Incorrect Stitch

Did you accidentally knit a stitch instead of purl it, or vice versa? Did you also not realize your mistake until you're on the next round? Fixing this mistake is a variation on picking up a dropped stitch.

O Take the incorrect stitch off the left needle. Gently pull the strand of yarn running between the two needles—this pulls the stitch out by 1 round.

3 For a purl stitch, place the loose strand in front of the stitch. Insert a crochet hook or tip of a knitting needle into the stitch from back to front.

4 Pull the strand through the loop from front to back. Place the corrected stitch back onto the left needle.

Split Stitch

When working with some yarns, you can easily pick up only part of the yarn strand while knitting along. To correct a split stitch on the next round, take the stitch off the left needle and then replace it, taking care to place the needle through the entire stitch. To correct a split stitch several rounds down, ladder down and pick up the stitch in pattern, taking care to pull the entire strand through on each round when working back up to the needle.

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