Cast-on Short Row

A short-row toe is knit in exactly the same manner as a short-row heel, beginning with a provisional cast-on.

1 Provisionally cast on half the total number of stitches in the sock with waste yarn, following one of the provisional cast-on methods on pages 24-25. I recommend the crochet cast-on. For a 64-stitch sock, provisionally cast on 32 stitches.

2 A short-row toe is constructed in the exact same way as a short-row heel. Follow the short-row heel instructions on pages 120-123 to form the toe.

3 Remove the waste yarn to release the live stitches from the provisional cast-on after you complete the toe. Locate the knot at the end of the crochet chain and undo the last stitch in the chain.

4 Pull the waste yarn (slowly) to release the live stitches, placing them onto an empty double-pointed needle as you go. Make sure you don't twist the stitches.

Once all the stitches have been recovered, divide the new stitches over 2 double-pointed needles.

5 Once all the stitches are on an empty needle, you're ready to continue in the round on the total number of sock stitches.

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