Sew Up the

Socks (continued)

7 Continue to alternate between the two edges, inserting the needle tip under two bars each time. You do not need to pull the sewing yarn tight after each stitch.

8 When you have completed about 1 inch of sewing, tug the sewing yarn to snug up the seam. The yarn should disappear between the stitches.

9 Once you have completed the seam at the back of the leg, break the yarn and weave in the ends (see "Weave in Ends," p. 42).

0 Sew the two side seams of the foot in the same manner as for the back of the leg, working down the foot to the held stitches at the tip of the toe. You might want to graft the toe (see p. 99) before completing the very end of the foot seams.



the Toe

Flat Socks chapter ¬ęD

You can close the toe of a flat sock the same ways as a top-down sock in the round. Grafting the toe stitches produces a straight, flat tip, while gathering the toe stitches creates a more rounded tip.


1 Return the held stitches of the top and bottom of the toe to working needles.

2 Graft the toe together with the Kitchener stitch (see pages 78-80).


1 Return the held stitches of the top and bottom of the toe to a working needle.

2 Thread a darning needle with a tail from the work. Work around the toe stitches, slipping each one purlwise onto the darning needle.

3 Once you have slipped all the toe stitches, bring the darning needle through all the stitches a second time in the same direction. Pull the tail tight and bring the end to the inside of the sock.

4 Weave in ends and block. You're done!

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