Pick Up Along Stitches

O Arrange the work with the right side facing you and columns of stitches running vertically. Each stitch is one V.

2 Starting at the right edge, insert a knitting needle tip into the middle of the first V.

3 Wrap the working yarn around the needle counterclockwise as if to knit, leaving a tail several inches long.

4 Use the needle tip to draw the wrapped yarn through the work. This stitch will remain on the needle-1 stitch picked up.

5 Continue onto the next V, inserting the needle into the center of the stitch, wrapping the yarn, and pulling the new stitch through to the front.

6 Pick up 1 stitch in each existing stitch.

Make sure you are picking up each stitch at the same depth as the previous one. You should be inserting your needle into the stitches of one row across.

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