Machinedyed Solid Yarns

Most yarns from large companies are dyed in batches by machine to precise shades. Solid light-colored yarns are great for learning with, because the stitches are easy to see. They also lend themselves to showing off complex stitch patterns. Make sure you purchase enough yarn of one dye lot to complete your sock project. A yarn's dye lot (usually a number) can be found on the ball band, and identifies balls of yarn which were dyed together and match exactly. Dye lots can sometimes differ enough to be identified with the naked eye.

When buying yarn for socks, pay close attention to the yardage - one 100 g skein (or 2 50 g skeins) is usually enough for a pair of plain adult socks, but lace socks may use less and cabled or patterned sock a bit more. Check your pattern against your yarn to make sure you have enough!

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