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The projects in this book use several methods to increase 1 stitch at a time (kif&b, pif&b, mik, mip), plus the cable increase for increasing multiple stitches.


Work this in the same way as kif&b, but purl into the front and back of the stitch instead of knitting into it, with the yarn at the front of the work.


Work to the point in the row where you need to increase. Knit into the front of the stitch on the left needle in the usual way, but do not slip it off the left needle when you have finished. Keeping the original stitch on the left needle and the yarn at the back of the work, knit into the back of the stitch - you have now increased one stitch. Slip the stitch from the left needle.

This increase uses the horizontal bar that lies between pairs of stitches to make a new stitch. It can be worked anywhere on a row and creates an invisible increase. The pattern will specify whether to make the stitch knitwise or purlwise.



Purl 2 together creates a slope to the right on the face of the fabric. Work as for k2tog, but purl the stitches together instead of knitting them.

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