Weave in Ends

1 Bring the tails of the yarn to the inside of the sock and thread the end of the tail onto a tapestry needle.

2 Weave in the end with duplicate stitch (see Duplicate Stitch, pages 201-202), using the tapestry needle to guide the yarn tail along a path made by an existing stitch.

3 When working a more complex stitch pattern, weaving in ends with the duplicate stitch method is sometimes difficult. Take your cue from how the wrong side of the fabric looks in order to decide how to weave in your ends.

4 Weave the yarn into the fabric along a row in one direction, then back along the next row. You can also weave in along a stitch column, moving up the column and then down the next.

5 Weave the yarn in for at least 1-2 inches. Cut the yarn, leaving a ynnch tail.

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