Eastern CastOn

The Eastern Cast-On is an easy method that does not require a provisional cast on or waste yarn. It can be worked on double pointed needles (as shown here), one or two circular needles.

1 Hold two double-pointed needles parallel in your left hand. The upper needle is labeled "A", the bottom needle is labeled "B". Catch the tail of your yarn between the needles, leaving several inches free behind the needles.

2 Wrap the yarn under needle B and over needle A.

3 Wrap the yarn around both needles in this direction until you have the number of stitches prescribed for your yarn weight in the "Cast On Numbers" chart (p. 106), on both needles A and B.

110 ^^^^^^^^

4 With an empty needle, knit the stitches of needle A by inserting the needle tip into the first stitch and between the two parallel needles, and then bring the working yarn below needle B to knit the stitch.

5 Once you work all the stitches on needle A, rotate the two needles 180 degrees so that the working yarn is on the right edge. Knit across the stitches on needle B.

6 You are now ready to begin knitting in the round. Follow steps 4-6 of the Easy Toe Cast-On to divide the stitches over four needles and increase for the toe.


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