Armhole Shaping

Some sweaters require no armhole shaping; for example, a straight armhole results in a drop-shouldered look. For a little less drop to the shoulder, you can use the square armhole, or the angled armhole, with a matching sleeve cap. For an even more tailored look, you can use the rounded or raglan armhole. Remember that the type of armhole shaping determines the sleeve cap shaping.

Straight armhole with straight sleeve cap

Square armhole with set-in sleeve
Angled armhole with angular sleeve cap

Rounded armhole with rounded sleeve cap

Raglan armhole with raglan sleeve

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Sweaters chapter8

Before you start sewing your sweater pieces together, take a few minutes to read about the order of assembly and what seaming technique is best for each part.

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  • fiyori
    Where should knit sleeve begin on a straight armhole?
    9 years ago
  • jessica schweizer
    How to determine armhole shaping for set in sleeve?
    9 years ago

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