Button It Up

The yarn-over increases along the edges of the shawls provide built-in buttonholes. If you are using a bulky yarn, you need large buttons; finer yarns require smaller buttons. You probably don't want buttons sewn permanently onto your shawl because they can get caught up in a lacy stitch pattern. Instead, you can make a double-sided button, which works like a cufflink, to hold your shawl closed. You can close your shawl loosely with just one or two double-buttons like the ones shown or space them at even intervals along the edge for a firm closure.

O Make a double-sided button by tying two buttons together with yarn.

2 Button one side of the double-button to the RS edge where you want to close the shawl and then button the other side of the double-button to the WS of the opposite edge of the shawl so that the edges overlap and close.



Even though hats look more complicated than scarves, they can be just as simple and even quicker to make. The hats in this book are knit in the round from the brim up on double-pointed needles, eliminating an unsightly back seam and minimizing finishing. You will be surprised by how many different looks you can achieve by using just one master pattern.

Hat Styles 32

Hat: Master Pattern 34

Finishes for the Top 42

Tutorial: Knitting in the Round on Double-Pointed Needles 44

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