should measure about S'/i" (14 cm) from beg. Arrange sts so that there are 18 sts on needle 1, 36 sts on needle 2, and 19 sts on needle 3 (the last st on needle 3 is the seam st). Establish leg patt on front of sock as foil: On needle 1, kl8; on needle 2, k2, work Rnd 1 of leg patt (page 71) over center 32 sts, k2; on needle 3, kl8, pi (seam st). Cont as established, working leg patt over center 32 sts until the 8-rnd patt has been worked 7 times total, ending last rnd at end of needle 2 (do not work sts on needle 3)—piece should measure about 10%" (26 cm) from beg.

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