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Quick & easy projects 38

1 Textured baby bootees 40

5 Felted Sunday boots 56

9 Spmi/11 eel I ess socks 76

2 Sin/;)' toddler toasties

6 Side-seam socks 64

10 Pompom bobby socks 78

3 Buttoned baby bootees 48

7 Beaded Argyle socks 68

11 Love-heart slippers 84

4 Butterfly and bumble boots 50

8 Basic tubular socks 72 12 Ribbon-and-lace stockings 81

Knee-high sockt 106

20 SU pst ich rib socks 120

Yarn directory and suppliers 126 Index and credits 128


The recent resurgence in the popularity of knitting has seen lots of demand for patterns for bags, hats and scarves as knitters try to find the next small project to keep their fingers busy. Socks are often regarded as too difficult to tackle, but the fact that they are small, portable items that can be as practical or as decorative as you wish means that they are ideal projects to knit. This book aims to dispel the myth that sock knitting is difficult by taking you through the projects step-by-step.

For new sock knitters, projects like the lacy top-seam socks (project 14) and stripy Fair Isle socks (project 19) combine the use of lace and slip-stitch techniques with short-row shaping to produce simple socks knitted on two straight needles. As your confidence grows, projects like the basic tubular socks (project 8) and mock-cable socks (project 18) will become less daunting, and you will quickly discover that working on double-pointed or circular needles to produce your first socks in the round, complete with turned heels, is both achievable and fun.

Along the way, projects like the butterfly and bumble boots (project 4) and felted Sunday boots (project 5) will make clothing the feet of you, your family and friends lots of fun. Once you have completed your first project, you will wonder why you haven't tried sock knitting before - you'll be hooked!

Tools, materials & techniques

This chapter provides guidelines on the tools and materials you will need to knit socks, from circular needles to sock yarns. all the basic knitting techniques are also explained step-

by-step, together with an overview of how to construct a sock. if you are completely new to knitting, practise the techniques in this chapter before starting any of the projects. if you are more experienced, use this chapter for reference whenever you need to.

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