Pick Up a Dropped Knit Stitch

1 You can pick up a stitch that drops off the needle but doesn't run down by simply placing it back onto the left needle on the next round (a). Make sure that you place the stitch back on the needle in the correct orientation (b)-the front leg of the stitch should sit to the right of the back leg. (See "Twisted Stitch" on p. 190.)

2 To pick up a stitch that drops several rows back, first identify the stitch. One strand of yarn runs between the adjoining stitches for each round that the stitch drops, which creates a ladder. Here, the stitch drops 5 rows (a). Knit to just before the dropped stitch.

3 Repair the dropped stitch by pulling each of those strands through the dropped stitch with a small crochet hook and working your way back up to the needle. Insert the crochet hook into the dropped stitch from front to back (b).

Catch the lowest strand of the ladder with the hook (a) and pull it through the stitch towards you (b). This technique moves the stitch up one round.

Remove the crochet hook from the stitch (a) and re-insert it from front to back (b). Catch the next strand of the ladder and pull it through the loop towards you.

Repeat Step 5 until you pick up all the strands and the stitch is level with the current round (a). Place the stitch back onto the left needle (b) and you're ready to knit again. Be careful not to twist this stitch.

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