Backstitch Seam

You can use this firm seam almost anywhere in constructing a project. You work it with the right sides of the pieces facing each other, so that they are inside out. You should work it about 1 stitch in from the edge.

1 Thread a needle with a long enough strand of yarn to sew the seam and leave a 6-inch tail.

2 Place the pieces together, with the right sides facing each other and the seam edge lined up. Secure the edge stitches by bringing the needle through both thicknesses from back to front at the right edge, 1 stitch down from the bound-off stitches. Do this twice and pull the yarn through.

3 Insert the needle through both thicknesses, from back to front, about 2 stitches to the left, and bring the yarn through.

4 Insert the needle from front to back, about 1 stitch in to the right, and pull the yarn through.

5 Now bring the needle ahead 2 stitches to the left and insert it from back to front.

6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 across the seam until you reach the end, taking care to insert the needle at the same depth each time.

7 Weave in the loose ends.

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